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Kosciuszko Pale Ale 330mL x 6 $15, Wakachangi Lager Bottles 330mL x 6 $12 @ Dan Murphy's


A couple of random beers available on special this month.

Kosciuszko Pale Ale
- 4.5%

Wakachangi Lager Bottles
- 5%
- New Zealand

I had the Kosciuszko while I was in Corryong recently, it's a good drop. I haven't heard of Wakachangi before.

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    it's a good drop

    I really liked it but it's got alot of bad reviews. Each to their own I guess, I thought it was a good crisp tasting beer.

    • +4 votes

      I think it's fine, just a bit basic for what is usually a premium priced pale ale. If it's not on a special like this, it's pushing up to Stone & Wood territory, which I don't think is worthwhile. Around the same price or cheaper is Mornington Pale, which I think is much more flavoursome and interesting.


        Must agree. I got my mornington peninsula delivery last week and have thoroughly enjoyed both their pale ale and brown ale. At their normal pricing it's a bit expensive for me but one of the better ales I've found in that price range.


          Price has come down a little bit in some places since they joined Tribe - I get it at cost from my folks' bottleshop, but cost price is under $55 so they sell a slab for around $60. Six pack is $20.


    Big fan! Thanks OP


    Kosciusko is a solid pale ale, especially in the warmer months

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    This would be good on a road trip from Darwin down to Alice springs

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    In case anyone's expecting anything of the Wakachangi, it's kind of a joke beer back home in NZ. Nothing special just your standard lager with a funny label.

    I'm not trying to be a salty beer snob just making sure people are actually aware of what they're buying

    FYI Link below is NZ satire:


    • +1 vote

      I didn't even know it was real until I saw it here - seen it advertised on the Alternative Commentary Collective and just assumed it was made up.

    • +1 vote

      Haha cheers, it's worth buying for the box alone!

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    I've visited and enjoyed their beer fresh at the Banjo Patterson Inn, but Kosciuszko is another fake craft beer, this one owned by Kirin/Lion and brewed (other than the label image would suggest) in Camperdown or Geelong.


    They had Kosciusko in the Qantas Club for a while. Drank plenty of it. Very enjoyable for the price.


    I wonder how many Australian's and American's will actually be able to say Kosciuszko the correct way it's meant to be pronounced, after the famous Polish explorer, and not Kaw-zee-osko.


    I was pleasantly surprise with Wakachangi. It's pretty nice.


    "quite nice beer" -Wakachangi


    I got a 6'er of Wakachangi a few months ago for $11. Overpaid. Still have one in the fridge I can't bring myself to drink.

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