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Free 4-Pack of Beer for Essential Services Workers @ The Good Beer Co


"The Good Beer Co has launched a campaign called ‘A Good Beer Always Helps’ which allows people to gift a four-pack of beer to essential services workers in Australia.
Teaming up with independent craft breweries in every state across the country (except Northern Territory), The Good Beer Co’s campaign will see four-packs of local beer delivered to workers behind the scenes and on the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic, along with a message of support."

Essential workers include:

  • our hospital and healthcare facility workers (from our pharmacists to our nurses and doctors to our admin, allied health; ward assistants and cleaners);
  • our emergency services workers (our police, fire and ambos and their support teams);
  • our aged care facility and home care workers;
  • our school teachers and school workers;
  • our supermarket workers;
  • truck drivers and other essential transport logistics workers;
  • hotel workers assisting people in quarantine
  • child safety officers
  • waste management and recycling crews, cleaning and sanitation crews; and
  • other workers providing frontline services.

Please consider donating a 4-pack at the link too, all fees are being covered by Pozible.
And should go without saying, try not to abuse it - there's a limited number on offer and it should go to those who are providing a genuine service to the community. Use your best judgement.

Mod: See all Healthcare Worker deals

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  • If we hold a letter that says I am an essential worker, would I also be entitled to free beer?

  • Will recipients of gifted beer be required to pose in photos holding products that are then posted on social media ala Krispy Kreme?

  • There are other types of essential workers not on this list. Along with Ohgeelowk I would be interested to see how far this extends.

  • According to the government anyone still working is classed as an essential worker!

  • Hold on. ScoMo said an essential worker is someone who is still working
    I am working .. so i am essential… i would like my free beer please

  • There's >1000 people manning the phone across Australia sorting out Jobseeker applications/intent to claim, are they included?

  • This is very nice of them, but I'm interested in how far they'll extend what "essential" means. I'm a government worker in an essential category that will continue to operate even if the whole County is in full isolation. Other categories that are very essential would include manufacturing and farming. To be honest, people working overtime in factories and farmers struggling without their usual overseas workers could probably use a beer!

    • yeah im in your boat too, no matter what we will keep working (also govt)

      • Yeah same. Law and order will continue no matter what…. even if it's just Joe Bloggs suing Woolies for a slip and fall.

        I'm not complaining though and I like that I have a secure job, plus I'm in government because I genuinely believe in supporting society.

        That said, I won't be taking them up on this offer personally because I feel it should go to workers more in need than me. Which is why I was interested in how far they'll stretch what "essential" means.

        • Well, i AM complaining, there's 10 planning and environment court matters and 10 civil litigation/commercial matters being heard every day.

          is that necessary?

          I mean i get the courts need to continue, of course, for criminal things, but does p & e need to carry on? Im not sure about that…

          • @Iggemo: That's an interesting view point. For my Court, most civil matters have been adjourned and civil lists that are running are online with hearings held using things like Zoom. What is mostly running on-site are urgent matters and things that can't wait or where parties have reasons they can't be heard remotely. The Court is doing everything in it's power to not hear things in person, so if it's there it probably has to be.

            Whilst I half agree that civil lists aren't 100% essential in the grand scheme of things during a crisis like this, they still exist as an important part of the application of justice in society. Think of it this way, cases that are being heard are generally long and ongoing ones where adjourning again has been deemed inappropriate. Cases can't go indefinitely, it costs time, money and resources for everyone involved. In my Court, the backlog from the hundreds of adjournments in each list that are taking place weekly will reverberate for years (seriously!). Ensuring that matters at the end of their life span, or those beginning and needing quick resolution, are still determined aids in parties receiving justice AND in ensuring the Court can still function. Plus most everything is being heard online now. Very little is actually operating at my Court and it is 99.9% crime and appeals related. Even that will be moving mostly online soon.

            When I made my somewhat derisive comment about Joe Bloggs and Woolies, I guess I didn't make it clear that there's not much physical interaction. Most initial step in the higher Courts, particularly for civil matters have been done electronically for years. We have mandatory e-filing and don't accept hard copy documents. Whilst getting the rest of the extensive pre-hearing process online and making the actual hearing remote is a work in progress, my Court at least has worked remotely from practitioners for years. So Courts will continue, mostly the same but in other ways VERY different.

            Disclaimer: I work across both civil and criminal lists as a front line court officer

    • Rember the free burrito for the firefighters? It’s also a way for businesses to have free publicity and give a good image.

  • I work at Bunnings and we're stuck open. Lol

  • Just signed up. Lets see how this goes 😉

  • Thanks for posting. Registered no prob, let's see what we get.

  • I am sure they’d be happier with a 4 pack of toilet paper

  • What a wonderful gesture, from an essential education worker!

  • I do not want or expect anything during this time, I am happy to still have a job, but the recognition through things like this is always appreciated (and so is newstead beer which I am actually drinking right now) so thankyou for the post and for the good beer co for reaching out with appreciation in this way .. I hope many (including those not able to redeem) support with a donation. I love Australia!

  • Don’t forget your local Veterinarian Practitioners: still looking after your most important family members (that aren’t related to you)…

  • -2 votes

    Petrol station worker not included?

    If petrol station closed entire country, how did supermarket delivery items to the store? How ambulance car pick up patient?
    How police car patrol to catching people obeying social distancing?

    They don’t use tesla 🤔

  • Transport for the win. Cheers

  • Finally a deal for those of us who work in the medical industry who aren't based at hospitals!

  • Amazing! Thanks OP. Very happy teacher here.

    What a lovely initiative by the Good Beer Co.

  • +10 votes

    Wow what a bunch of choosing beggars in these comments.

    I really hope this kind hearted and well intended offer doesn't get OzBargained at the expense of those truely deserving of a small gesture of kindness in these crazy times :(

  • All I'm seeing in these comments is me me me. These guys are trying to do something nice but all the scum come out with both hands out.

  • Looking at the page - these beers only seem to be distributed once someone donates $20 bucks for one. Instead of a giveaway, this is more of a sign up and wait to see if enough people donate beers for one to make its way to you.

  • End of the day, essential workers deserve this :) So thoughtful of Good beer

  • Really appreciate the gesture by The Good Beer Co. Didn't claim (essential worker here), will leave it for others

  • Thanks!

  • as much as they would like to police cannot accept alcohol as a gift

  • I'm an essential worker, but happy to just have a job. Will donate rather than get the beer.

  • Big up to those who generously donated to the cause! Much appreciated

  • 700 odd donors, nearly 7000 signed up for the free beer. I’m guessing not many people will beers at this rate

  • Turned out my missus had to jump through way too many hoops to get the "free beer", so didn't bother in the end. Thanks anyway.

    "We've had over 6,000 essential services workers like you register for a thank you 4 pack of local beer.

    Now we need to ask you for your help.

    We need to get the campaign in front of lots of generous Aussies, to ask them to make a $20 donation - so we can send you a well earned 4 pack of local beer and message of thanks.

    Here's 4 things you can do to help:

    1. Share the campaign on social media:
    • use a picture of you in your work uniform or outside your work if possible

    • tell us your name, a bit about what you do and how you're going during the COVID-19 pandemic

    • use you use the campaign link: https://bit.ly/agoodbeeralwayshelpshttps://bit.ly/agoodbeeralwayshe

    • and #agoodbeeralwayshelps

    • and tag us at @goodbeerau

    1. Send us a picture
    • get a colleague to take a picture (or take a selfie) of you outside your work/at your work and in your work uniform

    • if possible, hold up a message that says  "I'm (your name), I work as a (your profession) at (location/workplace) and I would love you to shout me a 4 pack of local beer"

    1. Send us a short video
    • shoot a short video on your phone

    • we'd like video of you saying: "I'm (your name), I work as a (your profession) at (location/workplace) and I would love you to shout me a 4 pack of local beer"

    • tell us your name, a bit about what you do, how you're feeling and why you'd like to receive a 4 pack of beer as a thank you from a generous Aussie

    1. Tell us your story

    We want to share the stories of or essential service workers and your work to keep our country going during the COVID-19 pandemic. Tell us who you are, what you do, where you work and how the pandemic is impacting you, your family, your work and your life.

    We'll be editing the video and sharing it with media and on our social media."

  • Have any one had the beer delivered yet? From the email I got I think I was around 1287 in line but nothing yet.

  • Thank you for the beer OP - it came in the mail today :)