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eBay Plus Hourly Deals: Dyson V10 Absolute+ $599, Nintendo Switch $319, GoPro Hero6 $369, Galaxy S9 64GB AU $799, Acer i3 $399


Here's the full list of hot deals for the eBay Plus weekend starting 10am. You'll need to get in quick each hour coz they will go fast. In order to score these prices, you must be an eBay Plus member which is $29 for the first year, and free for the first month. Each deal will have its own coupon and will only work for it's allocated start time. Limited to one purchase per item per eBay account. T&Cs here. Enjoy :)

(1) 10am - Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute+ $599 (500 available) SOLD OUT
(2) 11am - Philips ShoqBox SB300 Bluetooth Speaker $24.95 (1000 available)
(3) 12pm - Milano Slimline 3 Piece Luggage Set $69.95 (500 available)
(4) 1pm - GoPro Hero 6 (AU Stock) $369 (300 available) SOLD OUT
(5) 2pm - Keenan's Bridge Shiraz 2017 (12 Bottles) $49.95 (600 available)
(6) 3pm - Acer TravelMate TMP249-G2-M-33D3 $399 (200 available) - CODE PLUS3PM - Seller MSY
(7) 4pm - Foreo Luna Mini 2 $109 (300 available) - CODE PLUS4PM - Seller The Beauty Club
(8) 5pm - UGG Mini Button Ankle Boots $39.95 (500 available) - CODE PLUS5PM - Seller Ugg Express Australia SOLD OUT
(9) 6pm - Nintendo Switch $319 (400 available) - CODE PLUS6PM - Seller The Gamesmen SOLD OUT
(10) 7pm - Royal Comfort Bamboo Quilt (All Sizes) $29.95 (500 available) - CODE PLUS7PM - Seller grouptwowarehouse SOLD OUT
(11) 8pm - Sangenic Nappy Disposal System Starter Kit $30 (250 available) - CODE PLUS8PM - Seller the_nile
(12) 9pm - Galaxy S9 64GB Mixed Colours (AU Stock) $799 (200 available) - CODE PLUS9PM - Seller SydneyTec SOLD OUT

A new coupon code will be used hourly for each of the deals, so no stacking with PULL5.

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  • +30 votes

    $799 Galaxy S9, wow!!

  • Any deals for a new F5 key?

    • Try special code SELFCONTROL

    • Haha still remember back on the day with F5 with catch of the day. Glory time

      • Haha, that and click frenzy.

        Sometimes it felt like we were on dialup again… And once the page finally loads you get the "all gone" in red lol

        I actually enjoyed those cotd nights where people would rage lol

        • -1 vote

          username check out!

          I actually got iPad mini, Samsung S3 32GB for very good price, HDD portable 1TB for $40, GTA, iphone 5 and lot of gift cards for 2 years when they were running those….glory days

  • You are hotter than V10, TA

  • I see the sneaky thing ebay is doing here.

    • What's sneaky about it? Obviously competing with Amazon prime.

      • We used to have these hourly deals without having a paid subscription. Now it seems like the general public will not get the better offers unless they pay for the subscription.

        Yes I know there's a 30 day trial so the fact that it requires a paid subscription is irrelevant for this deal. Talking about going forward into the future.

      • ronnknee sums it up exactly

    • The sneaky thing will be having a hint at a ripper sale 32 days after this one, making everyone retain their membership and paying their $29 fee. Then we realise it's another 5% off.

  • So is this that fandangled 15% off selected items weekend?

    • No that is completely separate, these are flash deals. The same difference between 15% off sitewide and mega deals last year

  • These deals didnt require ebay plus (i know it wasnt out yet) a couple of years ago

  • Can we cancel the eBay plus after free trial?

    • You can cancel after the free trial, but if you choose to keep it, it's $29 for the first year. Normally it's $49.

      Next screen it says "By signing up now, you agree to the eBay Plus Terms and understand that you'll be charged a membership fee of $29.00 for your first year after the 30-day free trial period is over. Your eBay Plus membership will continue until you cancel it. If you do not wish to continue and be charged the regular membership fee after your first year, you may cancel at any time. Learn more"

      • Im reading "By signing up now, you agree to the eBay Plus Terms and understand that you'll be charged a membership fee of $29.00 for your first year after the 30-day free trial period is over" as meaning I get access to eBay Plus for $29 for the first 13 months. Is this correct? Effectively ~$2 a month.

    • Yes u can and still eligble until your free trial ends

  • COTD Deja vu

    • +12 votes

      eBay has 200-1000 stock for each product, hardly anything similar to that scam which usually offers less than 50

      • Not blaming eBay. But I don't trust those sellers on their weekly discount promotions. Every time they would either jack up the prices or remove the item from stock. Ebays price promise is also not helpful in such cases as the prices after discount are usually a few $ cheaper. But its just this dodgy practice that I'm against. At least in tomorrow's promotion if a minimum quantity has been guaranteed, we could see it in the selling history so hoping they would play fair this time.

      • But ebay has more traffic than COTD, so those 200-1000 will be harder to get than COTD's 50. ebay is a household name. Everyone knows it and goes there. Not everyone does with COTD.

  • not doing it…not going to pay any membership fees, no thanks

    • That's how you made your billions, by not signing up for free month trials? Quite the cost saving.

      • i'm taking a longterm view here, clearly they are trying to push customers towards a membership with ongoing fees…it's not about the free trial. That plus price jacking makes people go elsewhere…

        • Many people lose their own money by using credit cards, incentive programs and paying subscriptions. The evidence is they work and that the users are not aware that they work so it's only rational to avoid them if you don't want to lose money.

        • @Diji1:

          Ok. But I can operate a credit card and make a profit, not a $49/year loss to a subscription.

        • @justtoreply:

          If it's going to be a loss, you shouldn't subscribe.

          Only sign up if it's beneficial for you.

          Same thing with Costco, and other subscription services. Some see value in it (including on ozbargain), while others wouldn't make the cost back. Your own situation determines the outcome - they're not automatically a loss or profit to everyone.

        • @odysseus: Well said

      • well again, if this works, we can kiss goodbye our 15% storewide or 18% storewide…pay for your discount! Its only 1 week left, guess we are not getting the 18% off sitewideeeee anymore.

        exactly the same as Coles and their everyday low campaign. Things they put it in their everyday low used to be 50% off every 2nd week, once they get put into low low price which normally is only 30% off and the prices stayed there forever.

  • Good deals, but eBay Plus can EAD. I just noticed that the near infinite seller insertion fees I’ve had for years have now gone.

  • Remember the $299 QC35's from shopmonk with the additional 15% off code?

    Hope a code works ontop

    • A new coupon code will be published hourly for each of the deals, so no stacking with PULL5.

      • Published where specifically?

      • Wait, the eBay Plus page says there's good deals on 23rd & 24th June… Does that mean there'll be some more good deals tomorrow or did I miss the post?

  • Must resist… Have bills to pay and I don't need them…

    • If it's not a historic low don't worry about buying anything.

      • My bank account is eroding so quick with so many feisty deals lately!

      • Indeed, one of them seems to be the lowest I've seen, but I don't need it. Will leave these to other OZBers.

        Too many bargains in the past, still have no need to sign up for eBay Plus yet.

  • This looks a lot like Amazon's lightning deals eBay…

    • Yeah but I don't think you need to be a prime member to score the lightning deals right?

      • Hahaha yeah this is like Amazon's lightning deals where you need to pay for access 😂

        Just putting the fee back into feeBay.

        • Let me repeat what I said - You do not need to be a prime member to buy lightning deals.

        • @Ultraman: that's what he/she said, this ebay plus deal is much like Amazon lightning deal except for this requires membership to get the deal. Maybe he/she should replace "where" with "but" so it doesn't create confusion.

        • @wtfnodeal: yeah I would replace "where" with "but" except I can't edit comment once it's been replied to :/

    • Not really, some of the Amazon deals posted on OZB were often 50%-70% off. There were memorable deals.


      Some were also deals for items we cannot get here (Shield TV deals) for example. All the true bargain XBox One S console deals were from retailer's stores (JB, Aldi) or Amazon.

      eBay Plus so far feels like eBay's attempt to show their big sellers that eBay is a better platform for them to sell. eBay has something to counter against Amazon Prime's free shipping.

      The true eBay bargains for me so far were from smaller sellers or international sellers and those aren't / won't be eBay Plus deals. Those I easily saved more than 50% (some were easily less than half of RRP).

      • Without getting into a major altercation (yet again) I'll just say that I think it's eBay's answer to Amazon's lightning deals. I didn't say that it was better or that there were more bargains or anything.
        Surface value, looks like eBay's just made their own version of what Amazon already has.

        • It's nothing against you, it is about eBay Plus not really being an Amazon Prime equivalent (and it seems to benefit items sold by big sellers).

          eBay Plus items can only be offered by top rated sellers, so items from smaller sellers remain the same. Prime is about no minimum purchase for free postage (i.e. small items) and better delivery service. eBay Plus so far looks like a membership you need to join to get the maximum benefit buying items from big sellers on eBay. It is essentially a membership to get additional discount from big eBay sellers.

          Lightning deals are available to everyone. There are Prime only deals. It's not about the deals, I am just echoing what you wrote earlier - if they are not really bargains, don't buy. I assume eBay sellers can / will offer similar deals to non-eBay Plus members later on (just like they used to).

        • @netsurfer: I know it's nothing against me but you can't deny that it's eBay's answer to Amazon's lightning deals. I don't think there's that much competition there but it's what eBay are doing for now.

        • @pennypincher98: We just look at it from a different perspective. I see this as eBay moving deals which used to be available to everyone to eBay Plus members only. eBay Plus is a more discriminative service. It's basically lowering cost for the top rated sellers.

  • Yeah, this isn't incentive enough to sign up for eBay Plus. They need to make it more worthwhile, free delivery meh, free returns … that's given anyways on DOA brand new items and second hand you're screwed either way. I don't usually buy anything that's not free delivery. Limit stock sales, no chance of getting in on deal unless F5 at time of opening. ALso targeted deals, are never when you want them. So mostly useless.

    • Well nothing on eBay is really free delivery - the shop still pays delivery and they just jack up the price with the delivery price factored in. Now with ebay plus we may see stores with real free delivery as those aligned with ebay plus - ebay pays deliver and hopefully results in lower prices.

  • This is the best news of my ENTIRE LIFE!!!

    • I get your joke.

      • Some don't apparently… Given these are the very deals Ebay claims on Facebook to be "the best news of your ENTIRE LIFE" I thought it was worth reminding people in case they didn't realise just how good these deals actually are

  • Isn't it a cracking deal for Go Pro Hero 6???

    • Yes it is. Just got GoPro Hero 5 during recent sales. Hmm what to do now.

      • Sell it and grab the 6. The stabilisation is worth it alone on the 6.

      • There are some reports that say the hero 6 is very buggy and hungry on the battery. Image stabilisation is apparently much better, but if I were you, I wouldn't bother unless I needed better image stabilisation than what's being offered by the hero 5.

    • Yes that's an incredible deal too, about $110 cheaper than previous!

    • That's actually the only that got my attention. But I bought Hero5 last year and hardly used it, so I have to resist.

  • v10 abs+ …. how much lower than 799 lowest

  • S9, 200 each colour or all colours?

  • Is the Shiraz any good?

    • Could only find a couple of amateur reviews and no professional. Based on those but it appears to be a pretty mediocre thin Shiraz. I'm going to give it a miss myself.

  • The more I look at Ebay Plus, the more I like it.

    Free shipping alone makes it worth it for me. And the good thing is, when you read the terms and conditions, they aren't even forcing sellers to make postage free (though they encourage it which makes me think the will rank sellers). If postage isn't offered as free by a seller, eBay will take the hit on postage themselves.
    Not bad … and Amazon has such a terrible inventory at the moment.

    • Alright, easy there, Ebay shill.

    • You are right, if you see an item that's currently free post get the seller to list with the shipping component.
      Then wait for the sale for an extra 15%.

      Does anyone know the max rebate for shipping eBay will give buyers?

    • Free shipping only applies to ebay plus items.