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Peak Design Everyday Sling 6L 20% off - $158.68 Delivered Syd Metro ($136 + $8.25 Del + GST) @ Peakdesign.com


Peak Design still has until midnight on the 6/4 (San Francisco time) to grab some of their gear at discounted prices. Yes they are a premium brand and not cheap, however everything has a lifetime guarantee and is beautifully made.

I have been wanting this 6L sling for a while for day trips with just one or two lenses so took this opportunity to save a few dollars and shipping is very reasonable currently.

It is their Weird Times Big Ass Sale

  • 20% off all products except Travel Tripod + tripod accessories
  • 40% off all V1 Everyday Bags (while supplies last)
  • Other discounts/coupons, including bundle discounts, will not be valid during this site-wide sale
  • Sale prices do not apply to IPP/EPP members
  • Discount not valid on previous purchases
  • Discount applies to product prices only, and not tax/shipping
  • Sale runs 3/31 through 4/6 midnight PT

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    I used to always doubt this kind of premium product until I found and fell in love with Tilley hats. When a company is so confident in their product that they throw a lifetime guarantee on it, I've started paying more attention.

  • 40% off v1 bags seems to be a better deal.

    • Yes, if you want the 10L. No other sizes available in the V1.

      • i already have the 6L v2 which cannot fit a 2470/2.8+Z6, and an ipad pro 11. considering a 10L.

        • I was wrong about the other sizes of the V1. The 5L is available too.

  • Im keen to get one and im thinking 6L or 10L.
    Not sure if the example carry says that you can actually carry a drone + mirrorless or just one of those sets?
    It would be awesome to fit both in but I think I must be reading wrong…

    • +1

      The example carries are individual, so yes one of those sets. Drone plus batteries OR Mirrorless plus lenses. I got the 6L for a7iii+85mm+35mm plus wallet/phone/battery pack etc.

      There are a load of youtube reviews with packing examples.

      • Thanks, knew i was misunderstanding it haha
        Yeah I've got a similar setup as well as a drone so I thought I could fit both…

    • +4

      I've got the 10L v2. Word of warning it can get heavy. Can fit a spare lens, mirrorless body with lens, and mavic mini with battery pack and controller.

      • +2

        +1 to this

        z6 + 24-70f4 + 14-30f4 + 50 1.8 g& ftz + macbookpro13 + sirui tripod (fits inside) + bits and pieces (batteries, sdcards, filters, etc)

        It ends up getting heavy for a sling

        • I forgot to mention my surface book. It does not fit unfortunately.

      • +1. it gets heavy for a sling.

      • Nice, this is exactly what I would be going for. Thanks heaps!
        Maybe not a sling but a backpack then…

  • Thanks OP! good time for me to upgrade my 20l to a 30L! Also got the sling as well. any possibility we can claim get off TRS? (whenever travel is a thing again lel)

  • +4

    Just note: the v2 sling bags 6L have a bit of a design flaw. I brought it back to the SF flagship store (just happened to be there) and had it replaced and spoke to the staff there and they said the v2 versions has had a number of returns.

    Let me show you the part where the front zipper is exposed for reasons unknown. I tried everything. Even while empty, moving the dividers etc etc.


    My replacement bag has the same issue although slightly better. Still love my sling though.

    ALSO the placement of the capture clip blocks the zips, although you do get used to it.


    To be honest slightly disappointed in this premium bag design, but still love my sling though.

    I have the v2 3L, 6L, v1 5L, backpack 20L, 30L, v2 clips v3 clips, strap, strap lite. Ask if you have any questions.

    • Thanks for the heads up re V2 6L as I almost pulled the trigger. I already have the V1 10L and V2 3L but is considering getting something in between, guess V1 5L is a better bet hey? Also would you recommend upgrading my 10L to V2? Thanks

      • I would definitely say the v1 5L would be a better option. I like the exterior look of the v2 6L, but the flaws negate its benefits to be honest. Plus its "tall" more than wide so the space above the dividers (yes its taller than the dividers) are really wasted space in my opinion.

        The v1 5L has one flaw - that is the strap comes loose over time. You'll need to constantly re tighten the strap.

        I don't own either version of 10L unfortunately I can't say.

        • Thanks lawyer for the insight. The Zip / Clip design flaw is quite an oversight I'd say, esp when PD is renowned for their design.

          My 10L strap has the same sliding issue as your V1 5L so it must be a common thing. I'll look into the Messenger, albeit it's probably a touch bigger than what I need. Many thanks for your advise regardless.

          • @DonIsGood: I must say the clip/zip design flaw was rather silly, I mean it must have been pretty obvious…

            That being said, I have found that you do get used to it and it somehow doesn't really become an issue.

            Hard to explain but its not an issue after you've gotten used to it.

            Why you have to adapt to the bag instead of the bag adapting to you for a premium bag - that bit is beyond me. I definitely wrote to them about this issue and they literally told me to zip it on the other size!

        • The 10L V1 Sling is VERY bad for it's strap , It's even more loose then the 5L V1 models. I wished Peak Design would sell me the 5L V1 or 6L V2 strap/buckle as a upgrade. Hell I wish Peak Design would sell me upgrades for all the V1 products which is the only thing keeping the pre 5L sling (It has like a ver 1.5 strap/buckle) bags down.

      • maybe consider the messenger for the 10L. I have the v1 messenger as well and absolutely love it. I don't think its worth the upgrade to v2 for me but could be different for you.

    • How does the v2 3L compare to the v1 5L in size? On the website the dimensions are quite similar but I assume it is because they are measuring the full length of the bag (including the wings that attach to the strap). Thanks!

      • +1

        hey ya! I've sold off my v1 5L (regrettably) so I can't get you side by side shots. but the 3L is noticeably smaller internally (but not significantly so) than the 5L in my opinion. It's great if you just the smallest lightest carry but not much else.

        I typically use it as a 1 camera (MFT) + wallet + keys carry when I'm going to work days.


        I would imagine the 5L would be the better option for most situations unless you really are a super minimalist.

        note the flaw on 5L is that the strap would come loose over time and require retightening every so often. a rubber band at the fasteners would stop it from getting loose (but unacceptable for the price you pay for this premium bag)

        • I fit a XT-30 with 35mm (smallest thing I can find with good quality) with extra batt, a external 10k mAh battery and my iPad Mini 5 in my 5L.. Can you even fit a iPad mini in the 3L? I'm just curious as I have a itch for a new bag.

          Or.. I could go with a new 6L and be able to fit in my iPad Pro 11 (without it's thick tough case).. but that's getting too heavy and besides I have that in my 10L v1 along with a full frame Nikon.

          Hmm.. might have to stick to the 10L for the ipad pro as i refuse to use it without it's tough case due to bendgate and not trusting myself to drop it naked.

          • +1

            @ickyboo: hey! the 3L has NO compartments for tablets, the slit behind the dividers. you'd have to remove all the dividers if you wanted to try. I dont think it'll fit but i dont have an ipad mini to try.

            The ipad pro 11 - which i do have, fits in the 11 but WITHOUT A CASE - you know which defeats the purpose. I bought the thinnest case I could find on amazon for my ipad pro 11 - it doesnt fit well. Sure it'll go in if i force it in with much effort, but its a very tight fit.

            One of the reasons I bought the 6L was to fit my 11" ipad pro, so I was a bit disappointed there.

            • @lawyerz: Damn.. Looks like I'll skip the 6L then, Thanks for the info!

              Now if they update the 10L with a slimmer profile or something I'll look into that now.

        • Thanks for the detailed reply! Sorry late response because I didn't see this in my notifications.

    • Thanks for your valuable info man. I was definitely going to put the clip in the same spot and am now going to be looking for the annoyance of having the zips blocked by it.

  • +1

    The aussie dollar is still in the toilet. No thanks.

    • These are still cheaper then local sadly. The local stores are DigiDirect and JBHifi if you are interested.

  • +1

    IMHO their V1 stuff is still better than the V2 stuff, There's lots of videos on Youtube comparing them both.

    I'm a huge fan of their bags and have them all, The 5L,10L slings , the messenger bag , The 20L backpack and the tote (for the wife). I looked at upgrading but new models just don't justify it.

    • +1


      my v1 5L sling is definitely better than my v2 6L. the additional space (made taller) is pretty useless, plus with the exposed zips and the capture clip actually blocking the zips are poor design in my opinion.

  • Ahh couldn't resist the 5l v1.

    Already have the 30l everyday back pack, 10l sling, 2 capture clips, their straps..and I also got the wandrd prvke and wandrd duffel and waiting for my nomatic cube bag. I think I have an addiction..

    Added another clip today as well…time to replace my older clip

    • +1

      My Peak Design addiction started off with 1 clip.. then I had to buy the backpack to go with clip, then straps to go with the ring straps.. then it just kept going and going, even got the wife the tote which I steal to use often, All V1 models so far.

      I'm not even going to look at that joke of a tripod of theirs though, WAYYYYY over priced for what it is.

      I can now understand my wife and her obsession with handbangs.

      We should start some sort of Addiction club for men like AA :D

      • here here.

      • Oh sht you reminded me..
        I forgot I also backed their tripod and it's still unopened.
        So it's

        V2 clip
        V3 clip X2
        5l sling v1
        10l sling v1
        30l backpack
        Field pouch
        Slide Strap


        • I vote you to be leader since you are crazy enough to get the tripod :D, From what I played with it's a DAMN nice tripod with one bad design (the mount nut location) but it's seriously over priced 2-3x for what it is. Now If i was given it for free then that's a dif story since it's not my money.

          I'm surprised you didn't buy the messenger bag which started all the bags off. I think they jumped the shark with the huge travel bags.

          • @ickyboo: I've always disliked large sling bags since the crumpler days as its too hard to carry.

            I haven't opened my tripod yet even though I've had it for 2mths from kick starter. Still deciding if I want it!

            I shoot a bit of video so it's not that suitable but I mainly shoot when I travel so the size was ideal. Still not sure…

  • v1 5L Shipping costs 27AUD, V2 is $8

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