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Energy Monitor for $90.30 Delivered (Normally $129) @ Powerpal


Targeted facebook ad but code works for anyone. Not sure of expiry date

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    you can buy nearly 3 of them in vic for that price. Or just pay me $10 and I'll ship it to your address.

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      i wouldn't mind one of these u still offering :)

    • They installing these for free. I saw the ad a while ago

    • I am interested in your Powerpal Reshipping Programme :)

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      +1 for the $10 deal 😎

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      Only one per household so how can you get multiples?

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    why do you need this, if it is a smart meter, you can see the kw usage through electricity provider app.

    • You can see your power usage instantaneously, IE turn on an appliance and watch the usage jump in the app. It's also recorded in 1 minute intervals and don't have to wait a day to see the usage over a day.

    • the main reason i want this is to see what am i truely feeding into the grid for my solar as apposed to what i am using as i don't trust them to be perfect plus i want to make sure i iron out any issues for the solar feed in..

      • Could be wrong but pretty this will only show draw, not what you're feeding in. I've got a DIY version of the same and I can only retrieve draw.

        • not 100% sure but was an option to use it that way, alternatively like it was suppose to be used to see what is drawing what as i turn things on. It would be an easy way to see what draws what. Curious if it would work by reading what goes in not sure why it wouldn't though.

        • Do you mind sharing some info about the DIY version?

          • @McDumpty: I guess he use some light sensor to measure the emitting frequency of the the red led light on the meter, all smart meter nowadays have those pulsing red light that indicate how much power it draw from the grid, so about 1000 pulses for 1kwh or some sort

            • @lgacb08: Yep that's correct, LDR counting pulses connected to a pi zero :)

        • AFAIK our only shows per draw because the LED on the better only shows power from the grid. If it’s showing 0 then you are 100% drawing from your panels, but you won’t be able to see excess being fed back to the grid.

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    You can get these installed for free in Victoria


    • Not at the moment….all free installations have stopped because of the current situation. You can pick one up from the same people for under $40. They will ship it out to you and you can install it yourself.

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    it was free before.

  • +2

    Yes, these are free in Vic. I got one installed a few weeks ago, all done within 10 mins.

    Only thing is security concern, as the device uploads your meter reads into their "cloud", which means in theory someone will find out your electricity usage. This data can tell people if you are home or away or on extended vacation, which is sensitive information. Good thing is you can unplug the device in under 5 seconds, its easy to disable it if you dont want your date to be read and uploaded.

    • It uploads to the cloud with the app when the device is connected to your phone via Bluetooth. So no need to disconnect as it won't get any data if you're away. However, if your data stop uploading, they may think you're away, which would be the same as unplugging it.

      And I got it installed free too 2 months ago.

    • -1

      So it can tell if I have plants growing.

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    This thing looks like a joke to me. I installed it 2 months ago and It is not a even ‘smart’ device.
    This is how it works: it has a light sensor connecting to your meter. When power goes to your house the light on your meter will have a ‘flash’(maybe 0.1 kWh/flash? Not too sure) This device doing nothing just read the flash and make a calculation. You need to input the cost/kwh in the app so that the device knows how much you spent. It is a joke and more like a fraud to get money from the government support.

    • +2

      What did you expect the device to do?
      There are a few devices like this on the market and all are subsidised by the government. If you can see your usage in real-time, you're more likely to reduce it, hence why the government has an interest in you having a device like this.

      • Give me access to the real digital data collected by the smartmeter and i will be interested. Why the secrecy?

        • You want the number of pulses from the meter? Not very useful anyway, they convert this to kW for you (or kWh). The cost calculation is a further derivation, but you can still see raw kW/kWh.
          There is a raw data export API, not available for general use, hopefully a data export is possible soon.

  • Does this work with any type of meter? any deals available via gov for NSW?

    • Not for the old spinning disc meter

      • Can’t help with that, as magnet 🧲 deals are banned here 😂

  • what a rip-off,usually it's free but max people have paid here in VIC is $38.70 9 (including shipping)

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    as others have noted, we don't all live in VIC where there was a specific government program to support its deployment. I'm in NSW and paid full price for mine some time back, and find it really useful for understanding what appliances consume how much power when in my house.

  • Does anyone know how these work? Like is there a spec sheet on that flashing light on the meter? I've love to know the frequency they flash at to create my own with an ESP8266 or similiar.

    Ooooh looks like my answer is available https://support.powerpal.net/hc/en-us/articles/360041314534-...

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