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15% off TCL TV's - TCL 50P8M 50" 4K UHD Smart LED TV $463 @ JB Hi-Fi


Saw this on the JB Hifi website today. The 50" TCL is $463 - which is not the cheapest it's been, but it's a decent saving off the normal price.

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    What are TCL TVs like nowadays? I used one from 2015 or so and it was awful - dim brightness, took AGES to turn on, and AGES to change channels. I hated using it so much I usually just didn't bother.

    • They seem to be reviewed quite well on Whirlpool quality wise, however the let down is the warranty/customer support end.

    • Quality is great for me. UI is a bit slow

      I have a non android one. I think it’s a series 7

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      Have one from 2017 and it does a really good job for an $800 4k smart tv. Bright, yes it does take ~1 minute to turn on but after that it works brilliantly. Can't really go wrong for the money, however a Samsung on special nowadays gets into this range and may be a better buy.

      Oh and 4K and 4K HDR performance is incredible to watch. Struggle to spot the difference between this and a $2000+ ULED

    • had the 60P20US or whatever that line was, and its absolute rubbish.

      white backlight bleed in the edges of the screen, and a recent firmware update from March this year STILL hasn't fixed the so-called Instant On option in the settings. as soon as the TV has been turned off for two minutes, it goes through the whole boot-up process again and again.

      never did it on my Sony X800D, ever.

  • I'm thinking of getting the 50P8M next week - Anyone have one that can provide an opinion? Is Android TV any good?

    • Got a 55P8M a month ago. Very happy with it. We use android tv lots. Was hoping this tv would be the parents but the kids use it more than us with all the features. Would recommend.

      • Disney+ and PrimeVideo all OK?

        Is the 4K scaling decent?

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      Have been using 50P8M for over 6 months, bought at $390. Picture quality is decent, sound fine. Highly recommended.

      • Have you updated to latest firmware? Do both Disney+ and Prime tv work?

        • I was unable to upgrade to the latest firmware due to some error. However, I can confirm that Disnep+ is available through play store. Previously had prime tv installed. But after a factory reset, now unable to find it in play store :(

          • @topclass: Hm. OK. More research required!

            Thank you :)

            • @DianaOfAmazonia: I’ve got the 55P8M and recently upgraded the firmware to enable Disney+ to work correctly.
              Firmware upgrade was easy - put a zip file on a USB stick, put it in the TV and select the local firmware upgrade menu.
              The TV is excellent for the price.

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      I bought one today which I'm about to go and collect. I plan to use as a PC monitor since I'm working from home (COVID19). Hooking it to the PC should expose any flaws in the picture. I'll let you know how it goes.

      • Was thinking of using this as a PC monitor as well, but worried it would be "too big" - keen to hear how you go

      • I have a 43 inch TCL and I have to scale the screen 150% to be able to read text. I think 50 inch is probably the perfect size.

      • Sorry if this is a dumb question, but is it too big for a monitor, or are you working on the couch looking at the TV? I'm thinking if it was on a desk as a monitor wouldn't you then be sitting too close to it?

        • 90cm away, pixels are way too small to use the full resolution

      • Connected to my personal PC and my work laptop it seems that I'm not getting full 4:4:4 subsampling, which makes it pretty crap for a monitor. I don't want to definitively say it doesn't support it until I've confirmed all the settings, but so far it's not looking good.

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    Tempted to get that 50 to use as a pc monitor

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      Definitely cool to have. I've used a 40" before at a desk before (but it was 1080p lol). It's great for regular PC tasks, but when it came to gaming, the colours weren't as good as they could be, and fast-paced games suffer pretty badly with ghosting or motion blur or whatever the term is. If it's for slower paced gaming, you should consider it.

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        I’m using a shitty 40” something 1080p atm. I love the size. I don’t even use my made for ants 27” monitors anymore. Just want a higher res. (profanity) it, I’m getting one

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      That's exactly what I'm doing. I'll see how it goes. Worst case scenario I'll put it in the bedroom.

    • Connected to my personal PC and my work laptop it seems that I'm not getting full 4:4:4 subsampling, which makes it pretty crap for a monitor. I don't want to definitively say it doesn't support it until I've confirmed all the settings, but so far it's not looking good.

  • Would a budget HDR tv be any better than this non-HDR tv?

    • Thinking of the Aldi TV on sale this weekend ?

      • Pretty much :)

        But I am wrong - the specs say this TV supports HDR as well. So I'd probably go with this set.

    • In my area Good Guys have worse stock levels than JB. Oh well.

  • I saw it's $449.99 last weekend at costco casula.

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      Yeah I saw that, but I costco requires membership and it's much further away. For $13 more JB is easier.

    • sorry,the costco promotion expired on 12/04

  • How does this compare to the Akai 50“ 4K for $395 at different stores?


    • +1

      TCL is far better.
      - has Android TV
      - 3 year warranty
      - TCL did not go broke and close years ago. (The "akai" is really a no-name yumcha)

      • Okay thanks

      • Yup i love android TV haha. i Put all my illegal tv streaming apps and movie show apps on there

      • +1

        Just wanted to say thanks again. I actually purchased this for my parents. Good Guys had matched JB at the time and my local JB didn't have stock.

        Also my Macquarie Bank account lets me buy JB and GG gift cards at 3% off so I paid $449.11.

  • I have been waiting for the 75P8MR to come down in price. hmmm if only eBay does a good guys deal. Still really tempted anyone know what the prices are for this at Costco I could be tempted to go for a drive. Definitely need a 75” tv for working from home 😁

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    We've had a TCL for almost 5 years, a 48". Has served pretty well until the last month when a panel has given out so we have a dark strip.

    Considering the 65P8M here … $760 seems like a decent price. But also considering the Aldi Braun deal on Saturday :)

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    I have this model. Sound, believe it or not is actually really good. Don't think a sound bar is required. Netflix/Disney/Stan/you tube/fetch TV have an excellent picture. HD TV also very good, but it seems to struggle with the secondary channels (I assume it has issues with up-scaling this content). Claims to have 5 GHz wireless, but doesn't. I am glad that it has freeview plus as I would hate to see what freeview minus was like. I can only say that freeview plus is extremely clunky and makes me want to go out and buy the TV week. Overall a good TV with a good warranty. It is also a QUHD (which I assume is better than a UHD)

  • Dammit i got the 50inch yesterday at costco for $489 haha >.<

    • You can take it back to Costco if you can be bothered

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    Seems like printing mistake in catalogue as $436 instead of $463. https://catalogue.jbhifi.com.au/2020/04/16-apr-digi/6/index....

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      wonder if they will honour…

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    How is X series compare to Hisense and the others?

    • As above, I'm using it as a PC monitor today, but it doesn't look like I'll continue to use it for that. The colours and contrast are good, the blacks are quite black, the whites are quite white, however unless I can change something to make it work with 4:4:4 subsampling the text looks terrible on it. The TV features seem ok so far, and I'll probably just move this into the bedroom.

      • Any chance of getting a photo of what the text looks like? I'm planning on mounting it on a wall behind my main monitor and using it as a second screen.

        From some googling:

        "TCL TVs are usually very good at detecting when they are connected to a PC and should enable chroma 4:4:4 support automatically. If, for whatever reason, they don't, simply setting the input label to "Computer" will enable proper 4:4:4 color."

        • +1

          I saw that web page as well. There's no "computer" input. One of my devices doesn't support HDMI 2 - so it probably doesn't have the bandwidth to do 4k with full chroma, so I'm SOL there. My other device does support HDMI 2, and I forced the TV to use HDMI 2, but it didn't make any difference. I'll have to confirm that my device is supposed to support 4k properly, otherwise find a device which does so I can confirm.

          Here is what text looks like: https://imgur.com/a/CxvUUHi

          • @macrocephalic: Not being able to display 4:4:4 put me right off buying a TCL 65p8m tv.
            My 4 year old Living Rm Hisense 4k tv displays lovely, whole bodied, text and doubles as great couch computer. I could not put up with text like the sample you posted.
            Let us know if you have any success and I will get the credit card out again?

            • @KevCol: I you're viewing it from a couch then you're probably blowing the text up to 200% - so it won't look so bad. I'm using it as a huge monitor at 100% which is the problem.

              That said, if you have any intention of using this as a monitor then I would look elsewhere just to be sure.

              I'm continuing to use it as the large size is useful enough to outweigh the rendering, but, at some stage I will be moving this to the bedroom to use as a TV and finding a something better for using as a monitor. I think I'll have to take a laptop and HDMI into a store and test them all.

              • @macrocephalic: @KevCol @macrocephalic I found a setting for PC mode. https://i.imgur.com/LrjAidB.png

                The text isn't too great up close, but from the distance I am using it, about 1m away, it is fine as a second monitor. https://i.imgur.com/D6nG8Tx.png

                • @nextdoormaths: I rang tcl and asked if the p8m models do 4:4:4 chroma and they put it to the techies who said "yes" so I bought a 75p8m as they were sold out of 65p8m. That's a big monitor.
                  Gez's text looks acceptable but not as smooth as I am used to on my Hisense tv.
                  Where might I find this PC setting, Gez?

                  • @KevCol: Gez. I see from your photo it is in - Picture Presets - PC -

                    • @KevCol: let me know if you get the 4:4:4 working on your massive :) 75 inch model.

                      • @nextdoormaths: Yes Gez, text is lovely and smooth on my tcl 75p8mr and just happened by itself, no smooth settings required. The TCL lacks in depth user info and is a process of discovery.
                        Currently I can't figure out how to delete a pvr recording, how to avoid lip synch problems through my digital amp and how to achieve a better picture than the stock "Standard" settings.

                        • @KevCol: https://www.geeks3d.com/20141203/how-to-quickly-check-the-ch...

                          Does visiting this url confirm you have 4:4:4 working?

                          • @nextdoormaths: I can confirm that 444 subsampling works on my desktop which has a card capable of it. Although I still had to fiddle with the refresh rate and resolution to get it to work (different PC's think the native resolution of the panel is different). Even with 444 subsampling it's not great for text, the pixel alignment means that you get orange and blue fringing on the text edges. Solid colours have a dithered look to them even though it's definitely running in 32bit colour.

                            I'm continuing to use it because the productivity boost ofa 50" monitor is worth it, but, I'll be switching back to my old monitor to play games, edit photos, etc.

                          • @nextdoormaths: Yes it does Gez and very well.
                            I also looked at my Nvidia settings and it says I am running 4k (3840x2160 or 4096x2160) at 60Hz, 300%.
                            I can still read it clearly at 100% close up.
                            I thought it was a 50Hz panel?

                            The tcl 75 p8mr works well as a monitor cf with a 30Hz Seiki USA 4k tv I bought 7 yrs ago for that purpose. Mouse movements are more reliable.

                    • @KevCol: That setting seems to just set the colour, brightness, contrast etc. It hasn't made any difference to the chroma subsampling for me.

                      It's easy to check: https://www.geeks3d.com/20141203/how-to-quickly-check-the-ch...

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    Is TCL 65x7 better than Samsung RU8000 ? TCL X7 selling for $1100

    • +1

      yeah not sure anyone know?

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    Myer super weekend sale,$459.

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