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Vodafone Samsung Galaxy A20 + Cygnett Clear Case $179 @ Big W


Not the cheapest it's been, but if you need Ozbargain's Best Budget Smartphone (Under $300) in 2019

$170.05 using Woolworths Wish eGift Cards 5% off @ Cashrewards

  • 6.4" Super AMOLED 720 x 1560 (HD+) with water drop notch
  • Rear Finger Print
  • NFC
  • B28
  • USB-C
  • 4,000 mAh Battery
  • RAM 3GB
  • Storage 32GB
  • MicroSD (Up to 512GB)

Unlock @ Fonefunshop for 3 pounds. Using 28Degrees Mastercard it converted to AU $5.74.
Unlock Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+, A10, A20, A30, A40, A50, A7, M20 for $5.20 (10% off) @ FoneFunShop

I have this phone and it works on Kogan Mobile without unlocking. I have since unlocked it using the link above.
I bought this flip case from Aliexpress


Credit to abacus. and sennafumi for finding the link with the clear case bundle.

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    Great phone. I unlocked mine at Vodafone website for free - it never asked me to sign in or anything, just instantly gave me the unlock code.



      It says pay $50 to unlock?


        Bought one in November from bigw , requested Vodafone to waive the $50 fee via online chat . I was unsuccessful first attempt but the second online chat rep sent request to unlock the phone . After 24 hours I was able to unlock for free .


      That worked for me also, completely free. That was a few months ago, when this phone was available for $159 from Post office. Not sure if relevant, but I did the unlocking before installing any software or system updates. But after activating and using the Vodafone SIM-card that came with the device.

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        Some IMEI's are registered on the Vodafone system as POSTPAID these devices will not incur an unlock fee on the unlock website even if re-packaged as prepaid which happens often.
        if the device was registered as Prepaid by Vodafone then it will always show the unlock fee (even if sold as postpaid etc)

        as a side note even if there is an unlocking fee, going into a store can usually get a free unlock, they just need to email the unlocking team to waive the fee


      I just tried it with my new Galaxy A20 (purchased yesterday from Big W) and next to Unlock Code on tha site it says "NOT LOCKED"? Sounds too good to be true…!


        Turns out I'm wrong. It was network locked but the Vodafone support page says it isn't. Shrug.

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    I paid the same for the unlock version at officeworks last week.


      That deal has expired. It's $227 now. Do you like the phone?


        I bought it for someone else.

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          Does 'someone else' like the phone so far? :) Genuine question, planning to buy it with the help of a mate who works at woolies (10% off and use discounted egift cards)

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            @bghunter: I bought one for my mum when it was on sale on Amazon. I set it up for her and was quite impressed with it.
            I have an s10e so it felt much bigger in comparison, screen was bright and colourful, camera seemed decent and the speed of it felt pretty good. Granted she was finally moving on from a Nexus 5 with a cracked screen, so far she loves it.

            I opened Google maps and the GPS found me straight away, not 100% across the issues with it so it probably wasn't a good test.


      Just wondering if we went into OW now with a receipt do you think they would match the price from last week?

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    Some of these A20s (mine included) have issues with GPS, consider that before buying.


    Great phone.

  • -1 vote

    Warning 2.4g wifi only. And I still don't trust Fonefunshop's software, read their comments in the other threads if you want a laugh.

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    Costco has a promotion for A20, I believe i saw the unlock version for $176.

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    our server is supporting direct unlock in about 2-3 minutes of all variations of the A20 boot versions.

    dead easy to use.

    Step 1 - Power on your phone WITHOUT SIM and enter your security passcode or pattern on your phone so it is fully working. Enable USB Debugging on your phone as below:

    Open Settings, and select About, then to Software Information.

    Tap on “Build number” seven times.

    Go back to settings, and select “Developer options”.
    Scroll down, and check turn on “USB debugging” entry under “Debugging”.

    Step 2 - Download the server software and run it, also download and install Samsung modem phone drivers

    USB Drivers: https://www.fonefunshop.com/files/attachments/SAMSUNG_USB.ex...
    Server Software: https://www.fonefunshop.com/files/attachments/samunlock.exe

    Note: If software disappears or wont download - Turn off antivirus / defender / anti-malware or exclude the folder you are running it from, the software is not malicious but is encrypted using themidia which your AV cannot read past so may quarantine it.

    Step 3 - buy a 3 credit license from https://www.fonefunshop.com/direct-unlock-server-credit-for-...
    Open the Server Software and enter your License (Credit) and press Apply Activation.

    Step 4 - Press unlock and follow instructions.

    Note: if your phone asks for an unlock code after the unlock, enter 00000000 (eight zeros)

    Also Note: Sometimes your phone could be FROZEN (had too many wrong codes entered) our server resets the FREEZE and NCK Codes back to 00000000, so if you power on the phone after the unlock and it still asks for code, enter 00000000 and get an error, then immidiately after, enter 00000000 again to complete the unlock. (entering 00000000 twice resets the freeze and unlocks the phone)


    Anyone have any thoughts on how the camera on this would compare against a Xiaomi mi5?


    This or the Oppo AX5?

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    On sale at Australia Post for $169. Looks like free delivery only, No click and collect.

  • +3 votes

    This deal also comes with a Cygnet clear phone case



    Once you unlock it, is there any difference between this and any other Galaxy A20? I was thinking of getting the Telstra one (since I use Telstra) but it's a little bit more, and may as well get a fully unlocked one if it ends up being the same.

    (I'm not too familiar with modern Android phones other than Xiaomi, and am wondering if you're able to easily remove the bloat/Vodafone specific apps/etc without rooting/flashing/etc)

    • +1 vote

      There is hardly any bloat to start with, not even a Vodafone splash screen when you turn it on.

      Most can be removed. There are 2 or 3 that can't, nothing to worry about.


    I have received invoice saying it is paid now where do I find the License (Credit) code?

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