[WA] Free Parking in The City of Subiaco (until 30 June 2020)


The City of Subiaco has announced a $4 million COVID-19 community response package, including free parking.

Parking in City-owned car stations will be free until July to support medical staff working at KEMH and QEII Medical centre, as well as essential staff still working from offices in Subiaco. Ticket machines will be turned off from 6 April 2020 to 30 June 2020.

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    Thank you; from one of Australia's most vicious parking protectorates, this is quite a deal!

  • +8 votes

    the council killed the local businesses long long time before the covid……we used to enjoy hanging out in subi……

    • +1 vote

      Yes, "come and visit our local businesses" really doesn't match with their "we'll make it expensive and impractical to park" approach.

      My son was in hospital nearby for a few weeks and we developed quite a liking for the area during that time. The changes in the following year killed that off.


        Large amounts of parking is bad urban planning. That's the kind of planning that the world is realising is wrong. Walkability is the key, which it meets.

        HOWEVER, City of Subiaco has totally and utterly destroyed the fun factor of the area. It's just another suburb now. It's still close to the city, so it's good for a train or bus commute (pre covid), but now has absolutely nothing else going for it.

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    I wonder if Leederville will follow. They are ruthless.


      Leederville is busy, Subiaco isn't…

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      They should! It seemed to me that their stupid ticket machines respond to finger-touch only. You can't even push the buttons with a credit card etc.

      It's pretty dead too (only since covid), as it should be. Just turn the bloody things off.


    Subi has been on life support since the footy left. Covid actually might make them do something about it.

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    Subi is dead.

    I counted over 70 for sale/lease signs on a short stretch of Hay St where all the businesses are (were) about 2 months ago - must be even more now due to COVID-19