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[Box Damaged] Sony 55" A8G OLED 4K Android TV with Acoustic Surface Audio $2199 Delivered @ Sony eBay


$2200 for a 2019 model 55inch OLED is an absolute steal. Free delivery too.

Word of warning though, for some odd reason, this TV does not have HDMI 2.1 so is a poor choice for those planning an upgrade for the PS5.


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    Is this one MADE IN JAPAN?

    • My kd65a1 from 2017 was made in China if it's any help

  • why this over a cheaper c9?

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      Sound and sports upscaling. I still would choose c9 when it is discount.

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    Be warned though, your mileage may vary!
    I got one of the refurbished models (65" X85G) from SonyAustralia's EBay store … and the TV died in 3 days!!
    Took them over a week to arrange and get delivery done and after 3 days of light usage and the screen went blank.

    Thankfully, SonyAustralia does provide a 12 month warranty on their refurbished TVs, but their warranty service is contracted out to a third-party repair company.
    I'm now waiting for them to send their to send a technician over to get my set repaired. So it's been a week and a half this thing is sitting dead in front of me.
    Take heed that if you end up with a lemon from this Refurbished Russian Roulette, you would be spending significant time sorting out repair services and all.

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      I had the same thing happen with a refurbished 55" X85G. Failed in 4 days, horizontal flickering lines then no picture. Just shipped it back yesterday for a refund. It was nice while it worked.

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      This is boxed damaged though not refurbished. The refurbished units are usually clearly marked as '(seconds)' aren't they?

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        Yes, that is correct. Just for information, my refurb TV came in a different model packaging and with different instruction manual. There was some dust on the back indicating it was sitting out for a bit. I have ordered box damaged stuff from Sony in the past, and it seemed like new (no apparent damage to the box at all).

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    If the A9G were available at this price it would be a great deal. But with the equivalent size C9 and GZ1000 available cheaper, I don't think $2200 for an A8G represents value over the LG/ Panasonic alternatives.

  • My mate has got 65” A8F. Absolutely amazing. Once you get used to OLED, it is very hard to watch ANYTHING in ultraHD ordinary TV.

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      Once you see true black it is hard to go back?

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    Even discounted, Sony oleds are far too expensive. Not worth it over LG's.

  • FWIW, my 55" A8F (2018 model?) from the PlayStation deal which cost $1464 after all discounts/cashback is the best TV I've ever owned and has never had an issue. Obviously not a deal that's available any more, but if you can stretch for a brand name OLED, it's very much worth it.

  • Just an FYI for anyone considering this model.

    The A8G is not slated to get the Android Pie update despite being a current TV model.

    I have the A9F and Sony still hasn't updated ours to Android Pie despite the Dec 2019 release notice so they are very slow in that regard.

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    I was sick of being negged for making clear, correct and helpful comments.

    I requested my helpful comments be removed by a mod.

    Ozbargainers: think next time you "neg and run". You're killing the helpful culture here. If you don't post a reply to a comment explaining why you disagree, don't neg that comment.

    My comments might have saved someone spending $2200 on a tv that doesn't suit their situation. It's the neggers fault the comments aren't here any more.

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