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Crumpler Mantra $139 Delivered @ Crumpler


Great work bag for a good price! Not the cheapest but $139 delivered is a pretty good deal. All colours available including the 2 new colours Red and Dark Green. Don't forget 7% Shopback and Cashrewards.

Black is now available again!

Mantra Pro also on sale for $169 - thanks AaronR

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  • It’s been in sale for 2 weeks now.

    But they are good quality bags , my dry red no. 5 is still going strong and no issues or it falling apart yet after 5 years

    • It hasn’t been on sale for 2 weeks. I ended up buying a dry red a few days ago because I got sick of waiting for a sale on this. I looked at it as recently as Monday/Tuesday and it was full price then.

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      Thanks OP!

      edit: Don’t forget 7% Cashback at ShopBack. I nearly did.
      edit2: I noticed Mantra Pro is also on sale for $169 on crumpler.com.au and Mantra Travel is $139 on Amazon. The Travel is probably the best “deal” but it only comes in black and a bit too big for me.

    • Dry red no. 5, One of the best purchases of the OzB sales. Got that for 79 bucks I guess from iconic. $20 was first purchase off from iconic.
      The best deal still holds for Dyson v10 from eBay plus sale though.

    • my dry red had some sticking at bottom fail, crumpled fixed it, took 2 months , but at least they fixed it, …..
      in the mantra they removed the stitching i had issues with so would be better then my dry red which is a great size, and i’m happy with.

    • My Crumpler Reclaimed Ruck is wearing through at the bottom after one year of reasonably light use (just wearing it to the office). The warranty claims that physical wear is exempt, wonder if I should bother claiming or not.

      • Try it , I damaged my dry red when I first got it when rushed at high speeds to catch a train and teh doors caught between me and the bag . Caused a bit of a rip in the strap but crumpled replaced it with a new one .

    • Good deal. I had bought the Zero Border Backpack in early January this year for $104 (they had a further 20% off sale items). Hopefully a further 20% coming soon. Will buy again, products are good quality.

  • Thanks AaronR. The Mantra Travel for $139 on Amazon is a great deal!

  • I've had this bag for a few years now. Was for uni and now for work. Great quality!

  • Whats the difference between mantra and mantra pro?

  • Awesome thanks Gordan84, the Zero Border is also on sale for $129 down from $299. Been waiting a long time for a decent discount on the new version. Thanks!

  • Excellent backpack. I travelled around Europe with mine and use it daily; never found it to be lacking for space. I used to opt for a much larger 37L backpack before I got the Mantra but I've never missed it since. It's much nicer to have something with a smaller footprint on your back for lengthy periods of time, that you can also stuff under an airline seat quite easily.

    It's surprisingly roomy too. I managed to fit a 1.2L lunch box, 2 x 600ml water bottles, a pencil case and a A4 folder full of documents along with a bunch of miscellaneous items in there quite well.

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    Great work bag

    Will be brilliant for the commute from the bedroom to the study at the moment

  • To be honest it is very expensive. I bought this from kogan last year and found it very comfortable. No issue with space either.


    • Have you owned a Crumpler though? After 10 years of pulling them through airports and offices… I don’t think I could buy any other brand. Damn they’re good.

      • Was massive fan of Crumpler, my Barney Rustle & Rampagin Mob are still going strong despite all these years, but their newer models are total garbage. Cheaper materials, cheaper zippers, questionable design decisions. Basically whatever comes with a new logo, you better avoid it.

  • Awesome bag. Got Dry Red No 5 before and replaced it with this. Best backpack imo. I love how easy to get laptop in and out the bag, but it requires some practice at first (to make sure you close the zipper!!).

  • Anyone know how the Crumpler Mantra compare to Herschel Pop Quiz?

  • thing missing is weather proof zip …..long bike ride in rain without a back pack cover resulted in leaks …..
    so if it’s for riding in bad weather get a back pack rain cover.

  • Damn I just bought the Expedition https://www.crumpler.com/au/expedition-backpack-black/ as it was $99 and looked ideal for one bag travel/everyday carry hybrid. I bought a couple accessories pouches too, a tech one and general which totally $167. This coming with a pouch is pretty cool and roughly the same price. The expedition is 30L but a good review on the website said more like a 25L and I saw a video (Crumpler are pretty poor when it comes to reviews and better photos) where the base actually expands of this. I liked the expedition because it had a large front throw pocket to throw random stuff in as well but this one doesn't look too bad. One thing I hate is when front pockets are negatively impacted by the main compartment hence the expeditions front pocket being gusseted is a huge plus for me. Any experience regarding the space on the front of this? And use of this as a carry on for say a week trip?

  • Black is sold out.

  • Great. All we need is somewhere to go…

  • Whats the best colour?

  • Got the Mantra Pro last year for my travels to the US. Fantastic bag! So many compartments and very high quality.
    My 5th Crumpler purchase and will keep buying in the future.

  • Don’t like them,they are all too heavy for me !

  • Crumpler vs Osprey… which is better?

  • Where are they made?

  • I got my Dry Red number 5 back in 2013 and it's still going strong. I've used it every single day for work. It's been on trips to London, Hong Kong, Cebu, San Francisco and Tampa along with dozens of domestic trips. This bag handles anything I throw at it. Stick it in the washing machine once a year and it looks like new again.

    I could not speak more highly about Crumpler bags tbh. I can't speak to the quality on current products though (some people say the quality has decreased a little bit) but the Mantra and Mantra Pro are the closest match to a Dry Red 5 in regards to style and functionality, so if you ever wanted a Dry Red 5, this bag should be your number 1 choice.

  • Just got an email from Crumpler stating that this sale ends tonight - looks to be plenty of availability.

  • Is Crumpler on sale a lot? As there’s no way I can spend $300 on this bag now :)