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Extra 40% off Everything for Club Members (Free Membership) @ adidas (Stacks with <50% off Outlet) UB19 $86.50, UB20 $109


Edit - For those that have issues with the Creator Club membership, you can apply the promo code FAM30 to get an extra 30% off everything on top of the up to 50% off outlet.

Nice deal for adidas. To receive the 40% off, you need to have Creator club membership (free membership).

Stacks with up to 50% off outlet items.

7.5% cashback @ ShopBack

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    • Thanks mate, added to OP.

  • How are you getting 50% off? I’m only getting 40% off from Creator Account.

    • Sale prices (some 50% off) stack with creator discount

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    Or order two pairs for $156 (free shipping over $150) so $78 each.

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      Free shipping over $100…

  • Just registered but didn't receive anything like extra 40% off? Any Code needed?

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      No code. Discount applied at checkout page.

      • Thanks!

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      Will be added at checkout once you sign in… it did for me at least….

      • Thanks!!

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    Use Honey In Web Browser for free shipping :)

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      Currently on the phone so can't use Honey. Do you have the code?

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        apparently KIC30

        • MVP

        • Thanks mate!

      • Haha 😂

  • awesome. Thanks !

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    Use code: "KIC30" for free shipping

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    Thanks a lot!!!

    Got some ultraboost's for $72 delivered with the free shipping code provided by @BarginGrabber "KIC30".


    • Great work

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    Wow it also applies to non outlet. Must be an error. I’m getting OG Ultraboost for $100 when going price is $240

    • These are coming up as $144 for me. The Ultra Boost 4.0 is coming up as $100.80…

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        Try stack it with KIC30

        • Got it… cheers :)

    • I got the Ultra Boost red/white & black colourway for $100.80 delivered.
      $240 -$72 sale - $67.20 creator club 40% & free delivery over $100.

      Be interested to see how they go coming form asic kayano (24s I think).

      Can't complain about the price thats for sure.

  • How do they compare to something like ASICS or Muzino?

    Awesome prices I just want to get one for my family.

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    got this for $46 delivered. No idea if its a good shoe

    • how you get it to $46, showing as $77

      • You need to register and sign in as a Club member. The discount will then be automatically applied.

        • ok thank you

  • Dirt cheap shoes for my size, Stan Smith like $35! I already got a new pair tho 🤣👌👌

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    hmm, so it seems that 40% off everything can be applied with "KIC30" that gives another 30% off all items so you can buy non-outlet items as well but you get 30% off instead of 50% off

    • Don't see a 30% off. All that code gives you is free shipping

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        So, Adidas has this weird thing where if you apply a code so like KIC30 that usually gives 30% off on a non-eligible item (e.g item that is already discounted), it usually just gives you free shipping instead.

        Go to a non-outlet item that isn't discounted and the code will work for 30% off

        • Grabbed some Terrex with KIC30, free shipping and extra 30% off. $180 to $75.60 and $7 SB. Awesome. Cheers

    • Wow, thanks this is awesome. Just blew $300 but got so many gifts for others (and myself).

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    finally got some pairs of UBs to try! Thanks OP + BarginGrabber

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      Can somebody tell me what's this hype about ultraboosts?

      • Comfy as hell and super snug. Best shoes I've owned

      • I hate running but they make me like running. Fits the foot snugly and very comfy with good energy return on foot to ground.

      • Been a kayano guy and will find out what this UB hype has been about!

        • I don't know if the ultraboost will beat the kayano in anything other than comfort, but let me know how the 2 compare for you

        • I switched from Kayano to UB 19 for my running, no regrets. UB is not a stability shoe though, something to keep in mind.

        • Kayano for stability any day. Overall its the better shoe.

          • @spy: I thought I needed stability shoe… but I'm faster in a neutral shoe and I don't seem to get any side effects from it.
            I am preferring the UB.

    • Should we get 1/2 size higher for UB 20s?

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    I grabbed one pair, honestly some really good bargains.

    80s, Stan's all for under $40 bucks? Yesterday someone cried in the Lacoste post that you couldn't find them at this price 🤣🤣🤣

    So tempted, already grabbed 2 pairs of Reebok's! This year's sales will wipe me clean 😬

    • yo how is you Stan Smith under 40? I applied kic30 and the 40% off and it ended up being 55ish

      • Same, something changed?

        • They sold out of the Stan Smith orange backs which you could get for about $44. They only had one left last time I checked, but I got the Reds for $51 because I like the colour better.

          Great deal either way.

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    $500 just parted my wallet. Thank you OP.

  • Thanks OP, amazing savings :D

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    Thanks op!!!

    Used KIC30 and stacked on. Got 200$ shoes for 80$

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    I think OzB costs me money, not saves me! I'm constantly buying what I don't need! I have to stop! 😡😡😡

    Great deal for Adidas lovers tho!

  • Thanks, got 3 pairs of ultaboosts 😁

  • Thanks OP.
    Triple black UB20 for $109.2 before cashback using code KIC30.

    • they are already 109.20 without kic30. kic30 only kicks in when the item is under $100 and you have to pay for shipping.
      for anything above $100, it's not as useful since you're already eligible for free shipping.

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        On full price items it takes an additional 30% off

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        they were ~$156 without KIC30.

        • sorry realised this are UB20 triple blacks. Don't think those were on sale, so kic30 makes a difference.

  • by far the best deal for boost and stan smiths ! excellent find OP

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    triple blacks on sale as well. plenty of sizes still available as of this posting:

    • Recommended to go half a size up for these one everyone! They run slightly narrow.

      With that said, I just bought a pair. Thanks avex87 & OP!

      • +1

        tempted to get another pair. (i already have 5 ultraboosts and i've only worn one; yes before you flag it, i do have a sneaker problem).
        the one pair i actually wear i had to custom paint the soles black because i refuse to cough up $240 for out of the box triple blacks.

        some other close to triple black colourways that might appeal to some.

        CNY DNA with some pattern blocking. I prefer the toebox design on this one:

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        I read they run a size larger, and ordered a size below! It was a different boost tho!

        I buy too many, and actually wear the same stuff! :/

        • not sure about that. i'm US8.5 in nikes, US9 in UBs. I reckon they run 0.5 size smaller for me, so i size up.

          these are for the ultraboost cut, not 19 or 20.

        • I went 1/2 a size larger just in case. Have one foot a bit bigger than the other so just in case.

          I'm a 10.5 in New Balance, we'll see how the 11 goes here. If it's too big I'll feel like a dork.

  • Which colours people going for? Maroon looks cool.

    • The women’s colours aren’t that flash, so went some trail and hiker shoes (just cause)
      The men’s DNA ultraboosts- blue black gradient ones look pretty fly though

      • I agree the DNA UB's have some slicker designs. Would be cool if they had a bright red but didn't cover the entire shoe like the UB 20 one. Anyway, great discount, might pick up a second.

  • Got the Sensebounce+ for $58 with code KIC30! it has really good reviews.

    Thanks OP!

  • Not giving creators club discount anymore

    • Still coming up for me, I found it wasn’t working on the ShopBack app, so I just didn’t worry about it and went through my browser- works fine

    • Still getting it

    • For some reason wasn't working in chrome for me but worked in firefox

    • Wasn't working on the iOS app but worked on Safari. Try another browser?

  • Are the UB20 worth the extra cost over UB19?

    • nope. it's all about colourway.
      no tech improvements, not significant ones enough to matter anyway.

  • Are the UB any good for doing weights?

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      Short answer is no, but it depends on how much weight you’re moving and what exercises. Any considerable weight and you’d want something with a firmer base.
      If you’re talking about compound movements with free weights (squats, deadlifts, overhead presses etc), you’re better off with Chuck Taylors or barefoot.
      If you use mostly isolation machines, or do exercises where you aren’t driving into the ground and also need to do cardio in the same session UBs are fine

    • adidas has powerlifting shoes, they're good. get them.

  • Good deal. Got a pair of NMD GTX for $109 that I've been looking at for a while for wet weather commuting.

    Went back an got a rain jacket for $29 as well.

  • Cheers OP you’re a legend/lifesaver. I was looking for a new pair of UB’s and never had a pair of 20’s before so decided to give them a try. This price was too good to pass up thanks again.

    • Also thanks to j0hnd0e

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    Bought a bunch of the UB19 during the last sale which amount to somehing like 50% off (or $130ea).

    Like a good 5 colourways I bought.

    Anyway, a bunch of them arrived, and all of them has a bunch of defects.

    1) The UPPER DOES NOT SIT PROPERLY ON THE SOLE/BASE, like it sits on an angle. The ankle is noticeably twisted.

    Mostly the upper were distorted. Like there is gap on the front of the shoe. The base and the upper is not fitted. Which is particularly bad since one can feel the toe going beyond the cushion, but the toe upper still has a way to go.

    2) The SIDE MESH got crooked stitching. Te plastic mesh itself is rumpled. In some of them, the stitching does not even manage to be attached to the upper.

    Ended up returning them.

    Anyone else has/notice the same issue?



    Not sure if unlucky. Design defect, or manufacturing issue.

    I have a feeling that these shoes wasn't designed properly for mass manufacturing. Or at least the manufacturing technique needs to be improved.

    Might be that the 360 sock upper is a bit difficult to mate with the shoe base. Especially with all the rigid plastic reinforcement that needed to be attached/stitched togethet at various points.

  • Just got ZX 4000 4D for $156 cheers OP

  • Cheers OP

  • Awesome deal. Thank OP. Got 2 pairs of chelsea shorts for $13.50 already reduced from $45 and free post!

  • Looks like they’ve caught on, basket no longer has 40% off applied! 😕

    • +1

      still working for me

    • Yep, just went back and put in same item and no longer 40% off. Free post still works.

      • It happened to me too, you have to log out then log back in and the extra discount appeared.

    • +1

      Works for me still, but I’m that OzBargainer that already made an order a couple of days ago, sigh.

  • It is still working for me. I did switch from Chrome to edge.

  • Thanks OP. My 5 year old ultraboosts look a bit worn. Treated my self to some new ones.

  • Just put an order through on my surface pro using Edge with the combined discount no problems. Thanks :)

  • Thanks OP. Got myself a pair of triple black UB. No issues with the discounts.

  • +1

    Ultra boost 20 triple black for $109 delivered plus 7.5% cashback. Thanks OP

    • +1

      Couldn't resist as well.
      6 pairs now. Gotta stop.