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Breville BES920BSS The Dual Boiler Espresso Maker: Stainless Steel $989 (Was $1899) @ Myer


Good price for a dual boiler coffee machine. Not the cheapest it has been but still a reasonable price. Apparently can be had at TGG for $899

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    Is this a new version or something? It's been sub $700 before

    • Yeah, you could surely wait until another Good Guys 20% off ebay sale.

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    It’s been at that price regularly at goodguys PLUS 20% off during the ebay sales bringing it down to the 700ish mark

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      And that was 2 years ago. By now should worth only $500.

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    not a good price.. $899 here & that is still expensive

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    Cheaper at the Good Guys (2nd result in my search): https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/breville-the-dual-boiler-espr...

    Probably cheaper elsewhere, and the "regular" sale price is under $700.

    • Just bought this one from the good guys late last month for $799 which was the ticketed clearance price. Hurt when I saw how cheap it gets on full sale but I needed my coffee ASAP.

      • Hi, is that possible to share your invoice? I just bought one at 899 from good guys and haven't picked it up. I am wondering whether they could match that price.

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    LOLL what a joke :)

  • Well it's certainly a price "record"

  • Nah not a good deal. I bought mine a couple of weeks back for 899 from Bing Lee (and yes, I know it can be cheaper).

  • Can someone please explain if this is a different machine to the one that's in the Dynamic Duo pack? It seems that this plus the Smart Grinder Pro for $199 is significantly less than the Dynamic Duo pack at $1,599.

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      comes in one box…
      thats it

      the duo pack is just an overpriced bundle.

      • Thanks, that's what I thought, sneaky marketing to catch out the unsuspecting consumer.

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    This is just another example of someone monitoring Pricehipster and posting things on here based on that. It’s happening too often and I don’t like it.


    Thanks for posting though , just do more research next time.

    • Never been on that site. Never assume.

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    That RRP is wild.

    Edit: it’s not a deal is Harvey Norman has it cheaper without any sales.

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  • Not really a deal, cheaper in multiple stores for at least the last month or so

    Harvey Norman $899

    Good Guys $899

    That said, it is a great machine.
    I just replaced the pump in my 4 year old one of these for $30 as a lockdown project, and it is extracting better than ever.

    • Ohhh where did you get the pump from, and is it worth the work? Mine is now 4 years old too.

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        I got it on ebay - Ulka EP5.

        Worst part is trying to get the old one out.
        It was very tight in there, and all the little cable ties rip into you while you are trying to grab the pump.
        Warning though - You need to know what you are doing. 240V and hot/high pressure water in there, so some research needs to be done and you need to be aware of all of the safety precautions.
        Tools needed were a torx screwdriver (I used the Xiaomi screwdriver set), a philips head screwdriver, a couple of small cable ties, gloves to minimise cuts while pulling the pump out, some silicone adhesive for the thermal fuse on the pump and some side cutters to cut cable ties when you need to.
        For me, it was very satisfying to have it work at the end.

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          Wow. That does seem like alot of work. I guess just take alot of before photos and view alot of youtube videos.

  • Bought it for $799 3 years ago. Paid $599 thanks to Amex :-p
    I had no idea the RRP was $1899

  • Yikes - bought this from TGG 4-5 months ago for $679

  • Got mine for around $640 from an OzB deal. This is $350 more. I know no one has a time machine but expect around $700.

  • Just curious does fully automatic coffee machine ever get huge discount sale price like the OP coffee machine

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    2 second Google shows this is not close to the cheapest currently available.

  • Does anyone know how this compares to the Barista Pro BES898?

  • Looks like a bust sadly. Better deals on this can be found elsewhere.

  • Great machine but as others have said can be had for cheaper elsewhere. NO DEAL :D

  • Bring back the $600 deal on this one

  • Any idea what the grinder usually goes for to suit this unit?

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    Bought for $799 at goodguys yesterday. Not the best price but not bad in the current market.

    • Good luck with your new machine.
      For me, it shows up on good guys as $899 - do you have a link for where it is $799 at the moment?

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        The listed price is $899, you're right. I asked what their best price was in store and they offered $799.

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