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Brewista Smart Pour Kettle 1.2L $119 Delivered @ Central Coast Coffee


Was looking for a temperature controlled kettle for brewing different teas, and found the Brewista Smart Pour on sale at Central Coast Coffee. Cheapest I could find in Australia by a good $30.

Happy sipping!

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    • Don’t think that offers precise customisation of temperature just a range of preset options which may not suit everybody. Different value props, upvoted for the link though - may be useful for others.

      • From one of the reviews on targets website:

        Heats from 40degs c to 100 in 5 degree increment

        Don’t think anyone would realistically be able to differentiate between 85 and 87 degrees tbh.

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      That doesn't have gooseneck spout, big difference for pouring

      • Exactly. A gooseneck kettle is used for different coffee brewing methods. This type of kettle isn't for everyone, but I'd say it's a bit of a niche item for people who brew their coffee with things like the Hario v60.

    • I bought the non-glass version of this for $49 a couple of years ago and it's been great. Thrashed the crap out of it, so the power button is kind of stuck in, and sometimes it stops boiling, but still works so I'd say for the price I paid it's a win.

      Thanks for the link, might make the upgrade to fancy glass hehe

  • The mouth seems good for V60.

  • Or you could get a xiaomi youlg for 90

  • Mine became defective after a year, it just kept boiling. Could be just bad luck.

  • OzBargained.

  • Highly recommend this Kmart kettle in the link below. Had it for 12 months already and can’t fault. In stock at various kmarts around Australia. Only $60

    • As per discussion above, the kettle in this deal is a completely different product. For 90% of people, the Kmart one IS probably the better option. But for the 10% of people looking specifically for a pour over kettle, the Kmart one just isn’t the same.

      FWIW, this Brewista is actually a relatively “cheap” option for electric, temp controlled gooseneck kettle!

      But yes, for people that don’t need such a kettle (myself included!), the Brewista is overkill, and the Kmart is probably a better option because it’s cheaper and more compact (doesnt have the gooseneck).

      Basically, if you need the type of kettle in this deal, then you’ll know. If you don’t know what it is, then you don’t need it, and you should buy the Kmart one! :)

  • Far out. I wish this didn't get ozbargained. Tried to do a pour over coffee today and splashed scalding hot water out of the cup and filter from not having a gooseneck spout.