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[PS4] Metal Gear Solid V: The Definitive Experience $8.95 @ PlayStation Store


Metal Gear Solid V Definitive Experience. Includes both the Ground Zeroes prologue and Phantom Pain along with all the DLCs. This is a bargain price if you don't have a copy already.

Description from PSN Store

METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE DEFINITIVE EXPERIENCE is the ultimate collection of the MGSV story which includes the critically acclaimed MGSV: THE PHANTOM PAIN, its prologue MGSV: GROUND ZEROES, multiplayer METAL GEAR ONLINE,and all their DLC content.
• MGSV: GZ lets the players experience thrilling stealth action as never seen before, surrounded by enemies in a photorealistic world.
• MGSV: TPP, which has claimed more than 60 industry accolades including a 10/10 from IGN and Gamespot, offers limitless possibilities for the players to infiltrate enemy outposts in a vast open world. The player to decide the route, tactics and timing that can lead to the success of the mission.
• METAL GEAR ONLINE is built around a dedicated squad-based competitive multiplayer structure, which has been fully redesigned with the familiar gameplay and aesthetic styling of the MGS series
• 36 DLC ITEMS AND ADDITIONAL CONTENT including 2 extra missions, additional weapons, and items used for customization.

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  • Do you need a PS plus subscription to buy this?

    • Nope, but you will need one if you plan on playing online multiplayer.

    • -3

      Nope. phone is fine.

  • It's also a bargain if you have the game and want the DLC. One of the best games of the generation.

    • What's good about the DLC? The additional missions?

      I already own TPP and GZ separately.

  • -1

    I still waiting in the pc version to drop, lol.

  • +6

    One of the best unfinished games of all time

  • +3

    I put in a little over 200 hours for The Phantom Pain alone and that was to 100% each level.

    Worth it for that game itself.

  • Thanks, just bought it

  • +10

    It's a great game, but a bad Metal Gear game.

    • Accurate comment. I couldn't stick with it for this reason.

      • +1

        Me too. It just wasn't Metal Gear…

  • This game was so short

    • +3

      I remember putting in about 50 hours or so to complete all the missions.

      Definitely pretty long, especially for an MGS game.

      • +3

        Ground Zeroes was pretty short - more of a glorified demo than a full game.

        The Phantom Pain was long - probably too long.

        • Yeah Ground Zeroes was short, but I still played so much of it.

          TPP was definitely very long but still a good game, even if it did feel a bit too padded out in Chapter 2.

      • +1

        Oh really? I think I've only played Ground Zero but all I remember was rescuing a girl, getting on a helicopter and that's it

        • +1

          Oh yeah Ground Zeroes is turbo short. It was basically just a demo/intro for the full game (had lots of replay value but yeah).

          Phantom Pain was the main game that came out afterwards and that was really hefty.

          • +1

            @mangobango: Ohh right, this comes with both. I didn't realise there was two parts to a part 5 of a game. I paid like $12 or something for ground zero though :(

            • +1

              @[Deactivated]: I'd still say GZ was worth $12. Heck, I bought it for around $30 or so and loved it. It was short but still really cool and had a lot of replay value.

              If you enjoyed the gameplay then I'd recommend picking this up. ~$9 for the full game is an absolute steal

  • -8

    Shit game, should not have MGS in the name. Absolute shit.

    Shitty story, highly repetitive world environment, constant checkpoints and the battles always feel the same. Doesnt get your heart pumping like the real MGS games.

    • +6

      i think your talking about metal gear survive

  • +1

    have it on PC but think i'd get this on the ps4… thanks op!

  • +3

    still scarred from this:

    makes my heart jump and my anxiety go through the roof.

    • +3

      It's great for a new sms tone
      Codec for calls obviously

  • Diet cheap!

  • +1

    Huge fan of the series but never got into this.

    Still, for $9… worth to find out for yourself.

  • -3

    From the comments it doesn't sound like a good game

  • nice one.

    now I stuck at rescuing Chico…

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