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Up to 10% Cashback from Online Shopping with SoSure App


SoSure has just launched their online shopping feature, where you can get up to 10% cashback shopping at many places such as Groupon, Catch, Woolies. This makes SoSure a combination of food cashback app such as Liven + ShopBack / Cashrewards, which is pretty cool and attractive.

How it works (copied and pasted from the app);
1. Open SoSure and travel to the retailer's website using the app
2. Complete your purchase within the SoSure app
3. You'll get confirmation of the pending rewards in your SoSure wallet within 3-7 days. They won't be usable at this stage
4. After 48 hours of pending status, your Unihash rewards will be released and added to your total rewards balance, ready to use!

There are also a few tips posted in the app, which I have summarised below;
1. You MUST complete the purchase using this app, and the app works like a normal browser
2. You have to return to the Homepage on the app if you want to switch to a new retailer
3. You have to complete the purchase within 3 hours of clicking through to the retailer website
4. You may still enjoy merchants loyalty program as per normal
5. This is a new feature so they appreciate any feedback via Online chat at or email [email protected]

Restaurants are limited to VIC only for now. I personally have redeemed a few hundred dollars worth of gift cards from them due to the high cashback rate (some restaurants up to 70%) and the Unihash currency appreciating greatly from $10 to $46 per Unihash.

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  • Don't link Instagram. Instagram is not adequate information. If they don't have a website and abn they aren't worth my trust

  • I have no idea how they make a profit. I have $150 on my account just from shaking my phone a little each day for the past month i think. And i used probably $50 to eat out (takeaway now) literally for free. Good app lol

    • rewards are far less now… 20 cents a shake lol

      • Depends when you shook. Before the current explosion in value they used to give you 0.025 or more coin per day. Now its like 0.06 or 28 cents as you say. The value has also tripled over the past few months from $15 a coin or $45. I had some coins from cashback from dining out and it has also shot up in value.

        • are unihash a real thing, or something that the company made up?

      • Yeah unfortunately it got too popular already i think. I expected this to happen. These things are always super generous at the start to attract customers. The shake thing at the beggining was like $2-3 each and that was when their cryptocurrency unihash was worth 5x less so thats the bulk of how i got so much credit yeah. Its still worth using the app anyway, good cashback rates, way better than liven (for now, lets see how long that lasts). If/when it becomes shitty vaiue then back to eatclub it is most likely.

  • They are kinda like Liven, right?

    • Yes but with better restaurant cashback % and you can get cashback from online shopping too which is like ShopBack or Cashrewards.

  • so its not a cashback but some sort of unihash reward?

    • It is cashback but you get paid in Unihash which may fluctuate in value. It started off as $10 per Unihash but it’s now around $47, meaning your cashback went up almost 5x

  • Just downloaded but nothing in Syd. All deals are in Melbourne.

  • Been having Sosure for a couple of months now. Always visiting those restaurants with 70% rewards and having redeemed more than $1000 in giftcard so they are legit

    Some catches
    - there are % fees with redeeming gift cards (no fee for redeeming rewards on food but you don't earn cashback by redeeming rewards)
    - The rewards you earn are in the form of unihash which fluctuates (been increasing from $8 per unit to $45 over 2 months, but no guarantee that it will not drop so better finish up your reward balance…)
    - Most restaurants are closed at the moment :(

    Restaurants with 50%+ reward and still open includes: Yogurt Lab, Grain Asian Store, Secret Kitchen, Crystal Jade, GoNoodles, Shujinko (Russell) - list is not exhaustive

  • good luck getting it to work. I have not succeeded yet.

    • examples:

      (1) I click on the 10% Woolworths icon. It goes to a page saying "Woolworths 10% reward". I then click on "Shop Now". It then goes to a Screen with a Blue Banner that says "Woolworths", but nothing below and nowhere to go, and no way to progress to do shopping.

      (2) I click on the eBay icon. Same thing. It won't progress to letting my buy something.

      (3) Gift Cards. I thought we were supposed to be able to purchase these. I cannot find them anywhere in the menu, except via the Myer link.

  • anyone succeeded getting 10% off ebay?

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