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½ Price Mayver's Tahini Spread 385g $2.50 @ Coles

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    I never noticed that they called it a spread. Who spreads tahini?


    Good to make hummus with all those chickpeas I bought. Will these have a limit of 2?

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    good deal. As an aside: Buy the tahini spreads in the Arabic section if possible/available. They're usually smaller businesses who are doing it tough overseas.


      Not just that, but you can also buy the larger tubs that should be cheaper per weight.


      Agree with you there. Recently I went looking for Basmati Brown Rice and couldn't find them in any of the majors. Then I recalled a small Indian grocer I pass by regularly, so went in there and lo and behold they had so many varieties! Also their prices pretty competitive too. So, do check out these small traders.

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      If the choice is between small business importing overseas product, and big supermarket selling Australian product - I'd rather support Australian producer (providing that it doesn't get screwed by supermarket on margins and payment terms).

      However in this particular case, Mayver's spreads are made from imported sesame, so no difference. It's definitely worth checking smaller stores, there are some quite good tahini to be found (especially if you don't mind more robust sesame taste - I find Mayver's to be quite bland).

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      i try to avoid items from random middle eastern countries with squiggly writing on the jar


    Finally, yes!