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20% off Complete Range - Primo Numero Uno 1KG Coffee Beans $10.40 + Delivery (Free Delivery over $60) @ Primo Coffee


Very good deal on really great coffee and free delivery over $60

I have been using this coffee for a while and its a nice drop if you like strong coffee. They also have pods and different style beans.

Not sure but I think code available for one off purchase..


https://primocaffe.com.au/collections/primo-product-range/pr... 50 pods @ $14.00
https://primocaffe.com.au/collections/primo-product-range/pr... 1KG Beans Organic @ $14.39
https://primocaffe.com.au/products/nice-coffee-beans?variant... 1KG MAESTRO BEANS - OCB @$23.43

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  • Thanks OP. Grabbed a bag for $17 delivered on your recommendation.

  • Hopefully the numero uno is as strong as they claim. I find most supermarket brands are a little weak for my delonghi ecam

    • I use the numero Uno in my dual boiler and definatley strong, very good with milk based coffees.
      I usually buy direct from the factory.. the coffee is very fresh, I would compare to botique roasters. Great crema :)

      • Awesome: I’ve got a kg coming. Hopefully it’s my new go to

      • I pulled the trigger thanks to your comments Aussybob. I also have a Dual boiler so hopefully get a similar result.
        The discount worked for me.

        • Goodluck, great coffee machine BTW!

    • I find most supermarket brands are a little weak for my delonghi ecam

      Same! Always thought it must just be me.

      • you gotta find a great boutique local roaster that will sell 1kg for 40 bucks

  • +3

    Ordered a kg to try.

    My go to super market beans are lavazza perfetto espresso.

    Will see how this stacks up.

    • I too use the Lavazza, any chance you can update us with your opinion on this bean when you get it please?

    • Yea please provide some feedback :) I also use lavazza and mine is just about done so need to get new beans

  • Does anyone know where to find/buy chicory? Coffee powder mixed with chicory makes it even stronger for my liking. Unless the beans in $TOPIC are really as strong as they claim, I prefer to add chicory

    Edit: Nevermind, found one.. thanks

    • +1

      Sounds like very cheap instant coffee.

    • Double shot sir

  • Please enter valid coupon code ? Doesn't work ?

    • Yes I get the same Coupon code invalid.

    • +1

      Looks like the deal was meant to be over so they would have disabled the promo code. This is on their website:

      Week Three - April 13th - April 19th Quite simple, 20% off everything all week to make it just a little bit easier to stock that pantry during these hard times. Type SELF-ISOLATION20 at checkout to enjoy the benefits

      • +1

        True but I was in contact with them and they re-enabled it until Sunday. I just asked and they said it's working..

  • +1

    The Self Iso April tab states:

    Week Three - April 13th - April 19th Quite simple, 20% off everything all week to make it just a little bit easier to stock that pantry during these hard times. Type SELF-ISOLATION20 at checkout to enjoy the benefits

  • +2

    I also got an invalid code even set up an account to log in - put a message in the chat - got a response - "Typically replies within a day"

    Here is the work around:
    Add a pod selection - go to checkout - enter code - go back to shopping - add coffee - go back to checkout - remove pod - code should remain

    • worked thankyou so much mate

  • +3

    This comment from wilko23 doesn't sound great:

    wilko23 on 31/10/2012 - 15:37
    I went to their warehouse and the beans are NOT fresh roasted… The expert? barista working there didn't even know why I wanted to know a roast date… I haven't tried the beans so can't comment on quality but can say with 100% certainty they aren't fresh.

    • +2

      8 Years ago… that comment- I cannot verify that.

      I have been picking up the beans directly from the factory for the last 12 months and have been happy with the quality. IMHO comparable to some sub $40 beans.
      Wife agrees so thats a win :)

      • Do the beans have a roast date printed on the bag? Thanks

      • +5

        The comment I quoted may be 8 years old, but unless the company has changed their business practices in that time (which we have absolutely no indication is the case), it remains as potentially relevant as ever.

        If you are going to neg my comment, then could you please answer how you know that the beans are fresh? Did they tell you the roast date? Does the bag have a roast date printed on it? (Or are you just going off the scientific method of "wife likes it"?)

      • I cannot verify that.

        Oh look, there you go, it's been verified for you:

        Time to retract that neg vote on my comment, wouldn't you say? ;)

        • OH SNAP

    • .

  • Discount worked for me - took price from $12.99 to $10.40. Delivery of $6.60 took the total to $17. Thanks OP - two of us WFH has made me finally need to start paying attention to coffee deals :)

    • same here.. going through a lot of coffee :) shame it can't be stocked up!

  • +1

    3 pack works out even cheaper… $29

    • Plus delivery?

      • I think it's free over 60 bucks?

  • +1

    Doesn't seem to apply to decaf beans :\

  • My go to beans are Lavazza. Because they match for strength, I've ordered the Classico beans to try. Thank you OP. :-)

  • Anyone know how these compare to the Coles branded coffee beans?

    • funny you mentioned the coles beans (urban brand - I think) I tried recently and although not terrible they are not as good as the Numero Uno. I find the Numero Uno stronger and more flavour.

      • How does it compare to Lavazza or Vittoria?

        • +1

          haven't tried Lavazza or Vittoria in years- beans are too old by the time we get them.

          • @Aussybob: How about Harris? I usually get one of these three, preferably Lavazza though.

  • +2

    how does it compare to Aldi?

    • +2

      One does coffee sales, the other is a supermarket.

    • I've only tried Aldi beans once and I absolutely did not rate them at all. Will not be trying them again when I can get local small roasters for the same price.

      • Which local roasters do you go to? Aldi has beans for less than $15/kg, independent roasters sell beans for about $40-60kg.

        • I don't know if "small" roasters may have been the best term, but I just paid $17 for this kg…

          • @Hinee: Do they have an online store? Would be interested in purchasing for that price.

            • @SomeBooy: I'm confused - I'm referring to this deal. 1kg of beans for $17 delivered.

              • @Hinee: Ah I thought you meant that you have access to other roasters that sell beans for the price as Aldi's.

    • My go to are the ALDI beans, was getting their single origin blends, now they don't seem to be around so using the dark roast. Fairly similar, both great for $13/kg if you get it right in your espresso machine. Lavazza is pretty overrated if anything but rate ALDI for the price as far as supermarket brands, pretty fresh, from Melbourne.

      This post is interesting though, wouldn't mind trying.

  • Anyone know the roast date? or are these more like supermarket beans?

    • Yes, like supermarket bean. Up to 2 yrs old.

  • Are their beans 100% Arabica, or a blend with Robusta?

    • Given the emphasis on strength I think it'll almost certainly contain robusta

  • +4

    I messaged Primo on insta on the 6th of April and they told me their roast dates were:

    https://primocaffe.com.au/collections/primo-product-range/pr... 1st April

    https://primocaffe.com.au/collections/primo-product-range/pr... 27th March

    https://primocaffe.com.au/collections/primo-product-range/pr... 18th March

    https://primocaffe.com.au/collections/primo-product-range/pr... 27th March

    https://primocaffe.com.au/collections/primo-product-range/pr... 10th March

    They also said that the expiry date indicated that the beans were roasted 2 years prior

    • Wait so these aren't fresh roasted beans?

      They've potentially been sitting in a warehouse for a year?

      • +1

        adam85 is correct with the roast dates. However, these are 2020 roast dates.

        Date on bag is best before which is usually two years from roast date.

        • +1

          Ah ok. I wish I knew that before.

          Will mean the beans can potentially be over 6 weeks old which definitely isn't ideal.

        • Hi rep - thanks for posting on ozbargain!

          How often do you roast? Would you consider running another promotion next time you do a fresh roast, so we can try the beans freshly roasted? :)

          • +3

            @caprimulgus: Hi there, that sounds completely acceptable.

            We would love to run another promotion with roast dates on all products provided, preference being within one week from roasting.

            Thanks for the support :)

  • +1

    Anyone tried the pods?

  • got 2 bags numero uno $27.39 delivered to 3000. thanks OP!

  • -2

    At this price you might as well buy from a good quality roaster like Single-O. Some of their blends are great. They roast according to order and put the roast date on each bag. Companies like Lavazza do nitrogen flushes on their beans to keep them "fresh" for up to 6 months. Not sure about this brand. The fact this one doesn't mention the roast in their FAQ doesn't look good. Beans only last 3 weeks from time of roast. Nothing can prevent it - storing in freezer/vacuum sealed bags are all myths.

    • +5

      So I just went to Single-O's website and the cheapest I could find for 1KG is $48 (many were +$70 per KG) - so 400% higher than the offer here.

    • Beans only last 3 weeks from time of roast

      so if you bought Espresso Bean and 1 week to degas, now you're left with 2 weeks for the whole kilo… big drinker XD

    • Beans are still usable after 3 weeks. As with any other food, beans go stale faster if you expose it to air and moisture frequently. I'm still on my 4 week old beans and it still produces acceptable shots.

      Storing it in the freezer won't prevent it from going stale but it does slow down the process. I keep what I don't use in the next 2-3 weeks in the freezer in batches and take them out a day before I use them so that I'm not introducing moisture and causing condensation to form by opening it while it's still frozen.

      Having said that, I refuse to buy beans without roasting date.

  • What's the difference between Ground Espresso and Ground Filter ?
    What would be better for Aeropress ?

    • +1

      That is the size of the grinds (how fine/coarse it has been ground). Espresso would be a fine grind, while filter would be a medium grind (could be medium-fine or medium-coarse).

      Aeropress can take pretty much anything you throw at it! I'd say it's personal preference - so try both, and see what you like. Alternatively, look up different Aeropress "recipes" and follow the one you like the sound of - they should specify the type of grind suitable for that recipe.

      If you can't decide, then just go the filter grind.

      • Thank you, I'll try filter grind.
        I'm using a metal filter with my Aeropress and it lets through sediments unlike the paper filter.

  • I am keen to see if this is really as strong as they claim. Anyway worth a try given the price. Will probably have to wait over a week since it's coming from NSW and I am in Melbourne.

  • pulled the trigger. hopefully a good strong bean!

  • +1

    bought it two days ago, arrived this morning. WOW……(in NSW…so close by, to be fair)

    It smells so good. Need to finish off my Dukes beans then I will tuck into this.

    I'm excited! :)

    • finished my dukes about 2 weeks ago, was OK not great.keen to know your thoughts on this coffee

      • +1

        what dukes did you buy?
        I bought the market espresso. I do prefer a dark/stronger tasting coffee.

        Was really happy with it. Sure it wasnt the all time best ever, but it made a solidly good coffee, intense, great flavour. I typically make a latte every morning for the mrs and myself. Mrs was happy, therefore I am happy :)

        I'll post back here once I tuck/grind into the Numero Uno :)
        Let me know your thoughts too!

        • +1

          I got the Market Espresso Blend, don't get me wrong it was a good cuppa but not my fav.

          As you know the same bean will taste very different when using different machines/grinders, there are many variables.. I try to stick to a particular supplier when I find a blend we like, but variety is the spice of life so I like trying recommendations. One of our old time favs is double roasters- flight path blend, locally roasted out of Marrickville main reason we don't get it now is that our local cafe doesn't supply it anymore :( Not as strong but great flavour goes nicely with milk based drinks.

          • @Aussybob: double roasters flight path blend sounds great…..

            I am the same, I like to stick to the one I like, but then you start to wonder and try new coffee, then eventually come back to the old faithful again etc etc and so the cycle goes on.

            I better not try that same approach with my wife or I am going to find myself in very very big trouble!! hahaha (not that I have any intention of doing so, lol, I am a lucky man!)

    • +1

      Yeah, I'd be keen to know your thoughts on these beans, and how it compares to the Dukes. Which one did you buy - the Numero Uno?

      I have about 4kg of coffee (vacuum sealed and frozen) to get through, but hopefully I make enough of a dent in it for next time the rep runs a deal, cause I'm keen to try! :)

  • +2

    Gee that was quick - ordered the Numero Uno coffee on Wednesday arrived today (Brisbane) - Haven't tried it yet but will let you know.
    Came via Sendle/Couriers Please. This leaves Aus Post for dead.

    • I ordered Wed 22nd April and am also in Brisbane. Got picked up by Sendle in the morning on the 27th and no further update on the tracking since. Absolutely dying to try these beans out as my current ones are not strong enough!

      • If you like strong coffee this ones strong
        I tried the Numero Uno coffee straight black, found it to be pretty strong, a bit rough with very little rounding flavor. Maybe adding milk might help although I prefer my coffee's black.
        Hopefully you get yours soon.

  • +1

    As above, purchased Numero Uno on Wednesday and arrived in Brisbane on Friday - Very impressed with shipping speed and the coffees I've been able to make with these beans.

    • +1

      Glad to hear your enjoying the coffee :)

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