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eBay 15% off Sitewide (Min $75 Spend, Max $300 Discount), 5pm-Midnight


$75 min spend. $300 max discount. 1 transaction per person. Up to 10 items per transaction. T&Cs here

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    OMGGGGG again?!?!!

  • +19

    fingers crossed 20%!!

    • +3

      Especially the 20% with $1000 limit….

      • +15

        And includes bullion

        • damn, just bought some yesterday

  • Here we go again….

  • +6

    And here we go again, hoping for a 20% off coupon to finish off "Hump Month"

  • oh wow lol!

  • +41

    bye bye my salary

    • 😿

    • I almost drank water and spit it out loud laughing at this message! What a laugh made my day….@imahapyboy

    • +1

      …. "but it was 15% off" to the wife isn't working so well anymore

  • wtf?!again?

  • groan

  • +3


    • +18


      • +8

        That's not how the pyramid scheme works ;)

        • +2

          You win the internet today

  • +6

    The coupon naming guy at eBay is certainly keeping busy…

  • +4

    F**K i just spend $700 on ebay yesterday :(

    • +3

      I just bought a gtx1080ti last night………….

      • +9

        Sounds like you're not a happy boy

        • +19

          Nobody is happy after buying a $900 GPU. They immediately either

          a) realise that the difference between this GPU and one half the price is almost unnoticeable during actual gameplay


          b) start wanting an even better one

          usually both at the same time…

        • +1
      • I bought 4..

    • +5

      Do it again tonight

  • +1

    Just 15%, what's new? ;-p

  • +17

    So TA, is there a 20% one coming along we should hold out for?

    • +1

      The $20 off of $100 one is still on till tomorrow.

      So… you know… if you spend $100… that's kind of like 20% off.

      • He's a genius ! No wonder you get paid the big bucks

  • Goddamit I LITERALLY just made an elligible purchase

  • +1

    Hopefully we get a 15% off with lower spend. $40-50

    • +1

      Agreed! Ebay need to have some variation in their short duration sales so they don't get stale.

      Min spend $50 would be nice.

    • +1

      $15 off for $40 would be great :D

      • Hurr durr better value codes would be nice

        Is any value ever derived from such mindless obviousness? It's like saying I wish X game/movie/tv series would come out sooner. No shit Sherlock, we all do, but thanks for reminding us again.

  • +2

    Feels like Deja Vu.

    • +3

      but now it's happened again

      • +1

        Deja vu of a deja vu? We have to go deeper.

    • +5

      Thanks, your deal is here

    • +2

      Please do not give false information.

      • +1

        Hit him with your mod stick.

        • +1

          Just get your sheep to downvote his post.

          pls don't kill me

        • +1

          @Lenny Pepperidge:

          ⛔ Voted by 11 other users

          Already have

  • Let me apply it to "sale and clearance" items and I'll be happy - nothing in T&C's either that I can see. =(
    Assume this is a way around people applying eBay discounts to stores with already discounted prices - they show up as an "offer". Lame.

  • Here we all go again..

  • Fantastic. I found something tuesday morning and was sad I missed the last one. Not this time though :)

  • NOOOOOOO, not again. I must resist this time.

  • champion!!!!!!!

  • +35

    Coupon Code: AMAZON

    • +7


  • +4

    Crap! I dont have anything to buy! quick! somone tell me something thats cool but i dont really need.

    • +12

      Box of figet spinners

  • -2

    Any discounts?

  • +1

    Thinking about pulling the trigger on the Oneplus 3T now the Oneplus 5 doesn't look all that special.

    Any better bang for buck phones around?
    Any expectation of a price drop in the near future with the oneplus5 launching?
    Another week could see price drop and possible 20% off ebay?

    • +1

      Lg g6 after the g6+ starts selling

      • Nice! G6 looks like a real good contender. I might be sold on this one.

    • Did they skip the 4?

      • +1

        yep as 4 is an unlucky number in china apparently.

        • Mhm, it has the same sound as the word for "death" in Chinese. :)

    • I'm contemplating on doing the same, been eyeing out the Oneplus 3T for a while.

      Samsung Galaxy Note 5 looks like a good alternative too for a few dollars more.

      • +1

        I've used both, and am still using the op3t since the note7 saga. op3t is definitely better than n5 unless u need the stylus.

    • Let me know if you find a good deal on OnePlus 3T. Any reason you don't want to go with LG G6 instead?

      • Brought the LG G6!

        • where did you bring it to?

  • Any good deals?

    • yes

    • jv?

      • +4

        I don't think that even jv cares about those recurring deals anymore.

  • I bet the code will be STORM

  • +1…

    gtx 1080 for $600 if you want to buy a GPU from a rather unknown and potentially sketchy seller

    • +1

      Assuming no price jack?

  • Mm…nowadays this kind of deal is become norm in ebay .
    Thanks OP

    • Or the timing is in line with eofy

  • so who is paying this 15%?? eg I buy something off Joe Blow who is just selling something personally second hand and it's 15% off? Obviously Joe Blow isn't losing 15% and I didn't think the markup was that high on items?

    • eBay. (Well the seller pay 10% in fees - so eBay pay the extra 5% and make no profit.)

      • Also they get a few percent from Paypal

        • Yeah, technically different companies though, didn't want to confuse the matter ;)

          Actually I don't really know how their 'partnership' works now that they have different owners…

        • @f4te: eBay owns Paypal

        • +4

          @blaze: Not since 2014-2015.

        • @omgitzrick: Who owns it then and where do profits go?

        • +1

          @leTintin: It was announced on September 30, 2014, that eBay would spin off PayPal into a separate publicly traded company, a move demanded in 2013 by activist hedge fund magnate Carl Icahn. The spin-off was completed on July 18, 2015.[45][46][47]

          technically it's a separate company but they have an exclusive deal with ebay and will continue to serve each others interests heavily, probably for a very long time.

      • And yet the sellers still increase their prices, greedy bastards.

        • +1

          Every single seller doesnt raise their prices for the sitewide deals. The companies do for the group 20% off though (they also pay eBay fees to be a part of it).

    • eBay foots the difference. The seller still gets the full amount. After selling tens of thousands of dollars worth of stuff over the last 13+ years on eBay and getting hit 10% of that in fees it's easy to understand how they can afford to do this :)

  • +2

    everytime these deals come up, I can't think of anything I want to buy :/

    • +2

      Want my wishlist, then?

    • Created a wish list.

  • Unable to participate.
    Despite being a 12+ year customer at the same address,same bank account and same email for over two years (we got ADSL up here then),I have to resolve an issue with my PayPal account.
    Chronically ill,so no driver's license or passport.
    All bills,except Telstra are direct debit.
    Issue being blamed on Australian Gov't rules.
    Told lie after lie by PayPal.
    Prolly all due to increased purchasing the same goods from the same suppliers due to these promotions.
    Really enjoyed these promos and thanks TA!
    Big FAIL PayIdiots!

    • +3

      PayPal are notoriously difficult to deal with when it. Comes to circumstances like this. Anything that isn't perfectly suited to their ask is rejected so I certainly empathise.

      • Ironically the only "circumstance" is that a loyal client of over 12 years has just become a better spender this month.
        There is nothing wrong with my account.
        The fact that 70% of my banking,purchasing and bill paying is done online is now working against me.

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