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Pearl Jam: 34 Free Live Albums for Download 1990-2014


Here's some easy listening music downloads for those working from home.

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  • Showing my age…… Great band.

  • New album is great, too!

  • now if only Metallica would do the same (hidden joke here)

    • I think you can download their albums from Napster

      • I'm amazed that anyone pays for music especially the Apple tragics? Firefox Youtube video & audio downloader will download anything in high quality audio.

        • Downside to that is the artist does not receive appropriate renumeration for their work. I think nearly everyone downloads mp3's occasionally but look at it this way, if you started a band and were starting to do well enough to make a living out of it would you want people obtaining your songs for free or would you want some financial return? Would you put in all the hours, effort and expense to produce something worth having and then be happy to let people have it for free? Probably not.

    • Pretty sure they have a bunch of live crap for download. I wasn't against what they (basically Lars) had against Napster and the internet. It had a detrimental effect on the music industry initially….then along came Apple which monetized the concept.

  • Alone, weetbix, breakfast table in an otherwise empty room.

  • Getting old is sad….

  • As a fan, these are actually many of their most lauded shows including radio broadcasts. Also rough mixes of Ten it looks like too.

  • What file format are they? FLAC or MP3?

  • Website can't be visited..

  • Awesome. If I'm mistaken I reckon that this concert was played on Triple J live.

    03/17/1995 Flinders Park Tennis Centre: Melbourne, Australia

    Geez I even remember listening to it at the time on the radio

  • My favorite band ever! Thanks OP

  • 25 kbps lol, back to dial up in 95??? cheers OP, love these guys, have since ten came out, got every album, newbie is ok the 1st few tracks are good but too many ballads….

  • Not albums just live concerts, which have always been free

    • Agree… not a bargain. They have always been free.

      Before you know it, people will be posting the free movies and music from archive.org

    • These were all available for purchase when they were released. I know because i bought some.

      Yes, they've been free to download for a while, but they definitely haven't always been free.

      • I downloaded heaps of these for free a few years back, i think when they did the brisbane concerts

  • Any recommendations for a good show / setlist?

    • Festivals from 92/3 are worth it - I think there's a European one (pinkpop) and one from the Neil Young festival (Bridge school) , which is a quieter show. That's for the first model pj.

      Head to 04/12 - I have a feeling that's the first gig they did after Cobain died

      The 95 Melbourne is a scorcher for mk 2 - almost (?) three albums, maybe 4 into their career, at war with the world, ticket master etc. They're in Oz and have nothing to lose. Have a feeling eddy loses it at a security guy… Or that may have been earlier in the tour. Anyway, play loud.

      • He goes on a bit about how they got all new security for tonight's show ("tonight" being the recording) because the other guys were out of line, beating up people instead of doing their job.

        • Ahh… Thanks. I knew there were issues somewhere on the tour.

          • @TheRealCher: The next night was when things really came to a head. At the music bowl people tore down the temporary fencing (erected to keep non-ticket holders out) and it was basically a free-for-all riot with bottles being thrown and plenty of injuries.

            Still, nobody died which says something about how f'd up Limp Bizkit fans are.

            • @ssquid: Thank you… I swore I remembered rows of seats being passed back and I think that happened in Brisbane. The security that the touring company had employed weren't hired by the band and it was a very different set up…
              And yeah… Though pj had a crush happen at one of their European concerts, no one told them what was going on until it was too late… Still haunts them as they kept playing…
              Awful stuff… Their is a great freedom in pj's music, an immense energy, but dangerous when not controlled in the crowd and the 90s were often a free for all - alternative/pink culture colliding with the mainstream with no idea of how to do it at scale

  • Downloading these is exactly like being back in the 90's! soooo slowwww! Thanks for the memorable experience PJ :D

  • Ooh just looked up which concerts they have for free and it seems like I have most if not all of them already (mostly on old cassette tapes or cds). Those were the days when I used to trade PJ bootleg tapes in the early days of the internet.

    • What are your top 5 from this list?

      • +3 votes

        It's been a long while since I've listened to some of these. I've actually just realised that these have been free to download from this site for a long time.

        Most of these concerts are pretty memorable. The first one listed from 10/22/1990 was their first ever concert so this is definitely worth listening to although quality is not great. This was when they were know as Mookie Blaylock before they changed their name to Pearl Jam. There is a video of this performance on Youtube which I think is the source of the recording for download.

        Besides that one, others there that I can remember which are worth listening to are MTV Unplugged 1992, Bridge School Benefit 1992, Fox Theatre 04/03/1994 (radio broadcast), Melbourne 1995 (radio broadcast), Boston 1994 & Germany 1996. Oh and the Green Habit Compilation is worth getting as it has every original song first played live (up until 2005) and many covers.

    • Do you remember the two year period where you could legally buy bootlegs… Sorry "unauthorised recordings" for $5 from stores? A lot of official outlets wouldn't stock them because the record companies threatened them, but it meant things like nirvana unplugged was available almost a year before the official release.

      • Yes I remember these. They were the first live concerts I had in my collection but I didn't know they were legal to buy. I bought them from cd bargain type shops but they were not sold in any decent music shops. These were not complete concert recordings, it was difficult to work out what concerts they actually were and were not good quality. Then after that I discovered the world of bootleg tape trading and never looked back.

        • Exactly… They'd always be missing a few songs, or not cut up into distinct tracks, and sound could be woeful… Other times, soundboard stuff

  • Seattle pumped a few good compressions before Don McLean's prophecy kicked in. I liked Justin Vernon though.

  • My favourite band

  • Nice deal but I'd say Pearl Jam is more alternative rock than easy listening.