Paid for Weekend Course, Got Sick, Facilitator Not Answering Emails

I paid in advance for a 2 day course, $855, plus a hotel for the night $92. I drove there on time and arrived early then started to feel not well. I was hoping it would pass but it got worse. At 9am the start, I told the guy (he was aware I booked a room) and we agreed I would try anyway. I kept rushing to the bathroom and had vomiting and diarrhea. At lunchtime, when I was able to check in I told him I had to go and lie down, he said get some sleep for tomorrow. I was unwell all night and couldnt eat, use the computer or watch tv. I just stayed in bed and hoped I could drive home on checkout. The next day I managed to drive home and slowly started feeling better, no more vomiting or diarrhea. I sent him an email at 10pm saying I was feeling better now and I think it was food poisoning. I also left my folder behind and does he have it. I also said I needed to reschedule as I wasnt well on the day. No reply as yet

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