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Free KFC Delivery (Min Spend $21.05) via Menulog


Found this today free KFC delivery and considering they charge almost $9 per delivery this should be a good deal. First time post so if u ain't happy with the format or anything else shout out.


Note: Minimum spend is $21.05 due to the $8.95 delivery fee being accepted to make up $30 spend ($8.95 gets taken off once code is inputted)

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    Combine with this

    • Ohh I didn't know this was available! Thanks

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      I got the offer from Westpac, get $15 cashback min spend $30

      • Post a new deal. That's a really good offer

        • I think it is targetted offer. Will post it

    • u bloody legend, i totally missed that deal, i got $30 back on $30 spend 3 times with menulog, well, there's my dinner for fri, sat and sun sorted! So happy u posted this! : )

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      Combine with this

      So spend at least $160 at KFC to get $30 back… No thanks…

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    Great find. Does menulog add an extra fee? like the 30% ubereats does

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      The family feast in-store is $29.95 and on menulog shows as $33.95 so yeah bit of a markup

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        Wouldn't Menulog guarantees that the price will be the same otherwise they will credit our account ?

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          • @SlowCarSlow: It means after the food delivered right ?

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            @SlowCarSlow: Just checked (because I like bargains) and it seems like this excludes the delivery price. SO if you find a mismatch between Deliveroo and Menulog you get $10 credit + price difference. Which of course I then went and did…

            Menulog: Bacon Lover's Burger - $7.45
            Deliveroo: Bacon Lover's Burger - $6.95

            So I should be able to order from Menulog and get credited $10.50c?

            • @TogTogTogTog: I know nothing about competing delivery companies. I only mentioned delivery prices because they were comparing them to in store prices, which is not what the price guarantee does.

              I have never used any of these services.

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    Kentucky Fried Cat…..

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      That's the first thing that came to my mind too.

    • Wonder why they couldn't do a [email protected] code….

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        If I were to take a guess, I'd say Menulog's app can't handle non-alphanumeric characters.

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          Spaghetti code

          • @antigrate: From what I can tell that's pretty common in the cheap app creation space.

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      Please don't eat me. :(

    • do they really eat cats? 🐈

      • I heard the Chinese did.. heard it from my grandma longgg time ago. She went to China and people there really offered her stew "cat" meat for real. But she said they told her the sacrificed cat has to be at least 9years old.. and it is good for curing asthma and bronchitis.. well, just what i heard from grandma, not sure how true it is and i didn't bother googling too… it's not that we had internet back then ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • Says 'Voucher code does not exist' when I try it. Anyone else?

  • Is there a link or screenshot or something that shows the details?

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    Don't do it. Don't bother wasting your time or money.

    The pile of garbage drivers that Menulog use for delivery from places like KFC (restaurants that don't have their own delivery drivers as staff) will accept the delivery, then not turn up until 20-60min after the initial agreed-upon collection time. The entire time this happens, KFC will have your food sitting next to a warmer bay or on the counter going cold. When the driver finally turns up late to collect, KFC won't give them a hot or replacement order, you'll get the warm/cold order and it will be like eating cold rubber by the time it arrives.

    If you notice this and try and reuse the delivery, the driver will leave you order bag on the ground and walk/ride/drive away. When calling to organize a refund through menulog, they'll then start a merry-go-round of attempted blame shifting and flat out refuse a refund. After days and weeks of getting hand-balled from one CS rep to another where they will try and endlessly low-ball you with $7 voucher coupons e-mailed to you instead of refunding your $30, you'll have to just process a charge-back on your credit card via your bank.

    Just don't bother using them, it's a complete waste of money and time.

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      I called KFC when it was taking a while to find a driver and they told me they don't prepare the order until the driver is there. Haven't had problems with cold food and have ordered from them about 4 times.

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        This is what my local store does as well, they don't prepare the order until the driver arrives. Takes a LOT longer though, typically 20-30 mins longer than what the Menulog app estimates.

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      This was our experience too with Fortitude valley store. We had pieces of chicken missing and a potato and gravy spilled in the bag. Rocked up stone cold. Menulog avoided all contact from us.

    • which store?

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        Happened to me at both the Welland and Kilkenny stores in SA, while over there for work. Have had friends have the same exact experience here at home across a number of KFC's in Sydney.

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      It must depend, the stores I use (Adelaide) only start the order once the driver has arrived.

    • Huh.. I've been wondering why I've gotten like four $7 vouchers in the last week. Had some pizza arrive over an hour late, cold and inedible. Put in a complaint, and haven't heard anything back. But the vouchers keep rolling in.

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      well ordered it in my area… so far no assigned driver and its already past the delviery time.. lol this is going ot be a massive fail i can feel it ..

    • I had similar issue, however got a voucher for $20, my order was $17

      • Lol I got a $10 voucher… Apparently I have the best 'courier' assigned to the job… We'll see…. Haha

        • Mine was scheduled for 6.35 delivery estimate and arrived 6.20

          • @Jake17: Got mine about an hour late… At least it came haha

        • Complain to menulog and get some free food vouchers. It seems to be like $7 voucher for a late delivery :)

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      I wish I read this, now waiting almost 2hrs, called at 1hr, advised ASAP, lol.

    • -4

      your one bad experience doesnt equal bzd everytimr

      • +1

        So he should just stfu?? What a pointless comment… his sharing his experience.

        • -3

          Yeah his “experience”

          more like whinging

          what a pointless comment

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      Also wanted to add, some drivers may tax you a Pepsi for themselves. Happened to me yesterday. Only 1 Pepsi for a 2 box meal - I'm pretty confident the kfc workers wouldn't forget a second Pepsi. Not too fussed but the dishonesty is frightening. Yarraville store.

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      Pretty easy to get those vouchers, use them, then process the chargeback.

      They didn't even cancel my account with them.

    • Yeah KFC delivery sounds like an awful idea, even the 5 min drive back home from my KFC makes the KFC way worse. I can't imagine how bad it would be after 15mins+.

      KFC is something that absolutely needs to be eaten fresh.

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    Who's KF? And why has he built a cat home?

  • I never used Menulog previously. Can we schedule the delivery time at all ?

  • Can someone tell me why a lot of the meals are not available, ie. they have a line through them? I assume they are somehow out of stock of something within the meal, but don't see how, doesn't seem to happen instore.

    • Stores can mark a product out of stock if they run out, but probably forgot to enable it when it came back in stock. I'd give the store a call and ask if they can enable the products.

      • Cheers, I will check it in a couple of days again first.

  • How many time’s a week is it acceptable to eat KFC

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      13, or 22 if having wicked wings.

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    Not that it was ever the greatest but KFC has really gone to shit, not to mention the issues with these delivery drivers. No thanks.

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    Anyone know why menulog is such a bad user experience. Unable to add card/ payment method/voucher without purchase. WTF

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    The $30 appears to be inclusive of the delivery fee which is then removed.

  • Hmm 2 zinger boxes, hmmm

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    note that prices on Menulog are higher than in-store or via KFC app.

    • This has been mentioned above with example provided, menulog appears to be a few dollars higher then app. But you can't get delivery via the KFC app so it is what it is ;)

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    Thank you. Best for gorging today and fasting tomorrow.

    • Or leftovers for tomorrow

  • No KFC nearby :(

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      …y would u even live there?

  • Done! Thanks OP!

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      1 hour and 20 minute wait nothing. Called the store, got put through to general manager and they advised they don't make it until driver get's there. Driver is now there apparently so we will see how we go.

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        Had the same experience. I Couldn't get too madood that the food doesn't just sit there.

        • Ours was definitely lukewarm when it arrived

  • dinner sorted, thanks op

  • Thank you, saved $8.95!

  • Damn it, just ordered now at kfc :(

  • -2

    I have ordered around 6pm and still waiting for my order. If the driver ran away, what shall I do? The phone number for KFC is not reachable due to high volume of calls. LOL.

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      Complain to menulog you will get a voucher. Last time the driver took over an hour I got a $10 voucher but I had to go Karen on them

    • Not really a reason to be negging this deal though.

      Additionally, KFC has no responsibility regarding what the Menulog driver does. Don't waste your time and theirs, contact menulog to get it sorted.

      • My negative vote is for both KFC and Menulog, not for Ozbargain. As we look into the process how chicken is fried, I am sure some branch can not handle the heavy orders. Each branch would have 5-10 chicken fryers which takes around 30minutes per tray. I just assume the driver disappeared. It is okay. It can happen anytime. The second step is that Menu log needs to provide a contact number to resolve the conflict. Yes, they provided. but it is not reachable. However a recorded voice on the callcenter suggested to contact restaurant directly, which is Menu log contact center.

        Thankfully, Menulog called back to me while I am cooking late dinner for my family and provided full refund. Thank you so much. In spite of that, I would like to consider my negative vote is valid.

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          Menulog have live chat? Use that and get a voucher. And I doubt KFC takes 30 min to deep fry some chicken lol this is fast foood

          • @Iwantthebestprice: 30mins is exactly how long it takes, also an ex KFC employee.

            I agree with the neg but it seems like it is an issue on Menulogs end, not KFC. We cycled through driver assigned messages for 2 hours before it arrived. They just never pickup the food for w/e reason. I spoke to the area manager of KFCs and he said this is common with Menulog and there is nothing they can do about it, hence they don't prepare anything until they confirm the driver is actually in the building.

            For 2 hours they offered me a $10 voucher.

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      Clearly KFC would have been hammered with delivery orders tonight, Maybe show a little more common sense and expect a longer wait?

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    Large orders delivered by local police.

    • +1

      Kentucky Fined Tickets.

    • +2

      To protect and serve

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    Just ordered , Hope my food arrives ..

    • +4

      …we have been in suspense for days.

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    Ordered cake within 15 minutes in SA, no issues

  • +1

    Ordered tonight. Waited 2 hours 15 mins for the food to arrive whilst also on the Menulog chat to try and expedite my order. After all of that they left an item off the order which they supposedly sent a voucher to me to compensate for. The voucher never arrived which is fine by me because this is my first and last Menulog order.

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