Unlock Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+, A10, A20, A30, A40, A50, A7, M20 for $5.20 (10% off) @ FoneFunShop


After buying the Samsung Galaxy A20, Ozbargain's Best Budget Smartphone (Under $300) in 2019, I was looking for an unlocking solution since it was a Vodafone model. I PM'd the fonefunshop rep and they were able to offer a 10% off coupon for OzBargainers upon check out. Original price is already competitive at £3 but with the coupon, it comes down to £2.7 (about $5.20 AUD). Note that the unlocking software requires Windows (no Mac/Linux support).

For further details on how this works, refer to rep's comment. Previously, rep also posted guidance here.

Note: It's worthwhile checking if your phone needs unlocking first at the Vodafone handset unlock self-service as I was about to buy this when I realised the Vodafone website mentioned my specific phone was already unlocked! I'm sharing this deal as I messaged the rep asking for an OzBargain code, and whilst I didn't end up needing it, I wanted to share it with the community.

EDIT: Turned out the Vodafone website incorrectly identified my Big W Vodafone Samsung Galaxy A20 as unlocked. It wasn't, and there wasn't a way to unlock it through Vodafone. I ended up paying the $5.20 or so to FoneFunShop, and it's unlocked my A20 as promised. I tried running the software in W10 Sandbox mode and it didn't work, but when I ran it in normal W10, it worked fine. For those wondering how long it takes, it took about an hour between when I ordered and when I got the activation/licence key (8:30pm on a Saturday night) - but keep in mind these guys are UK based so I believe if it's their night time, they may take a bit longer to send out the codes.

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      There's been enough posts/comments on here supporting them (from my limited research) hence why I was on my way to order it. Just sharing in case others are interested (and since the rep was good enough to respond when I asked if they could do a deal for OzBargainers).

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        Nice work OP, I can vouch for it. I've unlocked two Samsung Galaxy A20 and one A30 with this link. You should add A30 to the title.

        Here are some deals on these network locked phones if anyone wants to take advantage of this.
        Vodafone Samsung Galaxy A20 $169, Optus Galaxy A30 $249 Delivered @ Australia Post
        Vodafone Samsung Galaxy A20 + Cygnett Clear Case $179 @ Big W

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          I'd like to know if this service covers A30 as well.
          I had mine locked to optus on last black friday amazon deal.

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          Hold on, PM said his A20 was Unlocked

          For our A20 (Black Prepaid Bundle) fr
          Auth'd reseller AusPost, Voda says:

          It'll cost $50 to Unlock:

          $25 Service fee, Plus
          $25 New phone

          (So, it wasn't Unlocked as New.)

          /Rant ON
          I consider Locking phones to be
          a sign, that folks Don't Like
          the Locker's network or service

          (It may become free, after you pay
          a High monthly fee for a while)

          We regret buying this Locked A20, &
          will never buy a Voda service, from

          /Rant OFF

          PS Phone prices tend to Drop, over

          This A20's $50 Unlock fee feels
          like a "Tax for Trying Voda" IMO

          Q: Does this Unlock deal help me?


          How long does it take for them to send out the code and instructions?

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            @Cliffy91: We are in the UK Cliff, so time diff is a problem sometimes for you guys

            we process them at about 8am if ordered after 10pm GMT

            ive just processed and emailed all customers this morning (our time)

            sorry for the delay guys but we do need our beauty sleep here :)

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    upvote for a good post with good info

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      Oh please. There would have been heaps of complaints by now. Sometimes you just have to trust.

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        A "properly designed Malwarea"
        would be wait a bit ('til lotsa
        folks had installed it) before activating its attack &/or send-
        ing home its collection of
        Login Details, etc.

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        so you understand, the software is themidia protected to stop anyone reverse engineering and accessing our server-side algorithms, your antivirus will detect this protection as a threat because it cannot read past the encryption. I can assure you and so can thousands of previous users, it's 100% safe, and not malicious.

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    I've locked myself out of Xiaomi's mi Account thingy as I didn't think it's relevant when I first started using the phone… Now it pops up whenever I swap SIM cards and I have to have it to root the device. Is there a way to unlock that?

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    Upvote for all of the effort to save yourself 30p

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    Vodafone will normally unlock your phone for free if you go on live chat and ask nicely. I've done it 2 or 3 times with new prepaid phones. Just say you're travelling overseas.

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      This is very true
      Stores can also email unlocking team and have the website unlock page payment requirement removed

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        And a very not true. It can work, but it doesn't. I tried the same thing, travelling overseas. Sorry, can't do. After third time calling, gave up. I am not saying it doesn't work, just that it doesn't work 100% of time.


    I got Optus locked A30 and it’s been a huge hassle to try get unlocked. None of those 3rd party sites could do it.

    I’ve asked Optus to do it. They say it will be done in 5-7 days cos
    It’s not in their system . That was 2 months ago

    Not when I try to turn on phone it says it needs a network unlock code to get into it. Which again, Optus can not provide

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    Added £3 to cart. Enter code in cart. Code rejected with: 'Sorry, the coupon you entered cannot be applied to the items in your cart.

    Not working atm.


    From my understanding most big telcos are having all their postpaid phones unlocked by default. Probably good for prepaid phones tho

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    I can comfirm the Vodofone Samsung Galaxy A20 that I purchased from Australia post today was locked and unlocking from fonefunshop successfuly unlocked. But when the coupon for the discount would not work. must of been before they fixed it.


    Will it work to unlock Telstra A20?
    I bought it from Coles on last deal


      I wanna do the same too for my telstra A20 that I bought from Coles last week deal.
      I hope to get the answer. Please update whether you succeed or not using this.. thanks

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        Yes it will work. I would try a Vodafone or Optus sim card before purchasing just to confirm it's actually network locked.

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    should do yes, try it.


    windows only im afraid


      Thanks for the update … at the risk of unintentionally starting a flame war (seriously !) the need of this software to run in windows supervisor level negates what seems to otherwise be an good product at an excellent price point.

      Guess I'll have to wait for 6 months for Tel$tra to drop the unlock price from $80 to $25 (sigh).


        If I could be bothered I'd set up a new Windows install on a separate partition for things like this… but I haven't lol.

        I tried using Win 10 Sandbox but it couldn't access the USB :(


    Does unlocking with a third party void warranty?


      no, if you use an inferior tool that triggers knox, that will void your warranty. our server does not trigger knox, so warranty remains intact.


    Purchased but waiting for approval 😴


      Mine took about an hour to arrive (ordered 8:30pm sydney time on a Saturday, arrived around 9:30pm). Make sure you check your email for the "Order # xxx is changed" as it'll have the licence activation key (under the word "PIN") in the middle of the email.


    Is the A7 in the title meant to be the A70 model?

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    models can get confusing with samsung, so i will try my best here

    A70 is an A7050

    i dont think A70 this is supported but you can try it and we can possible add it, if it fails just message us the log via the website

    A7 is:
    A7 2016 SM-A710F
    A7 2017 SM-A720F
    A7 2018 SM-A750

    these are supported


    hi @fonefunshop, once i made the purchase, is there any expiry on when I should use it? i.e. 1 month from purchase?


    Has anyone else had the following issue

    20:12:49 > Getting data from server: OK!
    20:13:21 > Detecting diag port: ERROR! [ NO_PORT_FOUND ]
    20:13:21 > DIAG PORT NOT FOUND!
    20:13:21 > PLEASE MANUALLY SET IT BY *#0808# and select DM+ACM+ADB!
    20:14:02 > Detecting diag port: ERROR! [ NO_PORT_FOUND ]
    20:14:02 > UNLOCK: END!

    The DM+ACM+ADB port is selected.


      make sure you install usb drivers
      reboot pc
      reboot phone
      turn on usb debugging
      connect phone powered on without sim to pc, and enter any passcodes it may have
      check windows device manager, make sure drivers are installed
      press unlock new for A20
      keep an eye on the phone, its going to ask for permissions multiple times

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    Thanks Op and @fonefunshop Everything worked great

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      Excellent :)

      please guys if you used our server and are happy with it, please leave a review

      the links are on the bottom of the instructions we sent you.

      Thanks in advance


    @fonefunshop, I'm not IT savvy. I want to unlock Samsung A20. Is there a guided instruction / video?

    What's the process from purchasing the unlocking code to actual unlocking of the phone?

    Also does anyone have experience on unlocking the Big W Vodafone Samsung A20? Does it work?


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    there is a instructional video here to help you


    combine this with the instructions you receive with your purchace of a licence (credit) and im sure you will succeed. (example copy below).

    Here is your License: BLAH-BLAH-BLAH-BLAH

    SAM Unlock Instructions


    1. Download the latest server software and run it, also download and install Samsung modem phone drivers

      Server Software: https://www.fonefunshop.com/files/attachments/samunlock.exe

      USB Drivers: https://www.fonefunshop.com/files/attachments/SAMSUNG_USB.ex...

    Note: If software disappears or wont download - Turn off antivirus / defender / anti-malware or exclude the folder you are running it from, the software is not malicious but is encrypted using themidia which your AV cannot read past so may quarantine it.

    1. Power on your phone WITHOUT SIM CARD and enter your security passcode or pattern on your phone so it is fully working.

      Enable USB Debugging on your phone as below:

      Open Settings, and select About, then to Software Information.

      Tap on “Build number” seven times.

      Go back to settings, and select “Developer options”.

      Scroll down, and check turn on “USB debugging” entry under “Debugging”.

    2. Open the Server Software and enter your License (Credit) and press Apply Activation.

    3. Press unlock and follow instructions.

    Note: if your phone asks for an unlock code after the unlock, enter 00000000 (eight zeros)

    Also Note: Sometimes your phone could be FROZEN (had too many wrong codes entered) our server resets the FREEZE and NCK Codes back to 00000000, so if you power on the phone after the unlock and it still asks for code, enter 00000000 and get an error, then immediately after, enter 00000000 again to complete the unlock. (entering 00000000 twice resets the freeze and unlocks the phone)



    How to check if KNOX is triggered 

    Power off your device

    Hold Power Button + Home Button + Volume Down Button

    You should see Warning!! Text on your screen.

    You should see some text, you can recognize Knox as

    Knox Warranty Void: 0x0 = (warranty not void / not triggered) This is OK and is SUPPORTED BY SAM UNLOCK SERVER :)

    Knox Warranty Void: 0x1 = (warranty void / triggered) This is NOT OK and is NOT SUPPORTED BY SAM UNLOCK SERVER :(


    Error L7 or L2 = #This error means you forgot to take sim card out or the phone is knox triggered, or USB Drivers not fully installed for all connections (check windows device manager during process, see if any drivers are not installed)

    try key in on your phone *#9900# and put debug level to high
    also the unlock may have actually worked, so try entering 00000000 (eight zeros) as the unlock code as per instructions above (enter it twice if needed)


    If you have a problem or encounter a different error, please email the log from the software to us (copy & paste), so we can see the problem exactly, and help you. also please make sure you are using the latest version of the software from the link above.


    @fonefunshop can you unlock a Galaxy s7?

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      Did you even bother to look at the link attached to this? In less than 5 seconds I found your answer. Probably the same amount of time or less it took you to post.

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