Best course of Action, Replace Lost Car Key

I cannot find my only car key, a Toyota Corolla Conquest 1998 model. Any ideas of what to do?

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  • Is this a legit question. Like where did you think you lost it to start with.

  • Look for it?
    People are bored aren't they when this is a question? Then again I must be more bored to answer it…..

  • Y have looked for it, am at the stage of considering locksnith, but not today because public holiday. just wondered how I should go about this

    • Did you look in the couch?

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      Have you traced back your steps from when you last used the key are remember it. Do you know that its at least in your house to start with.

      • I came home, locked car I think, it has a button that locks that you press, and later only went out on foot to do my bin round. Pretty sure in my pockets I only took house key and torch. Early this morning I went to get something out of the car and cant find key. When I was doing my bin round I took outside to the patio my tray that I usually empty my pockets into including car key and tobacco to have smoke and left it there while I did the bin round. So someone could have come to patio and taken car key, but they didnt take car so this is unlikey.

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          It's in the bin you moved

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          You should give up smoking

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            @WreckTangle: By tobacco he means weed. This is definitely a stoner post. Dude, where's my keys?

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          Go over the same steps when you went to do the bins. Is there a housemate that may have moved it. Look in the area where you had the tray. Is there a garden bed. Could have fallen in some crack in the floor or just somewhere you cant see. I always say to my kids. You need tricky bikky eyes. Might be there, but you just cant see it as usually these keys are black. I have a bright red tag on my keys. Always try to put them in 1 location after use.

          • @Melb69: If only for COVID19, could have invited the neighbourhood kids around, told them if they find the keys they get paid in Easter eggs.

            • @Hardlyworkin: Make it a challenge…first person to find the key gets to keep the car…

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    I think a locksmith can only get you in the car not get the car started without a key.

    • A good locksmith should be able to, but it might be cheaper to order a new key from Toyota and pay their “we think it’s a reasonable price” key cost.

      • I could try Toyota on Tuesday I guess

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        Might be cheaper to replace the car in that case.

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      Wrong. As a locksmith, I can get you into the car, cut a new key and reprogram the car to accept the new key.

      There are ways to read the key barrel with special tools (Lishi picks for one) and most cars have their key code printed on one of the door locks where you can’t see it. Once the key is cut the ignition can be turned on, and if required, can plug into the ECU and program in the new key.

      As for Toyota, they will usually supply the blank key and nothing else. You will still need to get it cut at a locksmith, as the only other thing Toyota can offer you would perhaps to be the key code, which is useless at Bunnings/Mr Minute/etc (as they can only copy, not cut from code.)

      The other issue is that the car will still need to be programmed to accept the new key. So, you will either have to tow the car to the dealership or call the locksmith out to do it, or, if you’re lucky, the car can be reprogrammed yourself with a set of steps involving the car being turned on and off and brakes pressed and doors open and closed.

      • I am willing to pay a callout fee, its my bad for not having a spare. There are plenty on google, I guess I will have to shop around to get a few quotes?

        • Ring a proper automotive locksmith, someone who specifically works on cars, that’s your best bet. I would bank on it costing somewhere between $150 and $300

      • Would a 98 corolla need ECU programming?

        • Yes. If it has a remote key head/fob and/or an immobiliser, it will need to have the new key reprogrammed to the car…

        • No. I previously had a 1997 Corolla. There is no chip in the key head, so a blank from any key cutting place should do the trick.

  • It may have fallen inside something you were carrying. I lost my key for a few months and had a new key reconfigured, found the old key inside something that I must have taken inside from the car.

    • How did you get your new key

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    munches popcorn

    Another RIVETING nonsense post by Pam.

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      and yours are even more boring

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    Have you tried looking under all the face masks you hoarded and now can’t sell?

    • I will have to learn from this to always have a spare key

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      I didnt horde them it was readily available to buy on Ebay (thousands of ads) so I treated it like any other product buy and sell there, never suspecting ebay would pull most of the ads later

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    lost keys? that sounds really bad. car is most likely a write-off as they will need to smash all the windows to gain entry to the car. rain will get in and over time the brakes will corrode. it will then only be a matter of time before the car rolls down the driveway and smashes into a neighbouring house causing hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage. i think it is best to the sell the car to a wrecker and buy a new one

  • Have you checked in the car? My sister once dropped the key in the car and thought it was lost
    Edit: I see you're locked out of the car, most likely not in there

    • I had a look thru the window.

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    Call Toyota tomorrow tell them you've lost your key give them the VIN number they will then give you a code that you will give to the locksmith who will then cut you a new key.

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      really? Hope I can find the rego papers, having a blonde moment Thanks for that

  • Keep looking. If you think it's outside see if anyone you know owns a metal detector.

  • You have two options. Find the old key or get a new key cut. Only you can decide if it's worthwhile getting a new one cut for whatever cost it is compared to if you think you can find the old key.

  • What happens if I lose all the keys to my vehicle?
    You must contact an authorised Toyota dealer so they can order a replicated key. It is possible that the Engine Control Unit may also need replacing. The Toyota dealer will work with you to organise a replacement key.

    Found this on the Toyota website

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      $2,500+ through a dealer for a new key, full lock set, ECU and fitting, or $250 for a call out locksmith…

      And of course Toyota would write that on their website. They want you to think that the only way to fix this is through a stealership.

      Ironically, they would just call a locksmith who would come in and cut one of their $30 blanks and reprogram it for you…

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    Did you leave it at that weekend course?

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      It was under her books that the organisers refused to hand back to her…

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    Coat Hanger to get in, then hot wire to start, ezpz

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      I was thinking brick to get in, but a coat hanger is probably best heading into winter.

  • Just get a wrecker to pick up the car for cash. You are over capitalising by getting a key cut for a 98 Corolla.

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    Oh Pam, your run of bad luck continues. Sorry to hear this, sending thoughts and prayers that you find your key soon.

    • Its not all bad, yesterday a total stranger gave me $100 worth of bottles to recycle. Some nice people around.

      • How long does it take to recycle 1000 bottles?

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    As soon as you pay $$$'s for a new key you will find the old one :-( Always happens like that.
    Hope you can get it sorted soon..

    • Know exactly what you mean. I had lost my passport. A new one arrived and shortly after I found it in the garage. WTF. The old passport was almost out of date anyway.

    • Yep, couldn't find my TV remote after searching for weeks, found it the day after I ordered a replacement on ebay…

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    Take your SPARE KEY to a locksmith and ask them to duplicate it?

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      OP says:

      I cannot find my only car key.

      • Yeah I was being sarCARstic. How many people don't have a spare car key?

        • For a while, I only had one key!
          Took the dealer a few months to get me the spare key fob the previous owner. I was paranoid about losing it because the estimated cost would've been close to $5k if there was no spare!

          btw, I didn't neg you!

  • With your VIN, ask your Toyota dealer to give you the key code. Then take this to a locksmith to cut a new key for you. This time make sure you also do the spare.

    However, if you don't have the VIN, you can get it from the NSW road authority. Just tell them the number plates.

  • It is in the bin! Go and check before you put it out.

  • Great news. I found the key It was in the waste paper basket hidden under papers in there. The tray I empty my pockets into sits on top of the waste paper basket and occasionally tips up. It has only ever tipped up onto the floor. I had checked in there but couldnt see it so I reached down to the bottom. Voila. Thanks everyone.

    • Knew it had to be near that tray. Well done. Mind you I don't know why we needed this thread.

      • I needed to find out about key replacement options

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          Fair enough. Keep your keys in the same place after using it and organise a spare key now while you still have the original. It will save you a lot of time in the future.

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    Another riveting thread by Pam

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      Well maybe not everyone

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