[VIC] Free Accommodation for Healthcare Workers Who Need to Self-Isolate Due To COVID-19


Prem Dan Andrews has announced free accommodation for isolation purposes for healthcare workers who test positive to COVID and those that have had unanticipated and unprotected contact with a person suspected of having.

Great initiative!

Description from website:

Hospital workers and paramedics on the front line of Victoria’s coronavirus response will get access to free accommodation if they need to self-isolate.

Premier Daniel Andrews and Minister for Health Jenny Mikakos announced today that hospital workers who test positive for coronavirus, and those that have had unanticipated and unprotected contact with a person suspected of having coronavirus, will be put up in hotels or apartments to self-isolate free of charge.

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    Isn't this a community announcement and not a bargain?

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    Let’s hope the other states follow.

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    A lot of us have proactively done this already.
    I work in aeromedical retrievals, an environment where good PPE is almost impossible to apply and maintain.
    Just moved into a rented unit this weekend on a 6-month lease at my own expense.
    No assistance or help available from either state or the feds, not even a tax deduction, but I am not taking it home to my kids and diabetic wife.
    In Italy 20% of healthcare workers have been infected and 50 of their doctors have died. 25% of the UK's doctors are currently quarantined after suspected exposure.
    As far as Australia is concerned, we are expendable.

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    I live in a household comprising of two doctors, so it's good to know that this kind of support is available should one of us fall ill so we don't have to risk passing it on to the other or having to pay out of our own pocket to find alternative accommodation for 2 weeks


      I guess it would be too late as people can transmit this asymptomatically. Unless you are maintaining social distancing at home.


    This is great and all but it's deviating from what constitutes a bargain. This should be in the forums or in some covid-related news section if that's what people want. Am I the only one starting to get covid-news fever from all of this.

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    Free accomdation, uber and donuts. They are sorted..


    Seems like the requirements are a bit high. You would think that anyone that lives with a vulnerable person and gets tested positive for coronavirus would get the same offer at this early stage.

    Now would be a good time to give aged carers accommodation close to their work places and dedicated transport as well.


    Sorry, what do they do during 2 weeks in quarantine?

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    I needed this when ebola was happening. I was in isolation with a patient for a 12 hour shift… I was missing a few layers of skin after that shift


    Hopefully for the medicos who go into this government funded quarantine they actually look after their dietary needs so they come out healthier than when they went in

    Anecdotal evidence of diabetics being given sugar laden fruit and nut bars for breakfast, vegans being served fish, some people not served a meals, and others being given a pear and a bread roll to share between two people for one meal

    There will be no fresh air if confined to a hotel room, and being Victoria probably no sunshine


      The solution is to let you pay for and bring in/order your own food from outside rather than be forced to rely on the hotel

  • +3 votes

    let me guess, these health workers would just appreciate the fact they are getting free 4 star accomodation

    yet there are heaps of normal people stuck in 5 star hotels, whinging their ass off about just about everything

    "some people were throwing their meals out because they weren't hot" quote from the age

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    Let me tell you where the bargain is in this deal. The bargain is for all the people getting treated at hospitals by these brave health workers and their families. My wife works at the hospital and has had to take tests for covid19 patients and suspects.

    Me and my daughter have bad Asthma and if she catches covid we are surely going to struggle to keep our lives.

    These health workers dont even have sufficient ppe and are reusing some of that which puts them at a lot more risk than others. Also as a dr you cant keep safe distance with asymptomatic patients so their exposure risk is extremely high.

    The governments are pouring out billions of dollars for all different communities without thinking of the huge risk for these health workers and their families.No extra allowance or payments are made to them and just a simple applause wont work if one of them or their family loses life coz of that. Ideally all healtheorks working in Emergency should be given an option to quarantine at government expense. Plus for hazard risk they should be paid twice of normal wages.

    Now with this perspective you should review your comments about this being a bargain for healthworkers.

  • -1 vote

    Great Premier, wish we had him in NSW

    • +3 votes

      Alan Jones would disagree - but he hates a lot of good things

      • +3 votes

        All the more reason to have him then!

      • +1 vote

        I've never understood how that guy is popular.
        I read and listen widely to get opinions from both sides but that guy is just bonkers mad, contradicts himself every other day and needs to get a lesson on what is privledge. He's worse than your stock standard sensationalised pro-American news lol.

        My opinion of course and I'm sure some do love him, I just have tried being as impartial as I can to him but nup. Can't do it.

    • -2 votes

      you wish you had a looming power crisis? that's weird.


    I wonder if they would consider the same offer for teachers/early child-hood educators if there is a confirmed case at their place of work


    Like this targeted offer

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    If you're living in a small apartment and don't want to pass on the virus to the others you live with this is a godsend. Down with this sort of thing comments anticipated and received.


    Come on…this is a public health initiative not a "deal"

    next people will be posting centrelink payments as deals.

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    Another opportunity to look after mates hotels vacancy rates. Don’t forget govt will pay top dollars to all these hotels and apartments out of tax payers money.

    This is not free money. People will learn this sooner or later.

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    Also covers cleaners and food service crew that interact with patients. The real underpaid heroes.

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    What about GPs?! We're at the highest risk having contact day in and out with potential contacts in the community, and it would be nice to get some support and appreciation from the government (not to mention the woeful saga with inadequate PPE supplies)