Premium Quality (Rapha/MAAP) Road Cycling Kit without The Price Tag?

Hi all,

Can anyone recommend a premium brand (or shop) with cycling kit of similar quality to Rapha or MAAP but without the price tag? Happy with neutral solid colour designs but like the premium cut and technical fabrics/features.

Ideally I'd like something circa $100 for knicks and $60 for jerseys.



  • i just bought endura pro sl ii bib shorts from chainreactioncycles at $99 a pop, with $20 "new user" discount (i always seem to forget i signed up already with 50 other emails, must be alzheimer's or something). needed to spend $120 though, so i bought some hydration tabs, gels etc.

    but they have gone up now (wait for the next 'clearance')

    and before the current crisis, there is bib shorts i wanted to try and you can get a 30% discount if you buy 4 pairs. but the exchange drop kills that deal (they charge in USD from singapore) so it would have been around 115AUD but it's well above that now (130AUD each now). i did buy some clearance jerseys for $49 from redwhite though that seem to be OK.

    i've never tried rapha or MAAP because i don't want to waste big dollars on the brand name that i also have to match with everything else.

    otherwise Assos on clearance, the entry level can be about 150 from pushys but i missed it waiting for another 15% off code and they sold out.

    • Agree on the matching, that's why I prefer solid block colours that will go well with any brand/design. No way I'm paying $200+ for a jersey that will look dated next season as well as not match with any other gear!

  • wiggle's inhouse dhb branch is reasonably priced and decent

  • I'd strongly recommend against going for DHB branded gear as it's not even close to premium quality. I have DHB bib shorts and DHB jersey. Both are very average compared to the Oakley, Bianchi and Pearl Izumi gear I have. My favourite bib shorts currently are my Oakley premiums. Standard price was over 200 but I managed to get some on sale for 120. There are some cheaper Oakley bib shorts too but not sure on the quality. DHB bib shorts have very thin lycra and really poor inbuilt padding.

    I only ever spend a max of 70 on jerseys and can confirm that you can get great quality jerseys for that price (on sale)

    • Thanks for the tip on avoiding dhb.

      Seems like I just need to keep an eye on the big sites and wait for a sale on the usual midrange suspects such as Santini, Assos and by the sounds of things Oakley. Kind of surprised there are no brands filling this gap as these garments would cost no more than a few dollars to make in Bangladesh etc!

      • Glad I could help. The DHB bib shorts only managed 5 months of rides (at 1 ride per week) before the padding was worn out and ineffective, along with the lycra becoming slightly see through in small patches. No thanks DHB.

  • Try Netti they r good n reasonably priced

    • Will have a look but my first impression is yeah, nah. Netti seems to be the brand your mother buys to ride on the bike path a few times a year.

      • Its pretty good quality now and i c cyclists wearing it all the time ! anyhow your choice given its ur money !

  • Decathlon has a lot of cycling gear on sale quite often. They don't have a lot of variety but will get you the basic kits to get started, padded shorts, jerseys and thermals. I got a few soccer thermals for the family for $8 each. Not cycling specific but does the job just fine. I can't say for sure the quality is premium, but I find the bib shorts I got fitted quite nicely and I can go for hours without any issues. The reviews on the website from others also seemed to resonate the same. Other brands, I find Pearl Izumi a nice fit for me and reasonably priced, the few items I got from DHB from Wiggle were actually quite nice too and really well priced (paid $25 for a thermal long sleeve jersey). Pushys sometimes have great clearance items too.

  • Not absolute premium like Rapha/MAAP/Assos etc but bang for buck pretty good. Miles better that cheapo ebay/decathlon dross. Try Neo Pro cycling an aussie company selling decent quality cycling clothes for reasonable prices. I have nothing to do with them, not a sock puppet just a satisfied customer. I bought some of their knicks and they are pretty good, I was leasantly surprised. i bought them because I wanted a colour other than black (Grey) to wear on my Wahoo Kickr during iso and didnt want to be out $300 for the premium stuff to sit on a turbo. I have some of the expensive Rapha and Assos knicks that are better quality but cost 3-4 times more. I have a few pairs of team kit knicks that cost $250 ish each that are lower quality that the Neopro ones. I have been pleasantly surprised and now thinking about their jerseys.