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Free Gillette Skinguard Razor for AU Govt Frontline Healthcare Workers


THIS OFFER IS FOR AU GOVT FRONTLINE HEALTHCARE WORKERS ONLY - If you've come across this offer and are not AU Government Health Frontline Staff, please do not abuse it - this is intended for those who need it most

Let us start by saying thank you for the work you, and your teams are continuing to do to help us all fight the spread of the COVID-19 here in Australia. We are aware that, as a result of the outbreak, AU Government Health Frontline Staff in patient facing roles around the country are being asked to consider shaving facial hair to ensure respirator masks fit tightly against the face.

If you are choosing to do this, Gillette wants to do its small part to support you. We are therefore offering a free razor to all AU Health frontline staff who are choosing to shave – to redeem yours, please follow these steps:

  1. Enter your @health at https://direct.gillette.com.au/health-professionals/
  2. Check your inbox for an email from us. Note: if you did not receive an email please ensure you are using a verified AU @health. email address and try again.
  3. Follow instructions within the email carefully to redeem your complimentary razor. Note: You must checkout using your @health. email address.

Given high demand, please allow 5-10 working days for your delivery to arrive. Thank you again for everything you are doing through this period. If you have any questions, please contact us here: https://direct.gillette.com.au/contact-us/

NOTE: We are aware not all email domains feature 'health' we are working a solution for this. In the meantime if you think your organisation should be eligible please email [email protected] including:
1. Organisation Name
2. Email address

We will update the eligible email domains daily based on these requests**

Mod: See all Healthcare Worker deals

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  • -7

    Hi Everyone,

    Thank you for your engagement in this offer so far. We are aware that not all frontline health worker email domains feature 'health', we are working a solution for this and will update once we have amended.

    Team Gillette

    • +22

      Do I get a "shame on you" on the way out the door? I'm male.

    • scrimshaw on 08/04/2020 - 18:30 Comment unpublished. (Empty comment)
    • +23

      Do your shavers shave off my toxic masculinity.

      • -7

        only if you have some, and if you do, you'd be offended by a commercial that 'cut' a bit close to home (that aired a year ago, in a different country, and yet people are still hurt over it)

        • +9

          Please. They jumped on the bandwagon of the month purely for sales and in doing so alienated their main demographic. As a normal male with a healthy respect for the fairer gender, it was insulting and I don’t understand how any male wouldn’t be insulted.

          • +1

            @snagseb: Why would I be insulted?

            Likewise, I can't comprehend how anyone who isn't a bully/harrasser and who respects women would be insulted.

  • -3


  • +6

    Another great initiative! A penny shaved is a penny earned amirite?

    • +1

      penny shaved

      Careful, its illegal to mutilate currency /s

    • I read this in Sean Connery's voice

      • I can never imagine Sean Connery ever saying "amirite".

  • Great! No excuse to take of that PPE when this is all over

  • +3

    but what about all those Gillette haters from last year, wonder if they'll still take a freebie ;)

    • +3

      They are still around, some have long beards now.

    • +8

      Hell yeah I would, just wouldn't give them a cent.

      • +1

        But if you get their free razor you’re taking from them.

        • +4

          I've switched to double edge safety razor shaving recently, and am saving $$ while giving the boot to gillette. Loving it.

          I appreciate anything being done to make the healthcare workers' life easier, but will not give gillette any of my money.

          PS: I'm not a healthcare worker, so will not be availing this deal.

          • @CocaKoala: What razor have you switched to? Also looking to make a change

            • @cvas: I've switched to an Edwin Jagger double edged safety razor with a Knurled handle (the short version) as listed here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00K6Z24SK

              Whatever razor you purchase, make sure that it has a knurled handle or you'll kick yourself. The heavier the razor is, the easier it will glide down the face due to its own weight. Get a good quality shaving brush (I've got a badger hair one) and a decent shaving cream (the $2 "shave" brand cream from CW works surprisingly well for me).

              My facial hair is extremely thick and coarse, so I have done two things:
              * Got a sampler pack of various double edge blades from amazon, and have figured out that only the EXTREMELY sharp ones are good for me.
              * I read a few tutorials on badger and blade to understand how to prep the face before shaving. I find this super helpful to avoid cuts and nicks, and get an extremely comfortable and smooth shave.

              I am also planning to get another adjustable razor, and am in the process of researching for a good one.

              Do let me know if there are any questions and I'll try to answer it to the best of my knowledge.

              • +1

                @CocaKoala: Badger hair?!

                You are a man that knows a shave… I'm going to start to look into it as I hate shaving but it's a necessity for me. Will hit you up if I have any questions. Thanks for the detailed response legend, I'm going to look at all your suggestions.

              • @CocaKoala: Where did you buy your entire shaving kit from please?

                • +1

                  @lordra: There's one "shaving kit" that I purchased. I got most items from Amazon. You need a shaving bowl, a shaving razor, possibly a raozr & brush stand, a pack of blades, a good shaving brush, shaving cream, and an after shave balm. Let me know if you've specific questions, and I'll be happy to answer. I also suggest reading the tutorials on badger and blade as they've been hugely helpful for me.

      • +13

        I won't buy Gillette again, #MeToo

  • +9

    Unfortunately most hospital emails don't have @health in the email…
    E.g. Melbourne Health (which is Royal Melbourne Hospital) is @mh.org.au

    • +2

      Yep what a cuck up

    • +2

      yup @monashhealth.org here…

    • +1

      Monash Health is also monashhealth.org same with Peninsula Health I reckon and some don’t have an @health email and some don’t have a frontline email at all so not a lot are going to be able to avail of this promo.

    • +1

      @ambulance here

  • +3

    Unfortunately not all frontline staff are given an organisational email :/

  • +1

    "If you've come across this offer and are not AU Government Health Frontline Staff, please do not abuse it - this is intended for those who need it most"

    Do they really need to say this? It's a sad reflection on people if they do.

    I'm a frontline government employee (not health, emergency service) required to be clean shaven but I'm not taking this as I have a great razor and someone else will need it more than me.

  • I am Frontline health worker with no health email?

  • +8

    I don't need to shave anymore, their advertising campaign last year convinced me that men are terrible so I transitioned to being a hairless chihuahua (woof/woof are my pronouns). Good deal anyway I suppose.

  • +8

    **By subscribing to marketing communications you are opting in to receive marketing emails from us. If at any point you'd like to unsubscribe, please click unsubscribe at the bottom of the emails.

    This just seems scummy. Yeah, you can unsubscribe after they start emailing you but you can't do that upfront, so this just looks like a way to get to locked in to buying razor refills and you have to hand over your work email for the pleasure of doing so.

    • It's scummy to send someone a marketing email in return for a free razor?

      What is with the melodramatics on this site!?

      • It’s scummy to act like they’re doing this as a charitable act when it’s not; it’s marketing.

        • Where do they say they're doing this as a purely charitable act? You expect all these companies to write "WARNING - WE EXPECT TO GET SOME POSITIVE EXPOSURE FROM THIS SO IT IS ABSOLUTELY NOT CHARITY"?

          • +1

            @callum9999: I don't have a problem with companies wanting to get a bit of positive publicity from helping out those involved in essential services. But Gillette said they wanted to do their "small part to support" frontline healthcare workers, but in order to receive that support they have to sign up to marketing emails. OP made no mention of this, nor is it mentioned on the website where you put your work email in; it's only mentioned in the T&Cs at the bottom of the page. This, combined with the business model of Gillette is focused on getting the razor handles to consumers so they're locked into buying the one brand, is why I called the gesture scummy. I'd also argue that Gillette have already received the publicity benefit of providing this by appearing on the front page of OzBargain and getting the 2500 clicks. The benefit is clearly weighted towards Gillette, not the person receiving the disposable razor.

            Why are you so set on defending Proctor & Gamble?

            • @BargainGeezer: Because I think the incessant whining on here is pathetic. The fact it's P&G is irrelevant to me.

              Jesus Christ it's an email. I've never seen anyone so upset about receiving a single marketing email in my entire life!

              No one is "locked in" - has this isolation made you lose all reasoning skills? If you want to use a different razor then buy a different handle - EXACTLY as you'd have to do now anyway.

  • +16

    Gilette trying to redeem themselves after their woke campaign against men

    • +1

      The truth is not popular these days.

      • +8

        Yeah all men are violent assholes. Oh, wait! No they aren’t. They deserve all the backlash they get for insulting their main demographic.

        • +1

          You prove their point perfectly! Gillette have never said that - you are blatantly lying to try and bolster your argument.

          • +1

            @callum9999: Oh ok, what did they 'say' then?

            Callum? Male, right? Let me tell you something buddy, any male that believes in toxic masculinity and is a feminist etc in my opinions are the ones women need to watch out for. You are the wolves in sheeps clothing.

            • @snagseb: They said that some men are bullies, some men harass women and that is something we should try and stop. I have no idea why you put "say" in quotes given im describing the literal words they used while you're fabricating an imagined subtext in your head…

              Your opinion is nonsensical and from the way you talk, it's clear that you're EXACTLY the kind of person people need to look out for!

              And how on earth do you reconcile being against gender equality with having a "healthy respect" for women? Or are you using your own warped definitions?

              • +2

                @callum9999: Want to watch the ad again? ‘We believe in men to say the right things and act the right way, SOME already are’ because most don’t, right? They alienated most men and strongly suggest this is how the majority act, it’s clear as day and why the video copped so much backlash. Then there are people like you who say if you disagree with the ad you are against equality and mysogynistic and a sexist, etc. It’s the same old script, you weirdos all act the same way and women need to worry about guys like you who pretend they are feminists because they have low masculinity and are unattractive to women, that may sound harsh and it probably is but that’s a fact that has been discussed by psychologist for years. You can go make your own conclusion about it but I’ve had my 2 cents on the matter. I’m not dragging this out into and OzB argument, it’s not worth my time. I’ve made my points clear, don’t agree? Not a problem. Have a great day.

                • @snagseb: No, I've made it pretty clear that I think the majority are just idiots - not anti-equality etc.

                  You personally however CLEARLY are. You've flown off the handle and think it's an ultra-feminist view to believe the irrefutable fact that SOME men bully others and harass women - and that it makes you "low masculine" (whatever that means in your messed up brain) to accept that fact.

                  At the start I thought you were just having an argument against a fictional me like most of "your sort" seems to do (i.e. not paying attention to what I actually write and arguing against what you imagine I might be thinking). Now I think you're actually dangerous!

                  • @callum9999: Well, no you haven’t since you’re saying the ad is correct. The ad clearly implies most men have ‘toxic masculinity’. Flown off the handle? Hahah couldn’t be more calm. You’re just upset because I’ve given you something to think about and I insulted you. I apologise, I shouldn’t make that assumption of you from an OzBargain comment. But men like I’ve described really do exist and they are generally ultra-feminist as you say. You probably have encountered some of them in your life. I don’t appreciate men who are pigs to women and I believe all humans deserve equality regardless of gender. That’s honestly my view, believe it or not. This ad did not hit the mark at all and should not have ever been made.

                    • @snagseb:

                      most men have ‘toxic masculinity’.

                      "MOST" is the issue you in your sentence.
                      I didnt see anywhere where it said 'most of you guys out there are b*stards', and dont think the commercial was aimed to indicate that 'most' men are the problem, but there are some that could do better, and we shouldnt be afraid or intimidated to point out those that could do better…

                      The ones that seem to think it indicates MOST are the ones that think everyone is anti masculinity, anti 'man', and that are offended by the commercial

                      That, to me, says the problem isnt the commercial..

                      • @SBOB: Don't really feel like going another round, but I'll say one thing. The ad says ‘We believe in men to say the right things and act the right way, SOME already are’ - that is very clearly implying something. They are saying there is an issue with men and how they act, but hey we believe they can change and you know what! Some already are.

                        That is one small snippet of an entire ad that is an attack on male masculinity. This was also the tip of the iceberg on a global attack on men for their masculinity, or for being white or for apparently getting paid more etc.

                        I don't know what you're implying by saying the problem isn't the commercial, I am guessing a cheap dig which seems to be textbook for people who don't believe this commercial did anything bad. But that's cool, I won't ask, I CBF to continue another round. I respect we have differing opinions, I am OK with that. I know yours, you know mine.

    • -8

      What you've said is 100% true, but that's no good reason to neg this deal.

      • +10

        that's no good reason to neg this deal

        It actually is. There's 3 reasons in the voting guidelines. The third is "issue with the retailer".

        • +7

          Makes sense. I stand corrected. In fact, I've negged the deal as well for the same reason.

  • -1

    Can you just make it .gov.au

    Many hard working servants of the public are working long hours to get people paid.

    • -1

      bwhahahaha #jobsecurity #cantbesacked

  • +5

    Frontline staff cannot do their part without back-end staff. Procurement, disposal, finance, food services, uniform services, facilities & IT. Without all these staff as well, front-line can't perform. Just something to keep in mind. But thank you for your offer!

  • +1

    Got one cheers

  • +1

    Good initiative Gillette. continue the good work.

  • +1

    If you've come across this offer and are not AU Government Health Frontline Staff, please do not abuse it

    From the comments above, it seems many frontline health staff won't be able to access it straight away

    But to get one razor blade they have to send an email to Gillette

    Then get approved

    Then apply

    Who then is going to abuse it, if there are hoops to jump through for legit frontline staff

  • It's a good idea and I'm capable of not getting very easily offended by ads either. Have a +1

    Neg or +1 me if you agree.

  • +8

    Your second mistake was not addressing your wrong doings. Goodnight sweet prince.

  • +6

    Still overpriced

  • +13

    I don't get this offer. You practically give away your razors anyway because all of your profits are from the blades that you need to keep putting on them. This is pure marketing at its best/worst. How about you also give away free blades for life to healthcare workers?

    • How about you also give away free blades for life to healthcare workers

      They're not a charity.

  • +3

    Has anyone actually got this “deal”. Sent this to a friend and he reckons after subscribing, you get the “redeem your razor” email, but it’s only a free handle if you buy the blade, ie min 27.90.

    This seems to be some “free” advertising

    • Hi AG_ACT,

      I can confirm this is indeed a free razor for confirmed healthcare workers, there is no requirement to buy anything.

      Team Gillette

      • So it's just the handle on "offer" here?!

        • +2

          Comprehension not a strength?

          The op clearly said it's a razor, no need to buy anything, not just a handle

          • @SBOB:

            no need to buy anything

            Comprehension not a strength? I never asked if there was any need to buy anything.

            not just a handle

            Usage of punctuations not a strength? A full stop at the sentence seems to have been shaved away by some woke razor.

            • +4

              @CocaKoala: A handle is a handle…
              Clearly a razor is going to include the blade.

              My comprehension, and ability to not get offended by a year old tv commercial, are both pretty sound.

              How about you?

              • +2

                @SBOB: Who's offended? Proctor & Gamble have different values and opinions to me. I choose not to support them.

                • @heal: And what values and opinions are those?

                  And I assume you equally neg or comment on posts or deals by other such companies?

                  Or only those that hurt your feelings by pointing out that some guys can be a bit of a d*ck…

                  I still can't see how anyone that saw that commerical could take from it that all men are toxic and evil, unless you happened to see a bit too much of yourself in one of the examples given (or just want to jump on the bandwagon), especially considering it was a year ago and didn't even air here….

                • +1

                  @heal: Who's offended? How about the long list of people throwing hissy fits on this very page - specifically stating they're offended?

                  Why those people identify with the bullies and sex pests in the advert instead of the men stopping them I have no idea though.

      • Apologies, I was just going off the second hand information I received. The screenshot I’ve been sent does show “Health Professionals: SKINGUARD $27.90” so not sure what he’s doing wrong.

        Edit: PICNIC problem.

        Thanks for the offer

  • +6

    The last thing healthcare workers need to be exposed to after spending all day around COVID-19 is toxic levels of soy. Just say no to Gillette.

  • +2

    The best a man can get.

    • +1

      Sexist giggles

    • +6

      The best a soyboy can get.

  • +2

    I don't mind saying it, I miss the uplifting 80s advert

    I think I just miss the 80s.

  • +1

    No way am I putting my work email address in for any kind of corporate promotion. It's my one email account that isn't 99% junk mail.

  • +4

    I work in several different hospitals/health care organisations and none of them has one of these emails.

    Marketing ploy gone wrong.

  • +6

    Shame on Gillette for demonstrating their toxic masculinity and not offering Venus razors for the females out there. Oops I meant fepersons

    • Gillette supporting women to not shave their legs. Men don't have to why should women.

    • +1

      Last time I checked you didn't need PPE on your legs…

  • +11

    Nothing for women?! Gillette so toxic

  • -3

    lol… this comment section is full of incel snowflakes, having a big sook

    • +4

      There is nothing wrong with being a male. Gillette made out that we should be ashamed of our gender. That is just discriminatory gender bashing.

      • Gillette made out that we should be ashamed of our gender.

        no, they made out that we some men could do a better job of being men, and that maybe calling out poor behavior is one way we could improve..

        or maybe i am remembering wrong and the commercial actually just said
        "All men are bastards, they all fight, they all sexually harass and demean women and they all suck…. Buy Gillette!"

      • There's something wrong with you however if you identify with the bullies in that advert instead of the men doing the right thing.

        • You are associating me with things that I have never done, just like the advertisement did.

  • +5

    No thanks after the “ toxic masculinity “ debacle, I am never buying Gillette again.

    • Let's face it, this is OzBargain, surely no one here buys their overpriced razors anyway? If you were buying Gillette before the ad you probably need your OzBargain licence revoked.

      Gillette is a marketing brand not a razor brand.

      Also if this were a genuine offer it would come with more than one Razor…

      • -1

        Also if this were a genuine offer it would come with more than one Razor…

        Unnecessarily high expectations? They're giving away something for free that they didnt have to. Yet there's always someone who thinks that people should be entitled to more for nothing. Seriously.

        • +4

          Unnecessarily high expectations? They're giving away something for free that they didnt have to. Yet there's always someone who thinks that people should be entitled to more for nothing. Seriously.

          I'm just sick of all the marketing BS by companies trying to take advantage in this crisis. In this case they are giving away something that has a cost price of almost nothing and that locks people into a particular brand and it comes with only one consumable item?

          It's like the places offering "50% off a coffee for health care workers" or something like that…. that's not generous it's just marketing.

          If this weren't just a gimmick Gillette would deliver bulk boxes of razors to hospitals around the country and not make it public.

          Disclaimer: Am a non healthcare worker who dons a hobo beard so maybe I'm not qualified to speak.

          • +2

            @chiefbodge: Exactly! Thank you!!

            As I said in another post - "While all these food and drink gestures are appreciated, we're well off and fortunate to still have jobs. What we really need right now is for people to practice social distancing, and organisations to provide Personal and Protective Equipment (PPE), if they're genuinely interested in helping out health care workers"

          • @chiefbodge: You do realise that when you walk into a shop to buy a razor, they don't quiz you on what handles you have at home and refuse to sell you anything else?

            No one is "locked in". Use the one blade then go back to whatever you normally use if you want to…

  • +2

    Mandatory clean shaven is now policy at work due to correct mask fitting. Having a few extra razors would really help.

  • +1

    Created an account, but still shows at $27. Didn't get any more updates after the registration.

  • +3

    I bought a Gillette razor, the I stopped bashing my wife. You can all learn from my example.

  • +1

    I'm pretty concerned at the number of men who watched that advert and thought "that's me - the guy harassing that woman or beating up a helpless kid"…

    You could vaguely make a point if it was men being bad and women stopping them, but given the good people in the advert are exclusively men, you'd need to use some pretty extreme mental gymnastics to come out with the conclusion that they are saying all men are bad.

  • This is no longer working even for people with a health email.
    Internal error when trying to create account.
    Hopefully gets fixed soon!

  • +1

    Doesn't accept my email despite being a healthcare worker.