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[NSW, VIC, QLD] 50% off Pre-paid Passes 24 Hours @ Merlin Attractions


Received the following email may be of interest to some:


So, for 24 hours, pre-purchase a ticket or Annual Pass to visit ANY Merlin Attraction and get a MASSIVE 50% OFF!

Tickets can be used at any time over the next 12 months and Annual Passes will start when the attractions reopen.

To get started, simply choose your favourite attraction.

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    It says Platinum has 365 days of unlimited entry. What's in it for Gold then?

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      access vs no access during school holidays.


        Ah, okay, thanks!


    Good deal but as per their condition the pass needs to collected in 7 days at choosen attraction and when its reopen its not a good idea to visit in 7 days :(
    Unless they send by post

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      For this special offer it seems to be 14 days rather than the usual 7, not much of an improvement though.

      Not sure if the Gift Voucher version needs to be collected or not though… not clear.


      The "pass to be picked up within X days" clause means that that's the grace period for the actual start date of the pass. That's what I was told when I renewed our 4 annual passes online but my wife didn't join us on the day we went.

      So, say they reopened on 1Jun20, if you don't pickup/use your pass within the 14 days then the expiry date would be set as 14Jun21 even though you picked-up/started using the pass on, say, 1Jul20.


      Its a good deal if they dont go bust before they reopen (very real possibility) in which case is a crap deal cos youll be getting nothing for ur hard earned money and if they do go into v.administration pretty good chance u wont see ur money again.. Id Avoid this like Covid-19!

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        Revenue: 1.688 billion GBP (2018)
        I think Merlin group will be fine..

        ~six months of shutdowns is under gbp$200m lost profit.


    What's the code? General admission tickets not showing as discounted.


    Given the article I read that said Merlin was under pressure to raise new capital this makes sense. Not sure I want to be part of this way of raising capital though :)

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    Tickets can be used at any time over the next 12 months

    Will the vaccine be ready by then?


      probably not — 18 months is probably more realistic.. will they refund everyone if they are still shut by this time next year which has to be a real probability

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        So this is more of a lottery than a deal then ?


          more like a chook raffle

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    They could be closed till next year, and if they go bankrupt in the middle of that your passes probably won't be honoured (as creditors/bankers will have taken whatever money is still in the company).

    So, only buy this if you want to support their creditors, or on the slight chance chance that you'll get to go when they re-open.

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      Yes, I can imagine Merlin is bleeding money right now (along with all public attractions which are closed during the lockdown).
      If Merlin goes into receivership the annual passes may not be honoured (just look back at all the retailers going into liquidation and the giftcards becoming worthless).


      Cant agree more.. which is why they coming out with this "promotion" to try and generate cash-flow

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      (as creditors/bankers will have taken whatever money is still in the company).

      Maybe become a secured creditor? Buy one of their penguins or something…


    Does it include entry to the Thunder River Rapids?