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Quarter Chicken Lunch until 4PM $5 @ Red Rooster


Offer includes quarter chicken, chips and potato & gravy. Available until 4pm daily.

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Red Rooster
Red Rooster

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  • Nice, I haven't currently started going for the takeaway food though, unsure of the risks.. thinking something like fish and chips that are deep fried and don't need to be touched by humans and are only out of the friers for a moment would be safer

  • That's not a bad deal. Red Rooster deserves more love, they've cleaned up their act heaps in the past few years.

    • https://thewest.com.au/lifestyle/food/red-roosters-at-waypoi...

      It's a fairly recent incident. Though I do believe they are franchised, so hopefully the majority will be following their SOP properly.

      • I remember reading about that. Yes that was quite shocking, can't say either way if it's wide spread amongst Red Rooster stores. The article does say a "Michelle Forbes" was the franchisee of the two stores that were then closed down and didn't make a comment.

        Good on Red Rooster for swooping in and cleaning that up though. That being said, their food is a lot better than it was and they've improved their menu greatly. Their onion rings for example are better than HJ's (actually use real onion).

        • Have you tried the HJ's ones recently? They are real onion now, not the formed stuff they used to be.

  • Is this National or store specific? Can't find any mention of it on their webpage or Facebook page.

    • Generally these are nationwide. I saw this advertised at several Melbourne stores.

  • I had some double fillet burger from Red Rooster this week it was absolutely terrible, their chicken is dry and chewy, even McDonald's processed chicken is better than Red Rooster processed chicken.
    I hope their BBQ chickens are better.

  • Just had it. There was a considerable amount of meat. The chips was a small size serving. The gravy was delicious if not a little too salty (when isn't it though). Overall very satisfied for $5

    • This is basically the best stuff from red rooster. No idea why anyone buys their burgers as the 1/4 roast chicken should be the go to base.

      Stores vary so much though. There are two at Southern Cross Station in Melbourne. The big one is atrocious, food always comes out terrible, staff have no clue.

      Other one is good. Only problem is their ordering system is terrible. They call out a meal, if you don't go grab it straight away it's pretty common for some random to just walk up and take it.

  • Ordered in Western Sydney :)

    No signage at store but the drive through operator knew about it

  • How are these guys still operating? I swear Red Rooster is a front for some money laundering scheme. I never see anyone in the stores whenever I drive past my local.

  • Just got deal pretty good value. No mention of it advertised anywhere but they honoured it when i asked for it. That's in vic

  • I went in and asked they said it wasn't starting until next week

  • I bought this today. Nom nom, nom nom nom.

  • Does this mean the $2.50 chips & gravy offer is finished?

  • Anyone knows how long this deal will run for?