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Heatzone Outdoor Hanging Patio Heater 1500W $179, 2000W $269 Delivered @ Fans on Sale Amazon AU


We are selling these Heatzone heaters on our Amazon marketplace store at around 35% off from their normal prices this week (their prices tend to vary a bit). These are a new item for us and are excited to have these on special at the moment!

These are available in two sizes:
Small 1500W $179 (normally $279) and Large 2000W $269 (normally $419), both with Free delivery! but no Amazon Prime.

We have them also on our normal website if you prefer not to buy on Amazon:
Small 1500W $179 and Large 2000W $269 (plus free gift table lamp with order over $200), both also with free delivery.

These Heatzone heaters come with a DIY flex and plug to make installation simple (if you have a socket available). Plus it means they can easily be removed for storage during summer when not needed. They are IPX4 rated with anodised aluminium so perfectly suitable for outdoor use as long as they are undercovered, won't get wet, or are not right on the coast.

We are a third party seller on Amazon and fulfilling the orders ourselves (so no Amazon Prime), our Amazon store is somewhat newish but we do have an established online store as well. Hopefully we set up this deal properly, if any changes are needed we'll update it right away. Also please excuse the spelling error on the Amazon listing, sadly it's now locked in, we've reached out to Amazon to have it fixed.

If you have any comments or questions we'll be more than happy to answer them as best we can!

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    My power bill says no.

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    ps.: not eligible for amazon prime.

    • Thank you yes! Added it in.

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        haha. So much enthusiasm

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          Trying hard to get this right!

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    But doesn’t heat rise?

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      You’re thinking of convection, this is radiation.

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        Exactly right, hot air usually rises, however these kind of heaters radiate out heat. Similar to heating globes found in bathroom heaters or takeaway shops that keep chips warm for example. They are designed more so to heat anything in it's path rather than the surrounding environment.

        These heaters will still probably heat some of the surrounding air which will rise, but most of the heat will radiate straight down from the heater. This is also why they work great outdoors as a breeze won't push out the heat out (to a certain extent) compared to heaters that blow hot air.

        Thanks guys for the comments!

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    $419 for me. Must be expired.

    • Hi bundym8, this deal is expiring at the end of today. I just had a look and seems someone accidently set the price timers a day early. They have all be fixed now! Let me know if I can help with anything else.

    • Also, if you already placed a heater in the cart and started the checkout, you might need to remove it then add it in again with the updated sale price.

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