Unable to Reach Kogan Mobile Customer Team

Hi - I was hoping if someone could help me.

I purchased a Kogan Mobile voucher and tried porting my number to Kogan. I received a message with a code to reply. Unfortunately, my current plan has already expired and can't send a message unless I recharge again.

In the past, I have been able to contact customer support and they activated / helped me over the phone. I have been trying to do this in the last 3 days but unable to connect to the support team. Wait times are so long and even after waiting for more than 1hr (a few times already), it doesn't connect. There is no chat option on the website too. Or an email.

I have been losing my patience now. I tried contacting them on FB page and also reached out to NZ Online Chat, but with no luck.

Can anyone help me what I need to do next? Anyone from Kogan Mobile see my query?

Thank you.

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  • A lot of companies are now regretting their decisions to shift call centres offshore right about now :)

    To answer your post, extremely likely their offshore call centres (or 3rd parties) have closed. Their Aussie staff will be working from home. You just have to keep calling and calling, preferably the second their lines open, to get through. Just like pretty much every other provider.

  • Kogan's call centre is Vodafone's call centre
    Vodafone manages Kogan's connections etc and Vodafone has extended wait times,

    Vodafone's statement on their call centres

    Contact centres
    Our contact centres have been impacted by restrictions from COVID-19. We are currently experiencing higher than normal call volumes, as well as significantly reduced availability of agents due to the temporary closure of our contact centres in India.

    We are working hard to increase capacity such as redeploying retail store employee to work in our call centres and recruiting in Australia. To ensure we get to those customers who need our help the most, we can only take urgent calls at the moment. We are currently prioritising these types of calls:

    You can’t make or receive calls
    You don’t have a working nbn™ connection
    You are reporting a lost or stolen device
    You are a prepaid customer having trouble recharging
    We’re continuing to work on increasing the number of agents available to take customer calls, and thank customers for their patience.

  • Two options:

    1. Recharge the minimum amount for your current plan.

    2. If your voucher expires after 30+ days, port to non-Vodafone network for 28/30 days, e.g. Catch Connect 30 days, Amaysim 1GB free SIM ending 30th. Only Vodafone network requires replying to the SMS.

    The time you spend to connect is not worth it.

    • Thank you. I am with Catch Connect - recharging for another 30 days costs atleast $15+ - I was tring to avoid that.

      But I like the idea of moving to another provider other than Kogan which will cost less than $15 to port and then use Kogan's voucher to port on to it later.

      Thanks a lot for this.

  • I'm having a similar issue - not with code; but with the address validation service. Just can't get it to find any address at all; so can't get past the verification steps.

    • Your issue is simple to solve, just fill it with an old address you lived before. I am very sure that your address does not matter (in the same boat before), only ID.

      • Thanks - that helped to get past that screen only to now be stuck on the enter voucher number screen. It says my voucher code is invalid.

    • I have the same problem.

      the activation page can't find my address at all.

  • Merged from Catch to Kogan Port Unsuccessful - Unable to Get on to Kogan, Anyone Got a Direct Number?


    Both doing the jump between Kogan and Catch monthly plans successfully for the last year.

    I was notified by email that my most recent port wasn't successful due to difference in either name/DOB on the two accounts. My full name wasn't on my Catch account (where I was porting from). Catch updated it but now I am unable to get Kogan on the phone, I have tried 4 times and waited for over an hour each time.

    Does anyone have a direct number, email or found a way to jump the queue?


  • Hi all,

    I've successfully contacted Kogan help centre on the phon as I had to redo a port as well.

    It was on the line for 2 hours though, but they will eventually pick up. The staff are working from home.

    My original voucher expired on the 10th but they were able to bypass it when doing manually.

  • Im experiencing 100% match exact same case as OP. I gave up after making numerous calls that eventually no one answers.

  • Hi all, I managed to get in after a 40 minute hold time after calling first thing in the morning. Hope that helps :)