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Apple AirPods 2nd Gen $199 + Delivery (Free Pickup) @ Umart


Like title, not the cheapest ever but I pulled the trigger for the missus anyway.

Although UMART is located in NSW and QLD. I've been able to buy one at my local Officeworks in Kew, VIC 3101 so worth trying at your place.

Happy huntin' lads !

Mod Note: Removed Officework Price-Match from the title, as OW has matched the price.

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    $11 delivery for those who can't get to a store or get an Officeworks newb to ring up the sale. Means the price beat from them is $199.50, still a great deal though if you need/want.

    EDIT: you can't tell the delivery fee unless you sign up… which is what I had to do this morning to get a Price Match myself…

    • Yes, I read similar situation from the previous post here. However I decide to just try my luck, drive to my local store, the lads there seems happy so just cost me 5 mins to wait and that's it.

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        Yeah I'm not complaining, just giving info for others.

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          nah nah just story telling my experience ehhh :D.

          Cheers !

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            @RyNkA: I did find it interesting it was on “special” at $205 last week and now $199 now though haha

  • https://www.rtings.com/headphones/reviews/apple/airpods-2-tr...

    Rtings review, these have poor quality sound for the price.

    • They sound fine, it's just that you get better sound from sealed earphones. If you want open, there's not much else.

      The surprising thing is they say these aren't good for making calls? They're great for it. You can go on a long walk with a pair of these and chat with someone clearly and comfortably for ages.
      I'm thinking of replacing my 3yr old pair just for this reason. They still mostly play music, but the weak battery means they keep cutting out during calls.

    • But they are incredible value given the quality of the product, warranty, mic capabilities and features. Also many people don't like in ear canal buds.

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        Poor to average on almost every metric measured in the rtings review.

        Who would buy them if they were not made by apple?

        Sony, Jabra and Buds+ all far superior.

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          Those are all in-ears. Compare with airpods pro.
          You get these if you don't want in-ears

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          All these you mentioned have worse battery life and much worse mics, and are in ear canal buds.

          Of course I would buy them if they weren't branded Apple….. Although most others are more expensive and worse in key areas. I'm not going to buy tws (insert brands you mentioned) for audio quality, I have my beoplay h9i and dt770 pro for that. Most use these for casual music listening/audiobooks/podcasts/taking calls/office work, of which the others literally do not compare at all.

    • The poor quality sound is a bit exaggerated. I primarily use Bose QC 35 II for my commutes, but AirPods for when I'm wearing a hat or at the gym. They're pretty decent and good value.

  • Can't buy because I have experienced $99 Ebay deal on these AirPods. Will wait for another deal.

    • For people signed up for Direct Debit Tel$tra Plus deal, AirPods could and can be have by paying $96 and you still have 10,000 points to use on something else. Some people opted for Galaxy Buds instead (no need to pay a cent).

      • Oh, that's new to me, but I think it's for Telstra members only, not for common people using other network providers.

      • what is the DD telstra plus deal? I still have 15,000+ points but it cost 90,000 points or 5,000 points + $288 for the airpods

        • nvm, it expired in Jan

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      Same here, the victim of $99 eBay deal

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        "Victim" lol true I think this is the correct word to use. Hopefully, eBay or some similar source will release same $99 deal or cheaper on Airpods gen 2.

    • Just ask for them as a present. Then you get them for free.

    • Mate, the next 99$ deal will come along, and it will get bought up in 5 seconds by bots, just like the last time.

      • Waiting for addictedtoaudio to open this deal, they generally have good quantity.

  • This or airpod pros?

    • It's a vexing question. I know when I'm facing a technology based dilemma I ask myself WWJD?

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        • What would Sarah Johnson do?

    • Airpods pro is 2 times the price of the normal one

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      get the pros to flex.

  • This or galaxy buds Pro? Good phone call quality is at the top of my list.

    • Haven't used buds, but might replace my 3 year old airpods just for calls. They have always been really good for it, but lately the battery sucks and keeps dropping out.
      Music is still fine but I really wanna be able to walk around and talk on these things.

      • Thanks guys.

        The rtings reviews do confuse me though, they rate Airpods phone calls quality as poor but most anecdotal accounts suggest they're the clear leader amongst wireless earphones for calls, which is it?

        • rtings do technical analysis style reviews, they extract the facts via their unbiased testing methodology and offer an expert opinion of those facts.

          The great thing about this style is that you can directly compare on a like for like basis different brands and products in a way that hasn't always been possible.

          With regards to call quality it appears the mic quality is ok but they have poor noise isolation from the open design with no passive noise cancellation resulting is issues with calls when there is background noise.

          airpods are fine, just like the original wired earbuds were fine for many people, but lets not pretend they are anything but mediocre, especially considering the cost.

          • @noise36: Great insights, thank you!

          • @noise36: Technical analysis of sound quality is only half the story with these. Obviously you can get a big pair of headphones or a stand mic that will sound miles better purely on sound quality.

            But anecdotally, I’ve been told that I sound clearer through these than holding my phone to my head, and rarely had issues with moderate background noise or muffled sound. They do filter this out, which some others don’t.

            I used to bike home with one side in chatting with someone most days after work. Only had issues on windy days.
            Which is basically impossible with anything else on the market. In ears would block out sound and be dangerous, wired would get in the way.
            On the flip side, they’d be pretty shit on a noisy bus

  • God damn, price matched them at $205 a week ago…I haven't opened them though.

    I'm in Melbourne and they didn't check delivery fee, they just price matched it

  • Thanks OP got them for $198. They included the $10 umart delivery fee in the price match at office works.

  • Damn didn't think this was such a deal. Pretty Umart has had this pricing a couple months back.
    Have had no issues with price matching at OW.
    When Umart wasn't on sale, TheSchoolLocker was around this pricing. Have priced matched TheSchoolLocker at OW no issues. They have a physical store at Orange Grove for people in NSW.

  • Check out the Redmi Airdots for <$40, I'd say they punch at this weight

  • Price matched at Officeworks for $189.05 - thanks OP!

  • Not expired, available for another 11 hours.

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    Price matched at OW Aspley, two for $180 each.
    Called ahead and asked if they would price match, they said yes for $190 but there was limit of one per customer. I said fine, please hold one.

    Turned up at the store checkout and told them I had airpods held for me. Operator pulled out two airpods box's and said what was the price we were matching, I said $190.
    He said right $180 is the price! Thanks

  • Sale is back on for another 7 days.