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Zyrtec Hayfever Tablets 'Love It Or Your Money Back' Promotion


Just in time for spring. Zyrtec are running a 'Try It, Love It or Your Money Back' promotion on their 2 and 10 pack hayfever tablets. Buy a pack and if you aren't satisfied with it, you can get your money back.

To claim, you must:

  1. purchase either a Zyrtec 2 or 10 pack between 1 September 2011 and 29 October 2011;
  2. fully complete the claim form at www.zyrtec.com.au/moneyback ; and
  3. send a printed copy of the claim form together with a copy of the receipt to Locked Bag 5 Broadway NSW 2007. Claimants must retain original receipt.

Each valid claim received before 11:59pm (Sydney time) on the 12 November 2011 will receive a gift of $2.50 for the Zyrtec 2 pack or $12.95 for the Zyrtec 10 Pack, delivered to the claimant in the form of cheque.

Short terms and conditions

  1. Promotion starts 12:01am Sydney time on 1 September 2011 and closes 11:59pm on 29 October 2011.
  2. Offer only open to Australian residents aged 18 years or older.
  3. Only one claim is permitted per household (based on residential address).

Full terms and conditions

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  • +17

    You forgot to mention that this cash back is intended for the people who were not satisfied with the product after using it.

    • -1

      Guess the OzBargainer in me, conveniently disregarded that part. It's not like they actually check and there's nothing about that in the terms and conditions. I've added it to the description though.

      • I tried something like this a while ago for a diff product, without knowing it was for unsatisfied customers. If you have to give your phone number, chances are they will call and ask why you didnt like it.

        • You could just say that you bought a few packets and you didn't end up needing them.

  • Thanks for this. I've been giving my money to Zyrtec for many years during spring for no financial return :P

  • +6

    I get hayfever every year (have done so for years), and for those looking for cheap relief get into Priceline.

    Their 'homebrand' anti-histamine is awesome. Pretty sure they have 2 versions, but get the Fexofenadine 120mg tablets. Gives pretty much instant relief, non drowsy, and lasts for 24h. I normally dont advertise for companies, but these suckers work terrific… even here in Canberra with all our spring winds and dry weather.

    Much cheaper than Zertec or any other 'big name' pharmacy only hayfever product.

    • +1

      Zertec never does anything for me unfortunately. Most of the big name brands don't. Only one that does is Telfast. Will have to check out the Priceline brand though to see how it compares!

      • I know what you mean man…. Zyrtec does nothing for me either!
        Telfast has same active ingredient (fexofenadine) as the Priceline one… but I dont pay for name brands when I dont have to :).

        • +2

          You don't have to go into priceline specifically…a lot of pharmacies carry generics for Telfast. Also why take the 120mg when you can get the 180 lol

          But to the main point, i find zyrtec (and its generics) work better for me than telfast or claratyne. Its personal preference as neither one are found to be unequivocally better than the other.

        • Agree with Doey21.

          As a student in health sciences, I know that different antihistamines work differently for everyone.

          Different brands generally have different ingredients inside, so it is helpful to try different ones to find the one that suits you most.

    • cheers, will try the Priceline homebrand

  • +6

    hmmm, 10 pack of zyrtec is $9.69 at chemist warehouse… with 12.95 refund, $3.26 profit !!

  • +1

    I use Fexotabs during late spring when I get quite bad hay fever. It's generic, cheap, and works. 20% off from National Pharmacies for being a member too.

    • Seconding this. They're the only thing I've tried that actually seems to work. Relief within minutes.

  • +5

    I usually buy the Members Mark version over Ebay (from the US). Has the same active ingredient as Zyrtec but you get 350 tablets for about $30. For a family of four this would usually last us for the whole season.


    • I wonder if customs would want to test those if they found them :P

      • I agree. Customs do check, right? don't you need a permit to get the medicine through customs?

        • It's neither prescription nor banned so I doubt you'd have any issues.

        • +1

          On the TGA website: http://www.tga.gov.au/consumers/personal-importation-scheme....

          This basically says that you can even import a 3 months supply of an unapproved medicine into Australia provided it is not restricted or prohibited.

          However, since Cetirizine is approved in Australia this limit does not apply so even though it is more than 3 months supply (for one person), it would still be allowed through customs.

          Basically what I'm getting at is you won't have any issues with getting this through because they'll allow unapproved stuff through.

      • Not sure if they really care that much. I've bought the same thing from Ebay for the past 3 years and several of my friends have done the same and none of us has ever had our parcels held up by customs. I think they don't really care when it's an over the counter drug that can be purchased in Australia.

        • +3

          Yep, Cialis comes though ok too. (so I'm told) ;)

        • +1


          i see what you did there

      • As long as tablets or fluids are in their original commercial packaging, Customs tends not to care.

        Customs will stop outgoing medicines if they're subsidised by Australian tax payers. It's a criminal offense to export PBS medicine for use by non Australians.

      • No they don't care. I travel with these whenever I go OS - a ½ tablet is a great sleeping pill.

        • Zyrtec isn't PBS which is why they don't care.

        • Agreed. They make me drowsy, which is why I prefer Claratyne or other non-drowsy versions. Is Zyrtec more effective than Claratyne though?

          BTW supabrudda, there are some antihistamine based sleeping tablets called Restavit that you can get specifically for this purpose and they are over the counter. Just have to ask for it.

        • In order of least drowsy to most drowsy:

          Claratyne, Telfast, Zyrtec.

          Saying that, from studies shown, the more drowsy an antihistamine is, generally, the better it is as a hayfever tablet.

          However, these medications can also work differently for everyone, so you really have to try each one to tell which is best for you.

    • how is it compared to claratyne, or zyrtec? i assume they are all for hay fever, right? sorry, know little about the importd medicines, but I AM SUFFERING :( i hate spring and sunny dry days, i hate sunny dry spring the most…

      • It's the same as Zyrtec. They both have 10mg of Cetirizine HCl

        • thanks. will order after i finish all the claratyne i have. do you know what can fix my itchy eyes? apparently claratyne does nothing.

    • +1

      Zyrtecs are in the business of marketing and sucking the consumer's hard earned dollar which need not be spent. The actual tablets cost jack all to make and are the cheapest anti-histamine to manufacture I use Okacet off eBay, which is also a Zrytec equivalent and made by Cipla, one of India's major and reputed pharmaceutical companies.


      Okacet works a treat for me.

      Also seeking feedback from people who use Claratyne (Loratadine 10mg)……..


      • I use Loratadine from Pulse Pharmacy and they work an absolute treat, will have to check my pack and the info on that listing to see if they are the same, if so then will definitely grab those, found loratadine work better for me than telfast and zyrtec

        • Yeah Loratadine and Cetrizine work for me but Telfast won't :(

  • +2

    For $2.50 could anyone be bothered?

    • +6

      WHAT??? revoke you Ozbargain membership NOW!

  • +4

    When I saw the title, I thought this was a new Android tablet :D

  • How much does it cost to mail the receipt? I haven't used Australia's postal service in a while.

    • -2

      I agree, postage costs really sour this deal, NEG

  • +1

    About 15 years ago my wife suffered terribly from hayfever - all the standard symptoms … sneezing hundreds of times per day, aching face, sore nose, etc. The Zyrtec/Claratine/etc medications could slow down the effects but not stop them. I don't suffer from hayfever, and at the time, I was doing quite a lot of work in rural areas so came home each day covered in ryegrass pollen. That was enough to send her to the doctor and they suggested she get some injections to stop it. She was desperate so decided to try it even thought it's known to not work for everyone. The effect wasn't immediate - it took a few months before it really kicked in - so even though she had the injections, she still had to keep taking the medication all the way through that Spring season. We wondered whether we'd done our money cold and the injections were useless.

    One year later, as hayfever season returned, we realised she was not being affected at all. Nothing. Nada. Zip. The injections worked. After ~8 years she started feeling her sinuses tighten after a few high-pollen days so went and got an injection top-up and the hayfever settled down in three days. It's been another 7 years or so and she's still going fine.

    Long story short - if you're suffering from hayfever and spending many dollars on medication, it might be worth investigating getting injections, so have a chat to your doctor. There's an initial financial outlay for the injections (not very much) but we have not bought hayfever medication for ~15 years and that initial cost has paid for itself many times over.

  • where is the cheapest place to buy the 10 pack? do they send you a cheque for $12.95 still if you paid less for it?

    • I got my 10 pack from Terry White chemists for $9

      • thanks uraha. im off to Terry White chemists and hope it possible to make a 3.95$ profit after claiming the moneyback?

  • +1

    And here I've been wasting money like an idiot, when I could just get 300+ tablets on eBay for only $30.

    Are there any other incredilby cheap products which areunnecessary to purchase locally, that I could get online instead?

    • I would be interested in hearing about this too. It would also be a good thing to know to what standard the mdicine has been produced to.

      • I had someone bring back some meds from india, (not from ebay) everything was fine, in fact I like the packaging better (wasnt a blister pack so much easier to cut up a few tablets to keep in ur wallet)

        Looking for a good decongestant myself as well, the new ones with phenylephidrine dont work as well as the old psuedoephidrines.

        • I know some one who works for a drug manufacturer in Australia. He in his private capacity purchased some online antibiotics and then tested them at his work. It turns out that the active drug in the tablets were as stated on the medication box….BUT what was missing was that the antibiotic lacked the tablet coating (enteric) that is needed to reduce the effects of stomach acid inactivating the drug.

          But for anti-histamines I doubt that special coatings are required…..but I am sure each active drug is individual in its delivery requirements.

        • +1

          robotdad, missed your response on another thread and you've got emails turned off, so I'll respond here.

          1tb 9.5mm drives:
          Samsung M8
          WD Scorpio Blue WD10JPVT
          Toshiba MQ01ABD (OEM only?)
          And there'll be a Seagate one by now I'm sure, but don't know the model number.

          Incredibly off-topic, sorry.

  • -2

    Do note for all those considering buying meds overseas that if you kill yourself with dodgy medication (due to either medication that contains a high percentage of waste toxic products from the production process, or due to poorly designed tablets, such as no coating etc), you will not be covered in any way.

    Medication bought here from a proper retailer is hence a much safer option.

    And for those who are claiming that medication from overseas is good, I can only agree to a certain extent, because most of you buy from EBAY. Seriously, with so much crap being sold on eBay electronic wise, how do you know the medicines they sell there are of proper quality. The tablets they sell could well be out of date placed in a brand new box.

    • -1

      i smell Gerry Harvey.

    • +1

      Hey Gerry :), I understand your skepticism but that's why you buy reputable brands from reputable online sellers.

      The dates are inscribed into the tablet foils, so no scope of doing the dodgy. With Cipla's Okacets I buy, I purchased them first when I was in India from a large chemist chain/ wholesaler and they costed AU 55c for 10 there. Fresh stock too. If you know what you're buying, it ain't hard telling what's fake and what's not. I was told by the wholesaler that the same stuff was being imported into US, UK and Oz like crazy from Cipla to be re-branded as pharmacy brand medicines. The GSK equivalent was an extra 5 cents for the same quantity but there was not any difference as far as effectiveness was concerned.

      • -2

        If you noticed, I said eBay. Obviously you can't read..

        And sif call me Gerry =="

        I'm just a health student trying to be concerned for the general OzBargain community.

      • it ain't hard telling what's fake and what's not

        Yes it is.
        With the improved packaging it is impossible to tell the difference between fake and genuine.

        The fake drug packaging is so good now that the only way to tell if a product is fake is to chemically analyze the tablet to see what is actually in it.

        Because of this fake drugs and other products have made it into UK hospitals and chemists and it has happened once in Australia that we know about.

        • You're quite right Anthony but for the price of drugs we're talking about here (USD6.75 for 100 or USD22 for 500) its hardly worthwhile for companies to be 1)producing counterfeit drugs and 2)reputable online sellers selling them. Okacet comes in a blister pack of 10 tablets.

          My point - if they wanna make fakes, they'd probably target Viagra etc.

  • Can i feed to my cat so it can get high, and then when they ring me i will say " The cat ate it"

  • Received my money in the mail today, it came as an Australia Post 'Australian Money Order' for $12.95, even though the tablets I bought cost $11.95.

  • Received my money in the mail today!!

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