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[XB1] FIFA 20 Ultimate Edition $55.98 @ Microsoft Store


Ultimate Edition
FIFA 20 Ultimate Edition includes:

Up to 20 Rare Gold FUT Packs - 2 per week for 10 weeks
Loan Icon Player Pick - choose 1 of 5 loan icon items (mid version) for 5 FUT matches
Special Edition FUT Kits.

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    PC version $129 :(


    I could be very wrong but I thought the pack offer for this promotion ended.


    Real question is, fifa 20 or PES20?

    I've always been a fifa fan, but I've really enjoyed some of the PES series, some more than the corresponding fifa year. Fifa19 was a bit of a disappointment, but I can't put my finger on why. Haven't played PES for a number of years.

    Is there a big gap?

    edit: oh, xbox. ew

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      Similar FIFA deal on PS4, with PES being ~$25. FIFA 20 is straight up the worst one to date, if 19 was off for you, you'll regretting getting 20. They botched it so bad they broke career mode despite barely adding any changes, with issues literally corrupting saves and breaking season progression. I've just bought PES and enjoying it so far, and all the missing licensed teams can be added by USB on PS4 at least.