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Optus Samsung Galaxy A30 $249 Delivered @ Australia Post


$240.29 after 3.5% cashback at Cashrewards

  • 6.4" Super AMOLED 2340 x 1080 (FHD+) with water drop notch
  • Rear Finger Print
  • NFC
  • B28
  • USB-C
  • 4,000 mAh Battery
  • RAM 3GB
  • Storage 32GB
  • MicroSD (Up to 512GB)

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I bought this flip case from Aliexpress

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  • Price beat at ow

  • I haven't had any luck getting a price beat from office works since these handsets are locked to Optus and Office works stock is unlocked.

  • Anyone know if these are gonna get Android 10?

  • Good post OP

    You've even thought of unlocking and a case for the phone!
    Such a comprehensive post! Happy Easter!

  • Be aware of the dismal 30GB internal storage. You really need an external micro-sd card.

    • Which everyone does from day one anyway…
      512gb is a lot of photos/videos/music.
      I guess if you're an app hound you'll fill internal quickly. I'd assume people who like mobile games wouldn't be considering this as it's a low end phone, what other apps chew storage?

    • +1. struggling with my 16gb internal memory of my galaxy S5.

      • If you have WhatsApp with lots of photos and videos you need to move them to the SD card. (Phone, WhatsApp, media, images and videos. If you have lots of programmes, maybe it's time to update your phone.

      • There is a big usage difference between 16GB and 32GB as the O.S. already uses around 5GB-10GB

        after updating system and Apps. So around 20GB free V 6GB-8GB for a 16GB phone.

      • I'm surprised your battery is still lasting more than a couple of hours.

  • Apart from the processor is this phone any better than the A20?

  • Anybody know any good deals with Samsung A20 ? Below $200

  • Is this SIM locked or network locked?

    My Mum is with Optus and is looking for a new phone.
    This looks better than the Nokia I was looking at.

  • Does the A30 have the same GPS issues as the A20?

  • Warning, after a quick research looks like this A30 also has the problem with GPS like its brother A20

    • Like most Samsung phones, they've had a GPS issue since the s7. Pretty bad for the #1 andriod manufacture.

    • I was also reading reviews and many report this phone getting sluggish after a few months. I have a cheap Alcatel doing the same and not even factory reset seems to fix it

    • i always have to recalibrate my galaxy phones when using google maps. navigation shows in reverse direction if not calibrated.

  • I want to get this phone for my uncle who lives in Singapore.

    Would this phone work out of the box or do I need to unlock it first?

    • Unfortunately it is networked locked. Either use unlocking sites mentioned above or if you are an Optus customer, they will unlock for free.

      • Would Optus unlock for free for mobile service on pre-paid plan? Do I have to visit the shop for unlock?

  • IMO, I’m glad I bought a70 second hand for same amount of money of brand new a30 as a70 has got no lag whatsoever compared to some bad reviews of a30 speed

  • I got this phone cheap with the Telstra deals a while ago when porting.

    For the price I think it is good, battery life is good and the phone doesn't feel slow. I generally don't look after phones that well, mainly because I use them a lot while doing automotive work and this has held up better than my last Nexus 5 and Xiaomi phone.

    I did have the phone almost explode while charging overnight on my bedside table, was too hot to touch and the phone was vibrating like mad telling me to unplug it. Samsung fixed it within a couple of days, replacing the main board, battery and pretty much every internal. Unsure why they didn't just give me a new phone but no issues since 3ish months later.

  • Can anyone confirm that Amaysim and Catch SIMs can used on this Optus locked phone since they are using Optus network?

  • I am a A30 user and suggest to stay away from A30/A20 if considering as primary phone. In my 10 months of using this phone, I factory reset this phone twice to reduce phone lag. After every major OS update, phone becomes very slow

    Second issue is others not able to reach me. I get SMS from Telstra that some one was not able to reach me 2-3 times every day, which doest happen if I use my old Moto G4+ with same sim card at same office/home locations.

    But on positive side, wonderful battery backup and sturdy phone.

    For record ,I am a mild user with zero games and may be 20 apps installed via google app atore

    • Think the message about not able to contact you is more to do with the Optus network, when I ring friends on Optus I get network congested messages all the time.

  • Was able to price match @ office works for $249..As they had the last one left..white in colour ..

  • Didn’t bother to price match ..but the phone I got from them was unlocked so that’s another $5 Savings and no hassle to unlock ..