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[Android, iOS] Photomaths Plus (Math Solving App) Free through April 30th


My first deal on here, found it on my phone pretty good for students. You have to activate it on your phone I think.

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  • still gives me monthly or annual option.

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      Did you follow instructions to download app & then back to Deal & click get it free - worked for me.

      • How do we know we have received Photomaths Plus? I downloaded the app and made an account, but the "confirm e-mail address link" in the confirmation e-mail crashes Photomaths. Upon revisiting the deal link the web page simply asked me to download the app again.

        • Sorry - just looked at it out of curiosity. Didn't sign up.

          After receiving a degree in Mathematics years ago, I was curious about their teaching & sales systems. So tried to sell it in shopping centres & homes for a few weeks. Went back to lecturing - it paid better😉

    • Yeah you have to download the app first then there should be something you can click to get it for free

  • Love photomaths. Very useful.

    Plus feature is great as it gives you further explanations.

  • Get Photomath Plus for free through April 30, 2020

    With many schools closing, Photomath is making Photomath Plus free for users affected by the Coronavirus.

    Our mission is to help students get unstuck while studying. Learning in person can already be challenging. Now, as schools close down and students need to study from home without teachers and peers beside them, we want to support you as best we can through this tough time.

  • I remember when this app first came out. Basic addition subtraction multiplication and division only. Could also only read computerised text. How far it has come in 6 or so years.

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    Only free to use after aorl30?
    After aprl 40, will it stop working or you need to pay?

    • good question. … I've sent an email to them … I await a reply.

  • After downloading the app on mobile + email confirmation email on mobile I am eligible for a free 7 day trial of photomath plus. … is this an example of "click bait" ?

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      After you installed the App go to https://photomath.net/covid19-support in your browser on your mobile device.
      This activates it.

      The wording is not really clear if this is permanent or only until the end of April.

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    Also take a look at Microsoft Math.
    Seems similar and is free

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    Isn't calculator already free?

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      I had to double check to see that it wasn't jv

  • No too exciting or useful app if you read this review


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      That review is from 2014, it appears to have had a huge amount of updates since then.

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