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Asus - XG32VQ - 32" 2560x1440 144HZ Curved VA Gaming Monitor $659 + Shipping @ Bing Lee


Cheapest on staticice is $732


Looks a good price.



Monitor Screen Size: 32"
Panel Type: VA
Display Resolution: 2560x1440
Screen Curvature: 1800R
Response Time: 4ms (Gray to Gray)
Contrast Ratio: 3000:1
Wall Mountable: Yes (100x100mm)

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    • Cheap but out of st0ck

      • -1

        Yeah, but how do they compare otherwise?

        • Same panel type, brightness, contrast, response time, curvature, Freesync… so it's a pretty safe bet it's the same panel.
          Only differences I'm seeing are the ASUS has height adjustment and RGB lighting bits

          • @FTTNope: I'm gonna have it on a monitor arm anyway, so bright adjustment doesn't bother me. And RGB is a bit of a gimmick, so I reckon I'll hold off till the Samsung one is on sale.

  • For those interested, I had this monitor and always had issues when enabling G-sync with a GTX 1080Ti. There'd be random flickering, for example, in the Battlefield V menus, but not in the game itself.

    I tried some workarounds (manually adding the range or something) I found on Reddit but wasn't successful. Perhaps I just didn't apply it correctly.

    I still found it excellent as a high refresh rate monitor and wouldn't have sold it if I hadn't moved interstate. I'm personally waiting for the LG IPS panel to drop in price again (perhaps unlikely given the AUD value and circumstances).

    • Where does it say it supports Gsync? I thought only freesync

      • +2

        Newer versions of Nvidia driver allows Adaptive Sync to be enabled to make Gsync work on Freesync monitors.

        • Did not know that thanks, all this time I've been looking to buy Gsync enabled monitors

  • If you are willing to spend that much money on a 2k 144hz monitor, why not choose IPS panel? LG 27GL850 or 27' Predator are normally $800 and on sale could be around $700.

    The VA panel will cost you just 100-200 dollars less, unless it is the half price of IPS, otherwise i would like to spend a little bit more to get IPS.

    this Asus monitor is no deal for me.

    • IPS anyday for me. But this ones 32 inch, that might matter for some.

  • I went for IPS panel , very low refresh but satisfies my casual gaming and main work needs 32" Viewsonic VX3276-2k

    • +1

      Same as me, the VX3276-2K is pretty sleek and cheap enough. Currently using 2x24" Dell ultrasharps (used) which are perfect for work from home but will use the 32" instead for general stuff, light gaming and will firstly be set up in another room for Zwift and indoor trainer. The size is good for use as a tv basically.

      It's hard once you start looking at gaming monitors and the price climbs pretty quick - was also looking at the Acer 28in 4K KG281K &
      Viewsonic VX2758-2KP-MHD

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