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FacexHugger Darksynth Bundle - US $2 (~AU $3.25) Minimum @ Groupees


A new music bundle has started on Groupees from American darksynth artist FacexHugger. There are 12 releases in the bundle with a bonus about to be reached and 20% of your payment will be donated to charity.

These are downloads not physical copies.

For $2 minimum you get:

FacexHugger (EP)
The 2nd (EP)
This Is Halloween (single)
My Girlfriend's Girlfriend (feat COGEX) (single)
Dosed (feat Future Holotape) (single)
Tell It To My Heart (single)
Decode (Featuring The Warhorse) (single)
FacexHugger Live Streaming Performance

For $4 minimum you also get:

Lost and Found (EP)
Alienate (album)
Sci-Fi Violence (album)
Chasing Replicants (album)
Shadow Clone (EP)
The Fourth (EP)

The first bonus has been unlocked once sales pass $2,000 you will also get:

Pushing Pencils (single)

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