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Hizero F801 Bionic 4 in 1 Floor Cleaner $649 Delivered @ Appliances Online


Hi guys,

I've been waiting for this steam mop to go on sale and it looks like this is the best price I can find - $649 with the promo code TMNT20. Normally retails for $799 and has very good reviews.

Review from YouTube here:


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    Price and store in title please.

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    What's this cleaner got to do with teenage mutant ninja turtles?

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    It's actually not a steam mop, it's an electronic mop.


      I think it's the only electric mop available in Australia. So rather than pushing dirt around it actually sucks it up. It looks amazing. $650 is still very much on the pricey side but it's tempting.

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        Bissell Crosswave.


    I have been looking out for a deal on a Karcher steam cleaner as it has a few different accessories to go with it, however this looks interesting.

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      I have both, and honestly the Hizero does a much better job for our tiled floors (the karcher obviously does better for blasting dirt out of grout, but it tends to leave a gritty residue unless you swap out the pads every 5 minutes).


        Thanks for the info

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    I have this and it's awesome so easy and quick to do a quick mop if something dropped.

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    Totally agree with Jklaro: fantastic device which I purchased through Appliances Online.after discovering it in OzBargain over one year ago. A couple of tips: if you have lots of animal fur, its going to get licked up and its going to need cleaning out every 2-4 weeks depending on the duty cycle. There is a cleaning agent you add to the water which is apparently ammonia based. You don't need to use this every time. They tell me the warranty is two years. That's good. I saw some negative posts in the US but they clearly weren't cleaning out the unit properly, if at all. The Australian representatives are fantastic on the three occasions I've contacted them . Also the manufacturer is responding to feedback and improving the machine: I see big differences in the two machines I own.
    Downside: doesn't get in close enough to the edges and the bloody charging receptacle is always a fiddle.But great price and great item. It will clean your floors and save you time.


      You own two? What are the differences?

      The only issue I have is the dock is impossible. Takes about 3 minutes and getting onto my knees and fiddling every time to get it charging

      Actually it sucks at getting stuck going over floorboards too


      Thanks for the tips - really looking forward to using this


    In all the demo videos I can see, they just show it cleaning up spills like water or pepper on the ground. How well does it clean tiles that are just dirty, from people walking around the house? Does it sort of scrub the tiles, or just pick stuff up off the surface?

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      Its crap at that. Gimme a minute I'll add more info to thread

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    Duckman: you'll be amazed what your waste bin fills up with. It's great and you will note the difference in appearance and feel after using it

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    I've owned one for about 8 months. Whether you love this device depends on your needs.

    I would argue it doesn't replace hand mopping. It just doesn't lift that much entrenched dirt. The YouTube videos are misleading because the mess has not dried into the flooring. You'll never get the job done because the scrubbing doesn't have enough mechanical action. Caveat: we don't use the cleaning fluid which is certainly detrimental to the outcome. But the cleaning fluid is proprietary and you can't use other fluids without wrecking the mop, so what did you expect? I'm not going to keep buying proprietary cleaning agent!

    What it's great at is picking up big stuff. If you have young kids eating this thing will clean up massive messes very quickly. It works great before the dirt gets entrenched. But you have to use it before that food mess dries into the floor.

    It separates dry and wet mess extremely well for disposal.

    It doesn't clean grout very well because the roller can't get into it.

    The vacuum isn't strong, whilst it works generally you'll still need a regular vacuum along the edges of walls, cupboards etc because there's a few centimetres this mop just won't clean. That's understandable, I don't have an issue with that.

    It stinks at getting stuck if you run perpendicular to the direction of floor boards (or some tiles like ours, you're probably ok if your tiles are round edged and the grout is recessed). Our floor boards have no perceptible change in level and this mop gets stuck constantly, every 50cm of travelling it requires you to kick it over to the next floor board with your foot

    Big areas are done quickly and without smushing food around much or taking any preparation time. You pay for not requiring preparation by needing after care (cleaning out the mop)

    It needs constant cleaning (trays and mini filter daily, full clean max weekly) to avoid mould if you're picking up food spillage from young kids but it's designed very well to make cleaning easy to do and it doesn't bother me at all

    The WA distributor is very responsive with help

    This thing is a godsend with a 1 and 3 year old but I wouldn't recommend it under any other circumstances if you value a good clean. If you're currently not mopping at all.. Well, it's better than that!


      Thanks, I really appreciate your reply!


      Really informative - thanks for posting this mate!


      Thanks for the information!


    Buy a bissell crosswave… It's better at removing dirt and the accessories are easy to get.. And cheap as chips

    They have a cordless version too.. But I went with corded for the extra oomph


    Went to Harvey Norman and had them price match today.

    Initial thoughts is that it's easy to use and does a relatively good job.

    Only bug bear is that it doesn't get close enough to the edges.

    I'm OCD, so bneing able to just grab it and mop every 2 days will be a god send.