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10% off Sitewide @ First Choice Liquor Online


Get 10% off sitewide today only @ First Choice Liquor online

Promo code: SAVE10

Ends midnight tonight!

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    Stack with this for extra discount.

    • +9

      (If you have Amex)

  • It works! Nice. Very nice.

    Thanks OP.

  • 2 box beer limit NSW :(

    • +2

      Also worth noting that the free delivery offer on meeting the $150 order value does not apply to beer cases

  • +5

    Was going to get some Asahi, but it says 11.25 litres is the max, but a carton is 12 litres. How on earth are they going to be able to sell them?

    • +1

      I bought 2(24x500ML Asahi) 2 weeks ago without issue.

    • Got one carton ordered today. Got pickup text already. I’m in NSW

      • Im in WA, might be different

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    Aww, I just spent $152 there yesterday; could have bought 9 bottles of sparkling wine for like $1 extra instead of 8 bottles …

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      But, look at the bright side… ohh, dont worry.. There's none!

      • Haha yeah. I might get a bottle of rose champagne and lime vodka this time

    • +1

      Most of your worries will be quashed once you finish those 9 bottles tonight.

      Wait… ;)

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    The spirit limit needs changing
    Should only be 2 of the same type and maybe if the bottles are over a 150, It shouldn't apply.

    Having to come back 3 days in a row was ridiculous.

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    Thanks OP, 10% discount applied on top of already discounted Jager to bring it down to $36 a bottle! Cheapest I have ever picked it up.

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    Score! Two bottles of 1L black label for $90.

    • +1

      Probably worth a deal on its own.
      Saves $68

      • But then you have two bottles of black label.

    • Thanks!

    • +2

      Wen to pick up my two bottles and they give me a bag of 2 JW red 1l… I was like "Sir… it should be Black label", "oh ok, (looks at order slip) let me sort that out… comes with 2 bottles of 700ml Black Label"… "But sir…….."

      Now thinking of doing another round :D

  • I'm guessing it doesn't stack with CR or SB…

    • +6

      Will stack with ShopBack (code is listed on their website). Isn't listed on CashRewards (at the moment at least)

      • I used CR and got a confirmation of cashback email already.

  • +2

    Johnnie Black 1 Litre is $45 with this discount. Score!!

    • Ignore - compared the 700ml

  • +1

    Don't like the limits they have set up. And last time I ordered delivery took 3 weeks.

    Not negging the deal, but not for me due to the above.

    • Ordering online does include 'C&C' so if you have one close by it might be worth the effort.

      • I do usually make use of C&C - but trying to avoid any unecessary trips at this time. Hard to justify booze as necessary!

  • I need some alcohol. I think I'm an alcoholik, I can't control it, can't stop it, don't wanna stop it. la la la

    • I need some workahol

  • Free delivery over $150? I can't seem to choose a free option
    *edit just saw above beer negates it. Website is crashing, getting Ozbargained?

  • +1

    Posted 5 minutes after my mum said to get her a firstchoice voucher for her birthday.. perfect timing. Thanks!

  • Damn. Not quite enough alcohol content to use this stuff as a Hand Sanitiser ;) Would've been an OK price at just over $40 per litre too. Ah well :)

  • +1

    So of course 10 mins after I order I get a Flybuys bonus points email come through….

    • What did you get? because i got nothing

  • Looking at gins. I really like tanqueray rangpur but haven't tried a huge number of other ones. Prefer more fruity it seems. Boss recommended west winds sabre, any other recommendations?

    • +1

      tanqueray sevilla is orange as!

      • Yeah I read about that from a comparison article. Probably not for me, not huge on orange, would prefer more lime (i know rangpur isnt really lime).

    • whitley neill - blood orange is nice on the rocks. was 'hot price' when i checked earlier.

  • Can anyone recomend a decent whisky around $80? I'm not great with knowing what's what. I imagine one that isn't too 'peaty'

  • Thanks. I picked up

    666 Pure Tasmanian Vodka 700mL 1 $49.50
    Singleton Malt Master's Selection Whisky 700mL $49.50

    and a bottle of wine

  • Site doesn't like my address. Can't check out, can't make an account either. Anyone having this issue?

    Fixed - it thought i was a bot. Had to refresh and put in a captcha.

  • +1

    Thanks OP
    Great timing, was going to First Choice tomorrow to get my usual fortnightly beer supply.
    Ordered 2 cases of James Boags Premium online and saved $10.60 plus got $2.60 from ShopBack - a good saving for me.
    Got confirmation within 15 minutes that my order was ready for collection.
    I'm lucky I can do C & C to my local Store (only about 2 klm away), so no hassles.
    Cheers, MM

    • +1

      Fortnightly supply? This is my weekend (without social gatherings)

      • Yeah ok, so I was fudging. Actually weekly supply, but don't want the missus to find out ;-)

  • +1

    These restrictions are SO annoying. I want to use the Amex offer, but apparently ordering from more than 2 'categories' or 2 things from the same category is NOT possible!! If you get a 'card declined' problem it's because you're ordering over the stupid arse restrictions. So in order to utilise the spend $100 get $10 back offer, I have to wait until tomorrow to purchase that last bottle of wine to push my spend to over $100, as I already bought 1 case of beer and one spirit to click and collect. Ridiculous…

  • +1

    Cashrewards has increased standard cashback to 6.50%…that's real bargain

  • Had an incredibly poor experience with this mob on a recent order.

    In short, the shipment seemed "stuck" in transit with Australia Post for over 3 weeks.

    I tried calling First Liquor 2-3 times a week and gave up after holding for 1+ hour each time.

    3-4 emails also went unanswered.

    They even setup an SMS service for support as they were backlogged… With messages to that service also going no where.

    At 4 weeks the tracking was updated to RTS due to damage in transit. I ended up catching them at 8am one morning (call centre opening time) at which point they issued me a refund.

    2 weeks later I'm now getting automated responses to the emails sent so long ago now confirming they see resolution on the matter and and apology for the delay.

    I reckon I lost at least 5 hours trying to contact these guys.

    There is absolutely no discount that'd draw me back to such a piss poor customer experience.

  • Unable to order $100 worth for Amex offer in one go and use save10 code at same time thanks to the OTT WA liquor restrictions.

    • There's restrictions all over! However Amex offer can be done in one or more transactions before 27th. I ordered as much as I could today to take advantage of 10% off and will drop the last $11 tomorrow. I won't save $1.10 but oh well…

  • +1

    Got me a carton of Praga 500ml cans for $44.

  • Peroni Red $36 per carton!

  • <ignore message>

  • will Amex rebate work if purchase through cash rewards?

    • +1

      Yes; did it yesterday. It's if you paid with your Amex via PayPal that it wouldn't work

  • Kept getting the CC error. Eventually hours later tried PayPal, all good.

  • Is the code only usable once per account?

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