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[VIC] Milk 2L $0.40 at Coles (Lynbrook Village)


Pura light start 2L for 40c. Expires 9/4, plenty left in stock.

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  • Whats with all the cheap milks, same at my local woolies, but it was only 1.5l Pura high protein for 70 cents

    • Panic buying didn't last as long as the expected so they've over ordered - ditto why there seems to be a stack of reduced price beef mince that is on sale at both my local Woolies and Coles.

  • I paid 99 cents for these. I feel ripped off now.

  • Hey Woolies, can I have some cheaper milk here? Milk that expires 9/4 is still full price here :(
    Probably just go to Maccas lol

  • Interestingly this is also Pura milk (same as that other Woolies deal). Any reviews of this milk available?

    • ozmilkreviews.com.au gave it a 7/10

      “Moderately creamy taste, nice white colour, palatable flavour with well rounded grassy tones although not as creamy as some premium varieties. Homogenisation was thorough. Would recommend this to full cream drinkers. Would work well in a glass of Milo or bowl of Weetbix.”

  • I paid $2 3 days ago so I'm gutted!

    • If it makes you feel better you can tell yourself that you're supporting a dairy farmer…

      • Like many products, the shop price of milk has no relationship to farm gate prices. Supermarkets sell milk just about every single shop visit. So it set up as a loss leader to make money on other products impulse bought on a visit to buy milk. Milk is up the back of the shop at or below cost and the shopper has to walk past the high margin stuff like confectionary to get to the milk. A very successful strategy.

        I almost always end up getting a block of Cadbury whenever I pop in to get some milk.

        The dairy farmer gets the same price for their milk regardless if it ends up in low priced supermarket brand milk or high margin smarter white. It is all the same out of the cow. It does not vary at sale times when shops want to shift stock. A true definition of a commodity.

    • Bought one at Coles for $2.39 earlier today in Vic Southeast :(. Exact same price as Coles branded. Expired 8 Apr. So many stock of Pura, more than Coles brand itself

  • Bring on some panic buyer remorse. Take that hoarders!

  • It was incredibly stupid to have limits on perishable products like Milk (for which the supply may not even be impacted)

    • Does Coles has limit on fresh milk?

      • Not anymore. Coles removed the limits on milk and meat today.

        • Long life they have not and that for obvious reasons has the huge demand .

        • That's good. It was really hard not just on large families but also regular usage where we had to make unnecessary trips to get milk every couple of days due to limit. I understand limits on long life but never understood the logic behind limits on fresh milk!

  • Great to buy and make cottage cheese. Makes for soft pancakes, waffles and maybe add it to home made pasta sauces

  • Paneer time

  • Because everyone work from home. These are most likely the stock suppose to be for Office.

  • I wonder if the stores ordered a truckload of a white thing (tp) instead received another white thing.

  • Price went back up sometime this morning. Family member went to have a look to grab some to make cheese but price had got up.