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Microsoft Surface Pro Signature Type Cover Burgundy for $149 @ The Good Guys


Microsoft Surface Pro Signature Type Cover Burgundy for $149 , cheapest I've seen. Online delivery not available for me, but pickup available in a few stores I checked

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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    at $149 this is still far from any sort of bargain. Ridiculous. I won't downvote because if it's the cheapest the item has been (or for ages) fair enough it's a deal, but still feels like a poor product being overcharged for


      As a surface pro owner with a Signature keyboard, I agree :)

      They started this trend for overpriced keyboards and now apple is going to charge $400 or so for the next iPad "magic" keyboard following on Microsoft steps. not good for a consumer but there is no other option for surface pro lineup

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        It's actually $499AU for the 11inch version while the 12.7 is $589AU.

        Just as bad as $999US for a monitor stand.

        This didn't start with the Surface KB, It all started with the iPad magnetic front cover which is $120 when it was first launched 8-9 years ago just for a COVER with a magnet! Prices for them have gone down but it's still massively overpriced just for a cover and so MS jumped on the bandwagon and then came the Apple Keyboards which was around $230 for small one.

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      I agree it is overpriced but its not a poor product - I find it better than most other laptop keyboards out there


    Ahh, I just bought this for my new Surface a week ago, doh!


    I gave up on Surface Pro devices because Microsoft refuses to acknowledge the backlight bleed issue that's prevalent on every generation of the device.

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      I have a SP6 and CAN CONFIRM mine had the bleed issue on day one but I couldn't be stuffed returning it.


    may I say I got one of these,
    I like it, as my old type-cover 4 gave up the ghost purchased December 2015

    one of the used versions of this type cover sold on ebay for $153 this week
    I was trying for a compatible $83 after 6 emails from the supplier after I was telling them I was looking for a type cover compatible they would write back and ask did i want a cover or a keyboard and of course I couldn't view the item before purchasing it

    after looking at 10 different online sites items I gave up
    got the $150 from good guys

    on my online travels I contacted msoft and they said they would price match but with their store being closed I went with good guys

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