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Telstra Month-to-Month Data Plans $10 Mthly Credit for 12mths


Looks like Telsta is offering 10$ Credit back on their Month to Month Plans

Which means you get

10GB/Month 15$/Month
50GB/Month 40$/Month
100GB/Month 65$/Month

Once the data is used , it is capped at 1.5MB/S and Unlimited ( This is full duplux 1.5MB down and up at the same time )

5G network access free trial - until 30 June 2020, then opt in for $15/month

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    Isn't this a dupe of the up to $20 off deal?


    Damn. I just ordered the 80gb for $150 over 12months sim through Boost. This one works out cheaper over 12 months.


    Is the $35 cash back offer applicable to these plans without a device?


    Odd stil showing old prices ($25 / 10gb / month) for me


    Thanks. I saw someone mentioning it in Whirlpool but couldn't find it (thought it was a special phone plan). 1.5MB/S is plenty for me.


      What I just found is this 1.5 Duplex , which means you can use 1.5 Down and 1.5 up at the same time


    does this plan count for the centrelink deal as a second service so would you get $20 credit back for the two for 6 months ?

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    I was using this as a cheap NBN alternative for the last 8 months. Much more reliable than NBN and it's surprising how little I noticed the 1.5M capped speed. I had the $15 a month plan for 5gb allowance but still used my average 100gb a month lol. Netflix SD works fine.

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    Has anyone actually been able to purchase the plan, I've been trying for the past couple of weeks on multiple devices and multiple connections and I always get an error after I login with my Telstra ID, it tells me to contact web chat which obviously isn't a thing either at the moment.

    EDIT: I am mad at both myself and Telstra, checking out as guest appears to work fine :(


    Anyone know if you can swap to these plans while on the $65 JB hifi mid contract?

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    Just a PSA, if you receive communications like this after the order


    Your Telstra Mobile Order has been stopped. Please call us on 1800 096 566 for more information.

    Control Group
    Credit Management | Business Support & Improvement
    P: 1800 096 566   |   F: 0386009830

    The number is not going to take you anywhere: call center closed prob due to this never-ending covid festival. What I did was going into a physical store and tried doing it again in person. During the process, the same error message about the credit check came up, which was actually asking for further documents. The store reps were given the same 1800 number and 'please call back during business hours' message after trying. As a last resort, they asked me to email those documents through in the hope that the credit team is still working, just not answering phone calls.

    I'm crossing my fingers.

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