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Apple Airpod Pro $370.99 Delivered @ Rosman Computers (Price Matched for $352.44 Delivered @ Officeworks)


May not be the best deal but cheapest available now. I have called officeworks and they beat the price and offered $352.44 with delivery. Thought to share in case anyone will be interested.

I think Rosman Computer has limited inventory so better take the reference and reach officeworks 😉

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  • Please take note that our stock levels on the website for the AirPods Pro are showing as incorrect. There is no longer any stock available despite it showing 5 in stock in Melbourne. Limited amount of stock is expected to arrive in early to mid May.

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    Who said that we are in a depression?

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    Never realised the price of these. Crikey!

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      Yeah the noise cancelling on these are pretty bloody impressive. If thats an important factor for you i can see why people pay the premium

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        It was for a short time which fooled all the reviewers who were gushing over the ANC and ignoring the price, firmware update killed it, lots of complaining all over the internet about the poor ANC now.


        Many people dont need or want ANC and can buy better headphones for 20%-50% less than these.

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          Hah, sounds like Bose and their QC35 headphones. Although, the myth was debunked recently.

  • Didn’t work for me, no different than AP2 as far as fit goes.

  • Go for Jabra Elite 75t. Perfect fit, noise cancellation, sound, call quality. Been using for couple of months and yet to find any issue, except that it doesn't have wireless charging, which isn't important for me at least.

    • Call quality as good as airpods????

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        Yes. I have Airpods 2 also, and have been using both interchangeably, and didn't have any issue with the call quality of Jabra. Rather Jabra has some nice easy to use features i.e. HearThrough when you don't need complete noise cancellation. A better alternate to AirPods IMO given price, fit and design.

        • Didn't know that!
          Bought the airpods last month…wish i knew that before….will try to sell them now :D
          I hear alot of positive reviews about the 75t

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          These Airpod Pro's have the Hear Through feature too.

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    The 2C54 firmware has completely cooked my AirPod Pros :((( Noise cancelling is so weak and it’s actually frustrating coz they used to be awesome on release.

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      People on reddit have been stating they've got them replaced by apple before. Not sure if true or not.
      I need to get mine checked because the microphone is completely atrocious for mine - people on the other side can't even hear me with a slight amount of ambient noise.

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    Purchasing this is by biggest regret
    Keep falling down, active noise cancellation is not good as my expect

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        AirPods and a Nintendo Switch are completely different things. Ever considered someone that wants AirPods might not want a Switch?

  • lucky I got android phone, so it does not automatically update.

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    Got it a few months ago. Great ANC, not as good as Sony's though, maybe the messed it up in the latest update. Very Very comfortable. great sound and excellent iOS integration. One of my best purchases of the year. Worth every cent.

  • thoughts on this vs sony wf-1000xm3?

  • These or the Sony for the recent deals of ~225? I'd wager the sony has better sound / noise cancellation but are bulkier from what I read.

    • Sony’s have better noise isolation in the higher frequency bands but the AirPod Pros are noticeably superior in low frequency (engine rumble and drone). Once you play music the gap in the higher frequencies are covered up. Sony’s also have more oomph in music, but AirPods are far more comfortable (you can barely tell they’re there after a minute).

  • My only criteria when I placed this order was the portability and weight when compared with other Sony or jabra. Sweat resistant was other important feature for my long runs. And I am anyway not a swimmer 😊

  • That is a great price, and they are about as hard to get as Nintendo Switch…

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    Price matched in-store at OW today. Thanks OP.

  • got my pair for $349 from costco Moorabbin 2 days ago

    • How did you get that? Is that the normal price in store?

  • Got it price matched with Officeworks yesterday
    Order hasn’t dispatched yet though but order confirmed

    • Did you have to go to a store?

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        You can call them and get it price matched. You can pay through cc over call and they will ship it.