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D-Link Taipan AC3200 Tri-Band Modem Router $389 + Free Delivery @ Centre Com (Price Beat $369.55 @ Officeworks)


Pretty good deal for those needing a new Modem/Router while working from home.

Includes free shipping and is in stock so Officeworks will price beat - i just picked one up at Officeworks for $369.55.

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    At this price, just get Wifi 6 gear (eg. AX3000).

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      Got my RT-AX88U for $330 after cash back (received 2 weeks ago).

      Price for router is falling, fast.

      • How did U get at that price?

        • Black Friday deal from Bing Lee + Cash back promotion.

      • been waiting for that price since I missed out on that deal. It's been over 4-5 months and still no price drop. :(

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      As far as I know both the AX3000 and the RT-AX88U are just routers without modem capabilities… (No good for the people who have internet coming from a phone line)
      If you have FTTB/FTTN/FTTC you're better off with this D-Link unless you really need wifi 6.

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        FTTC doesn't need a modem. NCD takes care of that, router is fine.

        • Correct me if I'm wrong, but if you have a VDSL2 modem (like this D-Link) I think you can potentially get rid of the NCD and plug straight into the phone socket?

          • @DisabledUser94873: No you won't establish a FTTC connection without the NCD. You must use the NCD plugged into the phone socket and your router.

            If you have the technical know how you can setup the ASUS routers on FTTN and FTTB with a bridged modem.

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    Will this device allow me to stop annoying colleagues from sending me instant messages to ask how I am during this apparently difficult period or to discuss their pets?

    Working from home is terrific! How are people finding this difficult? Seriously? Two thumbs up for mandatory isolation.

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    depending on your nbn it may be difficult to set it up, no dedicated wan

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    This deal is good but the modem is not good.
    I unfortunately bought it a few years ago and it's not reliable :/ I have to reboot it often as for some reason the wifi stop working, even after a factory reset.
    Also dlink is slow to update firmware and took almost a year to fix an issue.
    Check the forum but I would pass on it.

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      Can confirm, I have their D Fend router and it's buggy as hell and no updates yet. Do not recommend even at $99 that I got it for.

    • Yes, have had numerous issues with dlinks failing very quickly

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    I have this and it seems so underwhelming for the price? Still can’t get signal from the other side of the house, and the features are pretty average.

    • For strong wifi signal get a mesh router system.

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    have one of these. very underwhelming.
    Oversimplified OS is not helpful for QOS
    attempted to run DDWRT - but couldn't find a stable build.

    if looking for stupid simple - its good.

    Anything beyond that. i dont recommend, especially at price point. way better alternatives.

    • Could you list some suggestions that are reliable and configurable?

      • What kind of NBN? FTTN, FTTB, FTTC, FTTP or HFC?

        • Eventually HFC (ugh) but currently just using my phone's connection sharing as my link to the world.

          • @NWLikeShopping: ASUS RT-AC, ASUS RT-AX and Ubiquiti routers are reliable and configurable.

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        This was a good deal.

        I find the ASUS gui to be simple yet complicated enough to handle any low to medium-high level things u want to throw at it.

        Further the hardware keeps up, Ive never had a problem and ive had to use it extensively with QOS gaming rules etc when i was on adsl2+ with multiple users streaming etc.

        I always, zip tie a fan ontu hardware though.
        Stop overheating.

        id be waiting for a special and grab that.

        Plus there is always a good mod community for asus hardware 3rd party OS

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    I live in an extremely open plan double story, this router is diagonally from the stairs and I got like a 5% signal upstairs. I thought my macbook was just getting old for a year, bought a Google Wifi Mesh and it changed my life.

    Don't get this router. $500 down the drain for me.

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    Don't buy it it's awful, don't know if they fixed the issue but it's terrible. Some smart devices only want to hook up on 2.4ghz network and this modem needs to be reset every week almost as it has an issue that it gets confused or something every now and then. Just don't buy it, save yourself the headache

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