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Google Pixel 3 XL 128GB (Black/White) $588 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Harvey Norman


Good afternoon!

Similar deal to one posted by hamza23 in March, now Harvey Norman is offering both the Black and White variant for $588.

For some odd reason, they are also offering the Google Pixel 3XL 64gb at the same price point. Go figure!

Credit to Price Hipster.


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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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    I own this phone screen is fantastic and system very fluent. Still one of the best camera. However the downside is it only has 4gb ram. My app keep closing in the background which is quite annoying. I hope the pixel 5 this year have at least 8gb ram

    • +3

      Are you sure the app is not closing in the background due to power optimization?

      • +1

        It 100% is. It's how they manage 4gb ram

  • shame its singe sim only

    • +1

      singe sim is the worsT

      • +6

        unless you only use 1 sim ¯_(ツ)_/¯

        • +1

          You mean if u 'only use Singe sim' 😛

          • @scud70: o0o00oo i completely missed that. I cannot edit or delete so I'm going with it!

    • I thought only Samsung Galaxy Note 7 sims were singed?

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    Isnt the Pixel 4 less money outright at Vodafone? Is the 3XL worth the same?

    • +2

      3XL = better battery life

  • +1

    If anyone is put off by the notch, disabling/hiding it in developer settings should do the trick. You lose some screen space, but the phone is more pleasant and symmetric to look at IMO.

    • -2

      You lose some screen space


    • +1

      The Nacho Notch app lets you black out the notification bar to match the notch without loosing space. Looks much nicer.

  • Cheers, ordered for delivery; no C&C available near me). Not that I could be bothered.

    • +3

      V50 is a way better deal

      • I almost got that, but I took too long and they ran out.

        Probably for the best given some of the feedback/comments, especially to my question here: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/8579196/redir

        • +1

          Was gonna get it, but then I see g8s and v40, 30 are always avaliable. Now I want to buy it but no longer avaliable. Damn these ozbargainers are fast

  • +2

    I had a huge argument with the better half about waiting for a better deal, I cannot wait for the "I told you so" moment. It's what keeps me going in life.

  • +3

    Beauty, just put in a claim for 28 Degrees price protection.. Was great for $750 last Sept (half price before the release of the Pixel 4).
    Still a great phone, no urges to 'upgrade', recommended.

    The Spigen thin fit case is great too (gunmetal Graphite gray)

    • God damn I wish I knew I needed to sign up to this insurance

    • oh well. My price protection was only good until Feb of this year. So missed this amazing price by a few weeks.

      • damn.. did u make any other claims during the year?

        • It's all good. I still saved a bit of coin. I was able to claim multiple times because the price got better. Ultimately, because of price protection, I was able to have the phone for $731.95

        • Couple yeah, not on this purchase and not many lately.
          Hopefully they honour it.
          Still end up paying for it half the time when balance isn't totally paid off.

  • +1

    Anyone still using the original pixel xl? I was thinking of getting one as a cheap option

    • mine just died.
      it was okay, sluggish though. even updating apps whilst doing other things caused slowdown.
      I'm going to get a pixel 4a when it's released I think.

    • my pixel 2 xl has working flawlessly until a month ago after i killed the screen from dropping it

      • Lol, that’s mainly your fault then.

    • On my third one. First broke, replacement broke now using the replacement's replacement.

    • +2

      Using the Pixel 2 XL, skipped straight from Nexus 6P. It is working fantastic, so far.

    • +1

      Pixel 2XL is such a huge upgrade from the pixel XL. Apparently the jump for 2-3 isn't worth it. I'd almost pull the trigger on a 4XL, but i think i'll wait for the 5… want it to be 5g compatible.

    • The original pixel has or is on its last update from google. Its still got a good camera but processes the hdr slower and would not be as strong in dynamic range, low light. It also hasn't aged well in looks. But can pick up used for sub $150. Be aware that most would be on batteries a few years old already.

      3xl is a great upgrade from 1.

    • Yes, I still use one as my daily and it still does everything I need. Some minor lag here and there but still a great phone. Running Android 10, photos are still great even in low light, has a headphone jack, and still get around 3.5 hours SOT. I actually have a spare one (128GB version) that I am looking to sell on eBay.

      • I'm so jealous of your 3.5 hr. SOT!

        Before I retired it for a 3a, I think I was only getting 1 hr of SOT with a total use time of only 5 hrs before it would be dead.

        • Yes, I have done a lot research on phone batteries. Turns out it is pretty simple to extend the usable life of the battery. Just keep the battery between 20-80% charge all the time and it will work fine for many years. Never charge to 100% and never let the charge drop below 15%. Takes a bit of discipline but I have been doing it and it works.

          • @billy_bob: Yep, I came across the same info primarily because of research into my incredibly poor battery life. It seems to be working so far, my current 3a is 5 months old and I've done the same with respects to charging.

    • I was an OG pixel user and the wife was an OG XL user. Mine still works but has pretty bad battery life now. It's vibration has also stopped working.

      The wife's XL abruptly decided to die last year.. we suspect it might have been related to EMI because it happened at the same time a whole bunch of surrounding electronics went haywire.

      Anyway, yes, considering it's an older phone, it's camera is top notch. Maybe no longer top of the pile now, but it still takes pretty damn good photos.

    • I broke mine recently trying to replace the battery… At least my wife's pixel og is still alive.

      Best thing about it was the decent camera and the unlimited photo/video storage.

  • Yes gradually all vendors will start selling pixel 3 and 4 at a nice discounted rates because Pixel 4a and 5 are coming soon. (Pixel 4a is coming in 2nd week of May).

  • -1

    How is this a good deal? You could get a Pixel 4 for less (and still dropping), and most people would agree that this has one of the worst looking notches in a phone. Along with 4gb ram and no standout features. Go with Pixel 4 if you really want current-gen flagship Android at a reasonable price (battery only being the downside, but not by a huge margin).

    • (battery only being the downside, but not by a huge margin).

      Also no fingerprint reader is a deal breaker for some of us

    • I guess people are willing to pay more for the bigger screen. shrugs

  • +1

    This, or the $520ish Vodafone pixel 4?

    • +1

      Go the 4XL for better battery life and not much more expensive.

      • 4XL is physically too big unfortunately :(

        I've heard about the 4's bad battery life. Wondering if that is going to be an issue if chargers/powerbanks are available.. 🤔

      • +2

        Can you please link me to where I can get a 4 XL you're thinking off? I can't find a Pixel 4 XL for under a grand.

        • I think they are referring to the Vodafone deal where you sign up on contract then terminate paying a relatively low amount to break contract, ending with a pixel 4 at low cost. Vodafone haven't put an end to this so assume they are OK with it.

          Buying a phone outright from a store Is obviously easier but the p4 xl is naturally newer and likely better in most regards. (I've had all 4 pixel gens)

  • +1

    $499 and we have a deal!

  • how about this Nubia red magic… ad is every where

  • anyone has receipt to share with ?

  • +2

    Pixel 3 64GB Optus variant

    • Thanks for this. Picked one up. No Optus branding whatsoever on my one though…

  • Update: As of 9.47am 27/04/2020

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  • Just got mine now, battery was dead. Usually they have a bit of charge in them I thought? Plugged into charger now, booted up fine.

    • -1

      Guess that was from the very first shipment in 2018 …

  • Saw this, missed out on the Voda pixel 4, and ended up getting the $474 Samsung A71 instead!

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