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adidas Starlancer VI Football $7.50 + Free Shipping for Members @ adidas


Update: Out of stock

The Creators club discount and KIC30 are expired but you can still get this shipped for $8.75 using code FAM30 while in stock


White / Solar Yellow / Black
Size: 5 (Standard size)


  1. Join the Creators club (Free) to get 40% off (Credit to Dealbot)
  2. Use Free shipping code KIC30 at checkout (Credit to BarginGrabber)

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  • Thanks OP, ordered 2 for my kids.

  • worked for me
    thanks OP
    Got 2, but couldn't find how to change color so got the solar yellow.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Just kicked my last ball on the roof of a building.

    • +8

      Have you been reliving the 94 world cup final in your backyard too?

      • Still hurts…

        • +1

          I didn't have a dog in the fight outside of wanting to watch hagi play every match, but I watched in an Italian restaurant near me and it was so crushing.

          They didn't need any additional salt for the evening's orders

    • That must be some superman high kick…

  • Thanks, Ordered it.

  • Got 1, thank you :)

  • Thanks OP, ordered 2 as well!

  • +1

    Good timing as the one bought from this deal is finally punctured. Thanks OP.

  • Interesting, I thought I bought the last 5 last night. Hopefully their stock system was just wrong because because now you can add 10 to your cart

  • got 1 - cheers!

  • Thanks

  • Got one - Thanks OP!

  • +1

    Thanks OP, probably the deal of the week right here!

  • Got one, cheers OP!

  • Nice - Ordered 1. Cheers OP

  • Nice Bought 1 to kick Corona out of space! Thanks OP

  • Thanks OP, got one as well. Looks also to be getting Ozbargained as when I was placing my order it had a message saying their was 1641 people looking at this product right now!

  • Got it. Thanks.

  • +1

    Thanks op! For some reason it's showing up as 12.50 for me? :(

    • -2

      You’re probably better off looking for discounted courses on comprehension skills

    • Shows up as $7.50 (and $12.50) in checkout for me. PayPal shows $7.50, so I guess it's $7.50

    • I had the same issue despite having received the 40% off on a previous order. Resetting my password and logging back into my account seems to have fixed it. The website is a bit buggy.

  • +1

    Can confirm creators club 40% stacks on with the current 30% sale on a number of items, as well as the free shipping code.

    Just bought $220 worth of goods for $86 - great deal!

    (including 2x ball listed above - thanks OP!)

  • +1

    Thanks OP, bought 4. Hopefully it goes through. Will come in handy with training the kids

  • Thanks OP. Purchased one

  • Thanks OP. Worked for me. Purchased 3 for my nephews

  • Thanks OP

  • Thanks got one :)

  • Thanks OP, got other stuff heavily discounted as well!

  • Thanks, got one too!

  • Nevermind, it was something else.

  • -2

    Or get a soccer ball at $5 from other shops, instead of this overpriced one ;-)

    • +4

      Will gladly pay $2.50 more to get a quality Adidas ball (RRP $25) than a "molded rubber" ball that is "lighter and softer than regular soccer balls".

  • Can never have enough of these. :)

  • Thanks OP. Worked a treat.

  • How heavy would people say this ball is? I take it not as heavy as a professional ball, but also doesn't float around in the wind when you kick it? Would like a decent ball to kick around with my 5-yo.

    • Kmart and big w have some medium weight balls - not proper sports ones. They are really good for kids.

    • +2

      The review is right at the bottom of the page:

      This is a great product. The ball is the perfect size for teaching your toddler or dog how to play soccer. Grab one.

  • +3

    Just spent $400 because of this post.

    • Yup, $225 here. Ah well, 2 pairs of shoes (that are usually $150 and $260 each) and 2 pairs of trackies ($80-$100 ea) to bum around in during COVID19. Had been planning to get a pair of UB for ages and nearly forked out $130-$160 on numerous deals in the past, so happy to get them for $109 (I also like the CNY design lol). Should also get $15 or so back via shopback.

    • what did you buy for $400?

      • 3 pair of Stan's, 2 slides, the ball, fleece sherpa, pair of tights, 2 pair of joggers, 2 pair of shorts and a crew.

        • nice, i also went on a shopping spree with the 40% off

          got some sock,tees,pants,jacket, hat


    • Watcha get?

  • +1

    thanks OP good deal

  • great reminder to start playing more…. thanks OP.

  • Followed instructions but getting “ Selected products are excluded from discounts”

  • For some reason i keep failing to register

    • +1

      If you have an Adidas account already you just need to log into that and confirm you want to be apart of Creators Club. That's what happened to me.

  • not working anymore?

  • All of the sudden, there are so many soccer fans! Missed out again!

  • +1

    Cheers OP :)

  • Has anyone received the ball yet?

  • hasnt been.sent yet

  • +1

    "Order confirmed, waiting to be packed"

    • +1

      Mine still says this also….

    • 10 days later and still says the same damn thing…wtf adidas

    • Order status updated, Shipped on 18/04/20

      • Mine shipped on 14/04/20 allegedly, but when tracking on Aus Post the only line item is "Shipping information approved by Aus Post" for over a week now. You got any different status?

  • 2-5 days from Thursday.

  • Mine was also delayed and also shipped today…

  • +1

    mine arrived today

  • -1

    Mine arrived but it's deflated. How can I pump it up, don't have a bike pump? Petrol station?

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