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Macpac Halo Down Jacket Mens & Womens $99.99 + Free Shipping @ Macpac


OzBargains favourite jacket is back at a great price.

Free delivery applies to this product — no need to add additional items to exceed $100 spend.

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  • Hmm, paid $30 extra for the hoodie version. Was that worth it?

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      Yes, definitely

    • the hoodie version is $149.99.

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      lucky i missed out on the hoodie version cause i think even i took off the hoodie on some of my jackets with detachable hoodies…

      i just think it's silly to have the hoodies on but good when its slightly raining but you don't have an umbrella with you or cant be bothered taking out the umbrella…

    • Depends on what you like wearing really - I'd personally rather a beanie than a hoodie, but the hoodie would provide better warmth. In QLD the only times I would need the hood would be when out camping I feel.

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    Waiting for the Macpac Halo Hooded to come back to this price. That’s a good deal

    • Drop me a line when it does

  • How is sizing for this? Might grab one since its this cheap

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      The recommendation on here as always been to buy one size down from your ‘usual’ sizing. So if you usually wear a size M in other brands, best to get this one in a size S.

    • My dad got a 2xl, I'm usually an M but the 2XL only seemed 1-2 sizes too big

    • Just received mine this week. Generally I'm a medium but ok in some large sizes. I bought a small and glad I didn't go a medium

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    Walking to the office in winter starter pack

  • How water resistant are these jackets? Same as any other, or additional?

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      Not at all IME.

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      They're not water resistant. They're fine out in the snow, or a bit of drizzle for a few minutes, but they'll quickly get wet in proper rain.

    • I would say a light spray of silicone waterproofing would work a treat on these

  • same deal each year XD

  • Finally A nice colour. Previous deals have had ugly colours.

  • What's with the sizing, must be on the larger size, says male model is 6'2" and wears a size medium?

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      Yup - go down a size. I'm M to L in most clothing, but my Halo is an S.

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    im 120kg and 189cm, most of the time i get XXL for clothing but should i get a size down for this? or still stick with XXL to be safe?

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      I would get a size down for this.
      I have a medium and its more of a large.
      Im 6ft4 (skinny) and a small would have been better for me.

      • ok cool, ill get an XL and if thats still to big i will just change it in store, thanks.

        • I am a similar size and normally get XXL. With macpac go XL. XXL is too big

  • Having lived in Canberra for a couple of years… Are most people on OzBargain from the country or something?

    There is no way 75% of Australians need a puffy jacket lmao. Sydney's not cold at all in winter.

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      There used to be this thing called 'travel'…

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        Travel??? I only know my home office…

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      I think you get acclimatised to the conditions after some time. I used to visit Hong Kong in their winter, usually December - January. I'd be in a polo shirt and jeans as it would be 20 or 21° but many of the locals would be wearing exactly these sorts of down puffer jackets over a polarfleece pullover, with a beanie, a scarf, gloves. They'd give me strange looks as if to say "Stupid gwai loh doesn't know when it's cold…" HK in summer to be fair is misery, 38° or more and 95% RH. Never visit in August if you can avoid it.

    • It's because we're not from Canberra and can't stand the cold. When it hits 18 degrees or below half of Sydney pulls out their winter jackets.

      • I'm from Sydney too tho haha. Never owned a puffy jacket til I moved to Canberra (and absolutely needed one).

        Those puffy jackets are good for like, down to 0 degrees. A woollen jumper is plenty for Sydney surely!

    • From Melbourne and my Uniqlo Ultralight one is one of my most worn items of clothing. They're just so practical. I'd much rather wear a puffer than a wool jumper - far lighter, more compact, easier to take on/off and not itchy.

      Just purchased the Halo!

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    Got the hooded one from the last deal. Would definitely suggest going one size down. I am normally an M but the S was perfect.

  • this or the green kathmandu epiq?

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      Macpac over Kathmandu any day.

    • +1


      Go the Macpac.

    • Kathmandu is not worth more than 25% of the RRP price.

    • This for sure

    • Want to know too, warmth is the most important factor. Also found this one


    • For what it’s worth I prefer the Kathmandu jacket. Slightly slimmer profile so it looks nicer. Is also a bit better in the rain due to the coating/material apparently (haven’t tested this out yet)

  • Navy Small not available :-(

    • Yep .. I wanted this too so I called up and small stock not back in stock till the end of May

  • who buys this? use a blanket times are tough

  • How good is that zip ? Im not a big fan or those plastic zip

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      Main zip good but side pocket zip bad, every time they stuck in the cloth.

      • Thanks.

  • Just want to know that Machine wash for this jacket possible? or only hand wash?

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    Highly recommend others to cough up the extra $30 to pay for the hooded version. When it’s windy AF in Europe and parts of Asia, this $30 will be well spent.

    • Highly recommend buying the hooded version if it drops to $99

  • I bought this jacket using the guest checkout and didn't get an email to which i entered. Is this normal for those who did the same? I did get an AfterPay email though.

    • Did you check your spam folder? My order reply from macpac (as a guest) definitely got shunted into spam by the software.

      • Yeah initially I did and nothing was there. Just checked this morning and I received it in my normal email. I guess it just takes a while to process.

  • Thanks OP, just got one from Majura Park, ACT.
    They had a good number of colours and range of sizes.
    For those interested in sizing, I usually wear a Medium in Jackets, but got a Small as it fitted nice and snug and comfy for me, even though I was wearing a (thin) wool jumper at the time.
    So yes, they do run a bit on the large size.

  • this vs $120 kathmandu non hood on sale?

    • Scroll back up to see the same question. I agree with "Macpac over Kathmandu any day" most of the time.