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iPhone SE 2020 (Red, White and Black) - 128GB $799.99, 64GB $724.99 + Free Delivery @ Costco Online (Membership Required)


Apple's line of the great value new iPhone SE was made available today and Costco seems to have the best prices in town.

These are the options available through Costco:

iPhone SE 128GB Red MXD22X/A $799.99 sold out
iPhone SE 64GB Red MX9U2X/A $724.99 sold out
iPhone SE 64GB White MX9T2X/A $724.99 sold out
iPhone SE 128GB Black MXD02X/A $799.99 sold out
iPhone SE 128GB White MXD12X/A $799.99 sold out
iPhone SE 256GB White MXVU2X/A $964.99 Thanks to user F75 for the pickup.

Edit: The 256gb phones are back in stock. Red, White.

For reference, RRP for 64GB is $749, 128GB is $829 and 256GB is $999.

Industry leading unboxing/reviews linked here.

Here is some quick information about the iPhone SE 2020

A13 Bionic (iPhone 11/Pro)
4.7" screen
Available in Black, White, and RED
iPhone 8 body style
Single 12-megapixel f/1.8 aperture Wide camera
7MP Front facing "Facetime HD Camera", Auto HDR, Portrait enabled. No 4K
Following up on the point above: This means no Animoji, or Memoji (interactive)
No 3D Touch, Haptic Touch
IP67 rating
Dual Sim - Physical + eSIm
Qi Wireless Charging
5W Adapter included (capable of fast charging with better adapters and the USB-C->Lightning cable)

Also includes free year of Apple TV+

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  • If you're not in a hurry, then wait for David Jones to get in stock and pay with discounted gift cards…

    • +7

      David Jones, no thanks. They don’t deserve any sales for their pathetic customer service.

      • What sort of customer service do you need tho? Someone to follow you around?

        • +3

          The customer service that doesn’t deliver you used items when you place an online order, the customer service that doesn’t cancel orders without justification, the type of customer service that doesn’t put you on hold for over an hour, the own that respond to your emails. I could continue.

          Not convinced, have a read of the social media comments towards DJs.

          • @gamemaster: DJs is fine if you can go into the store and buy what you need off in store stock. From looking at comments in Ozbargain they don’t do so well when you have to order things online.

    • DJs sell phones?

      • +55

        Only when they’re not dropping beats.

        • edit

    • Anyone know the best seller for DJ GC right now?

      • +1

        Nib rewards had 8% discount on DJ GC, Suncorp rewards has ongoing 6% discount

        • do you know if I'd get instant access to NIB rewards if I sign up with them today, or do you have to earn some "loyalty points" beforehand to get access to the rewards?

      • There is currently an Amex offer - spend $100 for $15 credit. GCs allowed.

  • +14

    IPhone XS owner here, would totally get an SE if mine broke. Good value.

    • -15

      How long does that last a day

  • +10

    A reminder that the battery size is 1821 mAh

    • How long does that last in real life use

      • People are getting 1 to 1 1/2 days out of a full charge

          • +23

            @nikoris: You realise the screen is smaller with a lower resolution?

            • -14

              @scuderiarmani: So? The SoC is the same.
              Its 3026mah vs 1821 mah, thats pretty big difference.

              • +15

                @nikoris: Do you reckon a 75 inch 4k TV uses more power then an equivalent 55?

                Of course the screen matters. It'd also likely have other lesser or missing internals (like extra lenses) that'd further save power.

              • +5

                @nikoris: The SOC is underclocked on the SE which would improve battery life. Your iphone 11 still should last longer than the SE though but your usage is probably different than the average person with an SE.

                • -7


                  The SOC is underclocked on the SE which would improve battery life.

                  Source? Makes it even less of an option for my missus, i am very happy with my 11. As i see it, 11 is still the much better option, much better vfm

                  Your iphone 11 still should last longer than the SE though but your usage is probably different than the average person with an SE.

                  Phones use the same power when in standby. Same power in a phone call. Soc uses the same power, also ram/storage.

                  • @nikoris: Look I don't have the phone, just reporting on what people and reviews have been saying first hand but have you considered that as you desire a bigger phone you probably also utilise a phone in a different way than people who want a smaller SE would, eg games, videos etc. All this means is that you would get even less on the SE than your 11 but doesn't mean other people dont get 1- 1/2 days out of an SE
                    Source https://m.gsmarena.com/iphone_se_2020_appears_on_antutu_reve...

                  • +4


                    As i see it, 11 is still the much better option, much better vfm

                    That’s why it cost more

                    • -1

                      @snvl: Cost more but has more ram, better battery life, has modern design, has face id, has better camera, has night mode, has wide angle lens, has brighter screen, has more features (like tap to wake)

                      • +1

                        @nikoris: SE and 11 have different sale targets

                        Reviews are reporting that battery life is fine. For heavy users last a day just fine.

                      • @nikoris: Mate, you have no idea what you're on about

            • +1

              @scuderiarmani: Smaller than what and lower resolution that what ?

              For someone going from a XS/XR or 11, sure.

              For someone going from a 6/7/8 ? probably not ?

              There are a bunch of people who have been waiting for the SE (probably myself included) who simply couldn't justify the price tag of the 11 (nice as the technology is) and didn't need the additional size either..

              • +3

                @jason andrade: He's comparing to a 11…

                Amd it's irrelevant, it's the principle that a smaller lower resolution screen uses less power.

                • +3

                  @scuderiarmani: The test results are in - iPhone 11 has about 30% better battery life than the SE with the screen on and web browsing. In this test the 11 lasted for 14 hours while the SE lasted for 10.7 hours:


                  Given the battery of the 11 is 70% larger than the SE, I'd say the much smaller screen and lower resolution do have a significant effect on battery life while the screen is on. It's pretty safe to say that the standby power consumption (screen off) would be about the same given the nearly identical SOC. So, the 11 should have roughly 70% greater standby battery life.

                  • @Dogsrule: Now now :)

                    It's definitely impressive life all things considered.

                    And given the SE user is less likely of a power user then that of say a 11 Pro, they could just as likely conserve battery longer and get the 1.5 day figure that was quoted above….

                    Which is all my point was about…. I fully expect this thing to be a great (albeit reasonably expensive as you are paying for the ecosystem still) for people that don't care toooo much about phones. It's just the currency being so bad here that really makes it look bad, given it's say 1/2 to a 1/3 of a flagship over there in the US, but only marginally less then a flagship S20 here (commonly on sale price).

                    • @scuderiarmani: I basically agree with you - this is a good value phone and will be a perfectly fine overall package (battery life included) for many people.

                      However, the guy you were arguing with was making the point that the significantly larger battery of the 11 would more than make up for the higher power consumption of its larger screen whilst its being used, and the test results bear that out. Also, the standby endurance is certainly going to be much better on the 11 because of the larger battery and basically identical standby power consumption compared to the SE.

                      I'm just saying - he did have a point, too bad he got too emotional while making it.

        • +4

          my current iphone 6 has a battery life of 25 minutes, so ill take that

          • @Donaldhump: not too hard to change. just swapped a battery on my old SE a couple hours ago. cost me about $15 and 30mins

            • @crentist: maybe for you its easy. i havent got that ability

              • @Donaldhump: I can do this kind of pretty well anyway, but it's not just about that. The first time I changed the battery I was sure I'd break it because I had no clue what I was doing.

                The real trick to it is to have an older device that isn't worth paying to fix (like an iphone 6) and be prepared to break it and have to buy a new one. And then follow some youtube videos.

                But if you can handle a screwdriver you can manage it, it's all much less delicate than you'd think. The hardest thing is finding one of the tiny screws if you drop them.

                • +1

                  @crentist: The trick in avoiding that is to setup on a flat, well lit surface, to have the anti static mat and to have a receptacle for all the screws so you know where you are putting them directly as they come out.

                  • @jason andrade: Haha yea I usually set up a little space to lay it all out. But even then the danger is during dis/assembly, when a slight movement can slingshot a part off the table.

                    Then I wish I my little space wasn't in my poorly lit room, amidst a pile of crap on my desk, with cables on the ground they may or may not now be buried amongst.
                    And that I had got myself a magnetic screwdriver to help position them better.

      • +11

        I don't know because I don't own it, I'm an Android

        • +20

          Lol someone downvoted me, must hate Android users.

          Feel free to downvote me again if it makes you feel better

          • +4

            @Ausdave: !remindme in 1 day

          • @Ausdave:

            Feel free to downvote me again if it makes you feel better

            I'm pretty sure it does make them feel good.

          • @Ausdave: i gave you an upvote for being an android user. FOOK APPLE

          • -2

            @Ausdave: No offence, but Happy to oblige…

        • +1

          Evolution of AI is really amazing, they look out for bargains now.

        • +1

          lol not sure that this was the right place to confess that…

          • @DisabledUser312757: Lol you're probably right.

            On another point, I hope this sparks more innovation and competition in the Android space.

            Hopefully the pixel 4a is good and has a higher battery capacity and efficiency

            • @Ausdave: I wouldn't rely on pixels. Each year I have been hoping for something good. Instead they just increase the price and disappoint. They are the apple of Android and I don't really want to support them anymore. 3a was a load a trash for the money. To think I could have gotten an se2 for the same money.

      • Apple bringing back the brick. Waiting for gsmarena to do the battery test. If you are getting a full day new, imagine how bad it would be after a year.

    • +3

      You can get old batteries (almost) free of charge

      • what would you do with old batteries though?

        Anyway , if they are almost free, I'd take 10!

    • +3

      With the power efficiency of the new A13 Bionic and a fairly low res but usable screen, it really doesn't matter since it will last a whole day regardless. All the new phones are attached with bells and whistles, 4k screens, 120hz…. this is as no frills as you can get.

      • +31

        And still $800.. Hilarous.

        • +4

          Iphone can charge whatever, because there's only one company that can make and sell iphone and ios.

          Personally 730 for 64gb and no option for sd card. So many more options that is better valued.

          Ofc if you are in the Apple system, fair enough.

          • -4

            @mbck: Apple imo is a software company that outsource hardware manufacturing and design

            • +7

              @DisabledUser345744: They 100% do not outsource design.

              They design their own processors for god's sake! How much hard core do you expect them to be?

              • @SirDale: Right shouldn’t have said design but they outsource their hardware manufacturing, that’s why they rally lock their software down, cause the at is their only selling point, but big enough to retain customers that makes Apple such a powerful company that people trust with their data.

                • +2

                  @DisabledUser345744: Everyone outsources at some point (in the whole chain). For example who digs the stuff out of the ground? Not the factory that's manufacturing.. And who builds the machines to dig stuff out of the ground ? Not the mining company..

                  Apple have simply been smart enough early to look at the high margin and low margin parts of a business ecosystem and decide they only want to stay in the high margin section and ensure they keep control over the parts that allow them to do that.

                  The quality of the product they produce of course is independent of the business economics.. but it seems to have worked out well for them as a business (comparing their share price and market cap - compared to say Samsung..)

            • @DisabledUser345744: Manufacturing yes, but they are responsible for and own the design.

              Samsung makes screens, ram, and cpu for apple, they still can't make their own iPhone.

              Manufacturing is a low margin business, and owning your own manufacturing plant isn't always an asset. Look at intel, falling behind because their plant can't manufacture at 7nm, but they can't outsource to someone who can, because they need a return on the billion dollars they spent building their own fabs.

        • It's laughable the price and sort of phone you get from Apple. It's no longer worth considering with so many options these days. I would only buy Apple for iPad because the tablet market is fairly different. The best combination is Android phone and iPad.

          • @neonlight: That’s exactly what I have been doing for at least 10 years.

            You have a Mac as well

          • @neonlight: I wanna agree, and figured my next phone would be a cheap Xiaomi or older/sale flagship. And this new SE is kinda disappointing.

            But, the big difference between this phone and anything else is that I would expect 4-5 years from this, but around 2-3 for something else.

            I'm using the old SE and it's still good, no need to upgrade. It's a 4 year old phone. But in the last few months my mum, gf, brother, and his wife have all bought new phones, about 2-3 years since their last ones.
            Given that they all complained to me about how crap their phones were getting and asking what to buy next, I kinda wish I'd told them to wait for this thing so I won't have to deal with their whining from starting about 18-24 months from now.

            • @crentist: I guess each to its own. These days mobile tech change so quickly not much point spending too much in two years you will change. As for tablet they have longer lifespan

              • @neonlight: I actually feel that mobile tech has come down a bit in terms of year on year advancement because there don’t seem to be other technologies/gadgets anymore to borrow from (GPS devices, music players, digital cameras, gaming consoles, computers, TVs). There’s really not a huge difference between the iPhone 6S and the new iPhone SE other than the expected processor updates and slight camera improvements - that’s 5.5 years in between those models, compared to the difference between eg the original 2G vs the 3GS vs 4S vs 5S which were all massive exciting upgrades.

              • @neonlight: Used to be like that, but these days what changes in two years? I've mainly held onto my SE for the size, but also because there's not much reason to get rid of it. After 4 years it's still getting latest updates, still runs all new stuff, still feels fast.

                New phones are better, but the improvements are very incremental, improvements on things they can already do pretty well. But they still do all the same stuff.

                Question then is whether to get something like this iphone and have a solid device for next 4 years, or buy something half the price and get fed up with it after 2 years and upgrade to another half price phone.

                • @crentist: Yup, feel the same. I got the iPhone 6 Plus and got rid of it because it was playing up, run out of IOS support and I wanted the watch. If it wasn’t for that I would’ve been happy to keep using it. I’ve now got an iPhone XS, I got for less than $1000, and I will, probably, be happy with that until I can’t pair my watch and phone anymore. The beastie’s just work and Apple supports them for a good many years after release.

        • +2

          I'm no Apple Fanboy but my wife is still rocking her original iPhone SE back in 2016 and it still runs damn fine. Speedy with a good camera which Apple continue to update. Not many Android phones can claim that.

      • I don't understand this argument, sure 1800mah will last all day but when other phone manufacturers are putting 5000mah in, surely if apple even put 3000mah they could claim almost 2 day battery life. Why only put something that only last one day?

    • +4

      A reminder that iOS battery life is not to be compared to Android battery life.

    • +7

      A reminder that iPhone battery management is industry leading and as such you get far more than a comparable android.

      • -1


        Comparable Android. I mean iPhone 11xs max is top of the top. Plenty cheaper Android has better battery life. Not including the maximum power saving mode.

        • -1

          Plenty cheaper, as in mid range. Of course they last longer. That's literally all they have going for them. Smashed in every other area compared to any flagship.

          • +1

            @onlinepred: I wouldn't say smashed in every other way.

            4.7 inch screen vs bigger

            One camera vs 3 (wide and tele)

            Front mounted fingerprint sensor vs inscreen fingerprint

            65% screen to body ratio vs at least 85+% ratio

            Ip67 vs ip68

            Note, these are against "midrange".

            Not a diss at apple. If you want/need apple, then this is your only option for a cheap entry.

            But personally you get more elsewhere. Just imho.

            • +1

              @mbck: Number of Camera does not matter if they are off.

              Good luck to iPhone 11, sale will 100% tank because of the se,

              • @DisabledUser345744: Huh? The Samsung has Single Take, which allows you to take pictures with all cameras (including front) as well as some videos in an instant. Allows you to pick and choose what you want to keep, so that you don't miss any moments.

                Even then, you are given 'options'. It's a landscape, you can use wide angle. You want to take a macro shot? Use tele.

                Have a good weekend everyone

            • @mbck: All the things you said, don't matter at all in reality. The wide angle is nice, but realistically most will never use it. 4.7 inch screen is good, because many want smaller screens, there is no small screen android that's comparable. I mean I'd rather one great camera than 3 average ones.

              Unfortunately, android offers nothing with more value objectively, mostly if you value long term use rather than upgrading your android every year or two. Actually compare all the specs. Wireless charging, 5 years support, stereo speakers, hardware home button with fingerprints sensor (better than in screen tech), tiny form factor, incredible video and photo, dual sim, fits all iphone 8 accessories!!!!

              • @onlinepred: Deleted, no point continuing discussio

    • Will most likely last longer than every small android flagship.

      • That’s debatable in terms of the processor, but, pocophone remember that

        • +1

          In terms of OS updates and security updates. Also hardware support post purchase. All of which it sucks to say, but Android doesn't compete at all. I begged google to replace my Pixel XL battery, out of warranty, willing to pay for it, and there was just no way. Meanwhile my wifes ip6 2 years of out warranty, replace battery for $50 on the spot, easy as. Pocophone was a great mid ranger for sure, it hit above it's weight, but ultimately still a mid ranger. I don't like Xiaomi much these days, I think have too many devices, often certain ones will get forgotten with critical issues still occuring.

          • @onlinepred: That’s easy to say when consumers or governments raise the issue and it’s mainly done by pr and marketing for damage control and make it look like they are doing good for their consumers. If that’s not the case Apple Genius Bar will deny all issues and blame it on the consumer. If you want your battery replace on an iPhone XS or x or 11, that will cost you 108 based on current data.

            • @DisabledUser345744: Add with any company, done people will always have different results. Xs and 11 are still under warranty fyi. And that price is October compared to Samsung or Google. Samsung s10e costs $380 to replace battery outside warranty. Where is the value in that?

  • +21

    Look at those bezels..hope U like bezels..

    • +3

      Better than a notch🤷

      • +1

        iPhone SE user here. Can confirm: no notch 🙅

      • It's objectively not though. 65% screen to body ratio vs 80% on the notched iPhone 11…

    • +2

      I think most people who aren't anal about it can handle some bezels.

  • +11

    What's with all these stupid random negs here? Grow up people.

  • +15

    I feel like if AUD is stronger and the price is at 599-649, we will have a different conversation.

    • Good question, I wonder how they calculate the price world wide, current exchange rate or fixed rate from the past.

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