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eBay Mega Deal: Bose QC35 QuietComfort Headphones $254.15 Delivered @ Shopmonk


Don't think these have ever been offered cheaper on OzB. Ripper deal. Enjoy :)

Original 15% off eBay CHAOS deal here

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  • +23

    YES! I actually got a pair lol :)

    • +5

      When TA is happy, I'm happy :)

    • Just found that I was too excited to apply cashreward!!!! : (

      • +2

        If you haven't already, I recommend you use Chrome and install the Cashrewards extension. Makes it harder to forget!

    • +29

      Somehow I managed to get it too. This is probably my greatest ozbargain achievement. Id like to thank my family and friends for helping me on this journey of acquiring these headphones at a basement price.

    • You bought a pair AND you had time to post this!

      Ol SpeedyfingerMcGee here

  • +4

    good deal, too bad I bought Sony 1000x last month still I think that is better than qc35

    • +1

      I got both, and not necessarily. Depends on whats being played, source etc. For Joe Average i think the QC35 is a better deal.

      • Ken, how's the sound quality on both?

        • Very subjective 😀

      • Qc 35 texture and cushuon is soft but in term of usability feature sony is clearly the winner, + noise cancelling slightly better

    • +1

      I returned My Sony 1000X and got QC 35 instead ,They were too uncomfortable to wear for long and I started having headache coz of it.
      QC 35 are easy on ears … Just my experience. :)

      • +1

        The ear cup on the Sony's is very unforgiving. Even the slightest bit of misalignment coupled with the tight clamping and your earlobes will be hurtin. Clamping can also been a good thing, if your bending over to tie your shoelaces or pick something up, less likely for your cans to fall off.

        The QC35s were basically designed with Dumbo the elephant in mind, light, comfortable, accommodating and decent sounding. Sony's are a bit anaemic on the bass, supposedly better cabled but that's not why I bought them. I found with the Sonys the quality varied markedly depending on source, but to really get the best out of them, you basically need to be using an Xperia which supports LDAC or some qualcomm-based android phone which supports APTX. But for your average Joe streaming some shit from youtube on daily commute to work via iphone I doubt you'd notice a difference.

        For me personally the anaemic bass on the Sony's was a real let-down. Was expecting a lot more from the Sony's but they didn't deliver for me. Better in some ways but worse in others. Ear-cupping to let the ambient noise us kinda weird as it amplifies the ambient sound around you. Touch control is a tad finicky, I found myself skipping or restarting tracks that I had paused as I was taking them off my head etc.

        Oh and they suck at multi-device pairing if that matters to you.

    • I too prefer the MDR1000x.

      The ambient noise setting rocks. Love the touch controls, too.

    • +16

      Yep, just the comment I was expecting.

    • +3

      As long as its an eBay deal, you're gonna hate on it

      • +2

        Any deal*

  • +11

    That blows my deal out of the water lol, $100 cheaper for imported stock

  • So good!

  • +1

    WTH someone invented a time machine?

    c***s ( 27Feedback score is 10 to 49) AU $299.00 1 21-Jun-17 17:57:44 AEST

    • The must have figured out the link or something the cheeky bugger

      • Someone knows better than TA

    • c***s ( 27Feedback stepped into the Quantum Leap accelerator… and vanished!

  • +1

    This is insane!! Great Price.

  • +1

    Damn.. was hoping for a GoPro hero 5 black….

    • That was last week…

    • +1

      They won't repeat a deal.

    • The FDR-X3000 from Sony was on eBay for $360 like last week. Honestly, it blows the GoPro 5 out of the water.
      Just wanted to see if you had considered it since most people just go for the GoPro without comparing.

  • +3

    i don't need this. why am i buying?? i use flare isolates. but… the price… is… so good…

    • How are you finding the flare isolates? Does the aluminium/titanium core make that much of a difference and is it worth their price?

      • +1

        i didn't know what to expect when purchasing, i've only ever used foam earplugs and active nc headphones as a reference point.

        that said, i'm pretty happy with it (bought the normal sized alu version on kickstarter). dampens most of the sound when mowing the lawn. good on airplane, definitely not pure silence but for me it was worth it. doesn't take up room if you are travelling, no batteries or cables. AUD 50 from memory

  • Good deal…

  • Got them in the first 10 sec hwe hwe

  • -3

    Sucked in to anyone who bought it recently

    • +1

      they will use it for a month before we get this

  • Got 2, cheers! Not much feedback on this seller though. And pretty new account. Hope its okay

    • 2 really! I need one 😂

  • +2

    I really didn't need more headphones. But man, $250 is hard to pass. Time to retire my old QC15s.

  • Wow, I thought $330 was a bargain.

  • Thanks! Great deal TA!

  • thanks OP had to get in on one of these!

  • Amazing, thanks!

  • +1

    Tons of qc35 will arrive from SG soon.

    • +12

      I think I have heard a similar story but from Colombia.

  • +4

    From one of the reviews:

    For $500 AUD you get……


  • 300+ sold!

    • fascinating to hit F5 and watch the counter climb!

  • +4

    Whaaaat? Just paid $352 with the ebay special here and thought it was a great deal :(
    I hate you TA :)

    • Quickly! buy the deal and try cancel the one you just bought!

      • +2

        Sorry, shouldn't have written "just". Headphones were delivered on Monday :)
        Oh well, at least mine were shipped from Australia and I got the silver model…but I still hate you TA! :)

  • This is a bargain!

  • +10

    Panic purchased! Thanks!

    • same here lol, thanks op

  • +3

    ok ordered.

    Reserving excitement.
    Ever get that feeling you just created yourself a headache? we shall see

    • +1

      at least it will be a quiet headache ;)

  • +4

    For once I'm thankful I'm procrastinating at work instead of getting everything done to go home by 6pm
    Cheers, been forever thinking QC35 vs MDX-1000

    • +2

      It pays to procrastinate people!

      • not right now it doesnt

  • OMG. Mega saving. $200~ off. with coupon.

  • Couldn't resist.. I've got a trip at the end of next week.. wonder if they will come to Perth in time? :)

  • 7pm yet ?

  • +1

    ffs. unzips

    600 sold in 15mins! thx for this deal glad i got in in the last minute :)

    • Keep it in your pants.

      • but what do i do when i cant remember my CC number off by heart? :'(

        • +1

          That just means you're not OzBargaining hard enough mate

  • +4

    Holy shit I got one

    Now waiting for the mass rejection email lol

  • +1

    Shopmonk are probably also using this to get heaps of feedback lol

  • Lol bought one… but I already have both the 1000X and QC35!

  • +1

    doesn't seem like limited quantity at all. a bit concerning.

  • Didnt even need these. God damn OzBargin!

  • Darn it TA. I hardly impulse buy but heck this deal is too good! Time to put my Jabra Move in the cupboard!

    Thanks TA!

  • thanks,

    was holding out for a super QC35/MDX-1000 deal

  • 6430 views per hour and counting.. bought one wohoo

  • 1000 votes???

  • Just love watching how these stats change: "6,808 viewed per hour", " 554 sold in one hour". jeezz!

  • jaw drop

  • What a deal ! Thank you TA !

  • +4

    I bought it with out applying the discount code!!!

    what should i Do???

    • +9

      chatted with ebay staff, and they will refund me the discount!

      • +1

        Winning! Come join the party lol

  • +1

    That low feedback score seller though…

    • ebay POWER SELLER!

    • Ships from Singapore.

    • +1

      I was worried about that too but the fact that it was a mega deal plastered all over the eBay splash page kind of makes me think that they wouldn't risk partnering with a dodgy seller.

      • Maybe… But I still have a pair of QC25's and a QC30 so no real need for 35's…

      • +1

        That doesn't mean they're an authorised reseller. And generally any company selling overseas from their home country is not a Bose/Samsung/Sony reseller because they are bypassing the local distributer (Ie based in India/Singapore and selling to Australia). This is a much different case from buying in India and bringing it back into australia yourself.

        Just an example would be that you could purchase from Best Buy while on holiday in the US and most companies with International warranty will likely help you. But if you purchase on Kogan Hong Kong online, there wouldn't be many companies that would provide service (not saying all wouldn't). But that's why Kogan HK state the warranty is with them, not with the manufacturer.

        If you have any warranty issues you'll have to deal with them and not Bose

    • Yes. Can a small time seller really have stock of 500+ pairs? Seems too good to be true.

      • +1

        Paypal is your friend.

        • Darn it, I should stop doing BSB transfers.

    • +1

      Seller Address is 11-21 Underwood Road, Hambush 2140

      • +1

        where did you see that?

        Shopmonk is the business name of an Indian company

        • Order confirmation email from ebay

        • @jackofspade: strange…. their website belongs to an Indian company and their rep on OzB says the office in in Victoria

          EDIT: bwah ha ha… I just searched the company history on OzB…. good luck to those 600 buyers.. fist bump for King Tightarse

        • @HeXa: whats the issue with the company? i think if theres an issue 600 angry aussies shall descend like thunder

        • @HeXa: theres a lot of speculation there but not a lot of hard evidence. i admit the basic headphone feedback thing looks a bit dodgy though

      • Ah yes good ol' Hambush.

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