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[PC, Steam] Alien: Isolation - AU $2.19 (-95% off) - Additional Content -75% off @ Humble Bundle


Alien: Isolation as well as additional content is on sale for a limited time for up to -95% off.
Additional content is all -75% off.
Alien: Isolation is -95% off.

Link to Alien: Isolation

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  • +11

    Even aliens are in iso? What could they
    possibly be scared of 😂

    • +5

      You're the one in Iso. It's a real life simulator but with Aliens.

    • Aliens are biological life form, so I guess even they are susceptible to viruses. Symptoms will be lethargy and coughing up acid.

  • +28

    Beaten by a few seconds. Description from my now removed post so I don't feel like I completely wasted my time. haha

    Apparently it's Alien Day so Humble is running an Alien Day Sale.

    If you want the complete package do NOT buy the collection as it works out cheaper to buy the game, season pass and 2 extra DLCs separately. ($10.66 vs $13.49)

    $5.99 - Season Pass

    $1.24 - Crew Expendable

    $1.24 - Last Survivor

    Game runs on Windows, Mac and Linux. Best played with headphones on in the dark.

    Humble Choice subscribers get an extra 10/20% off.

    • +12

      I felt bad for being earlier because I liked your post more :(

    • Thank you, purchased this way :)

  • +7

    April 26 (yesterday) is known as Aliens day, referring to the planet(?) LV-426 in the Aliens film universe.
    Happy Aliens day! :)

    • Nice fun fact for the day.

  • +2

    $1.86 If you’re a Humble Choice subscriber.

    It’s a great game but too long for a second run. Wish there was a shorter 8-hour version.

    • +1

      Yeah game is too long but I still enjoyed playing about half of it then dropping it. It was good but unfortunate they messed up the length so badly. Nothing to lose for $2 though.

      • +1

        Couldn't agree more - as indicated in my other comment further down here, the last 1/3 of the game kind of undermines the first 2/3. It would be a better game if they'd just ended it at that point.

  • +3

    Its on sale on Steam too.

  • +1

    wow! yeah i might finally pick this up
    edit: and done

  • +2

    should just get the isolation game or the rest of the packs as well?

    • Keen to know as well. Seems like the last survivor and crew expandable are skins?

    • +1

      Most of the DLCs basically boil down to intense, short, mini-levels ("Challenge Maps") similiar to the sections of the campaign where the Xenomorph's AI is fully unleashed on you and you're being relentlessly stalked and hunted.

      You start in a safe hub area, and have an option of choosing one of two possible levels, in which you have to complete a few objectives at a time while avoiding either the Xenomorph, androids or human survivors. Once you make it out of a level and back into the hub area, you can choose to spend some of the points earned to create a save point (or save them up for a higher total score if you're competing with leader board rankings). You earn more points the faster you finish a level (they're not timed but there is a timer on the screen which lets you know how many points you're losing as each second goes by). There's about 8 or so levels in each DLC that increase in difficulty and vary in the foe you have to face (some levels feature humans and the Xenomorph, or androids and the Xenomorph).

      Crew Expendable is set on the Nostromo from the first film and allows you to select one of the original crew to recreate the part of the first film where Ash goes into the vents to trap the Xenomorph.

      Last Survivor is also a retread of the first film, this time in the shoes of Ripley, as she sets the Nostromo to self-destruct and escapes in a shuttle.

      The rest of the challenge map DLCs mostly contain environments that you've seen on the Sevastopol in the campaign with exception of two which have some never-before-seen areas, I forget which they were.

  • I just want to play the story single player, not interest in any multiplayer, challenges, new maps etc, which DLC shold I buy? Thanks

    • +3

      Dlcs are not big deal, like others said these are short mini games, only good Dlc is the one based on original alien movie.
      I just bought the base game for pc( played it multiple times on ps4 before).
      I suggest save your money. Get the base game

      • thanks!

  • This was such a great game - nailed the visual and sound design of the movies absolutely spot on. Scared me sh*tless a lot of the time, too - I reckon my play time was probably doubled just because I spent so much time hiding in lockers / under desks etc to scared to come out :D The only real downer is the end - the first 2/3 of the game is superb, really tense, scary stuff that captures the essence of the first movie perfectly. Then they kind of spoil it by changing tack from Alien to Aliens at the very end. Don't get me wrong, I love Aliens (the movie) even more than I love Alien, but it's jarring to have that kind of change in tone mid-stream.

    I really wish they'd given this an update patch for the PS4 Pro / XB1X consoles, but I guess it was probably deemed too old by then.

    • I reckon my play time was probably doubled just because I spent so much time hiding in lockers / under desks etc to scared to come out :D

      This is the correct way to play. I had to play this game on 'Easy' because I was too scared to leave the lockers.

      • I had to play this game on 'Easy' because I was too scared to leave the lockers.

        If you play on the hardest setting, you really need to change tactics. The alien almost always find you in lockers. Really changes the game.

      • This is the correct way to play.

        It's actually the worst way to play; even the in-game hints keep repeating the fact that hiding is only ever a temporary solution, constant movement is the key.

        Even if you haven't been spotted directly and you've got some distance between yourself and the Xenomorph, after enough time it will find you hiding in a locker through sheer trial-and-error.

    • +2

      The only real downer is the end - the first 2/3 of the game is superb, really tense, scary stuff that captures the essence of the first movie perfectly. Then they kind of spoil it by changing tack from Alien to Aliens at the very end.

      For anyone confused here, they didn't literally change the campaign's story into the events from the sequel (Aliens) at the last minute; you're definitely not blowing up Xenomorphs with Smartguns and Pulse Rifles at any point during the campaign, but the story does become a lot more action-heavy and implausibly over-the-top towards the very end (this is only the last 3 hours or so of the campaign).

      There are both direct and indirect parallels and references to the first and second film in the game's story, since it's kind of unavoidable in an Alien franchise videogame to not have those common series tropes such as: androids turning on humans, Weyland-Yutani's questionable ethics, the Judas-like company man who betrays everyone, etc, but they don't feel uninspired and forced but rather more like nostalgic fan service for the hard-core Alien crowd. The result being that you do see some of the twists and turns coming but there also some genuinely surprising revelations that spin-off the story into it's own firmly unique direction.

      Still, in a 20-plus hour campaign, the majority of that experience is a high-quality, polished and extremely authentic journey in the canon of the films, from top to bottom.

  • Fantastic game and at that price you should definitely give it a try. Tight survival-horror and a really long story to sink your teeth into. If you want an extra challenge or element of randomness, there are mods that alter the xenomorph's behaviour to make it aggressive and far less predictable.

    DLC is optional in my opinion. I personally haven't felt the need to play them.

  • I've been wanting to get this for a while, especially to try with VR (wish me luck). Almost bought yesterday with the Fanatical deal but decided to hold off. But today it's $2! That's an insanely good deal.

  • Great, grabbed this and the Crew Expendable and Last Survivor DLC for under $5! What a steal. Thanks a bunch OP!

  • Steam want $23 for the season pass.

  • +1

    Wow, turns out I already own all of this. I should play it sometime.

  • +1

    Hmm, Steam selling for $2.20, Humble Bundle is $2.19. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

    Both Fanatical and Humble Bundle have the season pass for $5.99.

    • +2

      Save 1c, that's the OZBargain way! You get a Steam key anyway.
      Also, if you buy with Humble, you give charity too.

      • Yeah that was what motivated me. The charity bit. Hopefully, my little bit help somebody somewhere.

  • +3

    Ridiculous price for such a good game.

    If you haven't played it by now, you really need to; it's one of the best games of the last decade and the best Alien franchise game ever released.

    There's also the MotherVR mod, a fan-created VR conversion for the game that works very well and turns an already uneasy experience into something truly scary.

    • +1

      a fan-created VR conversion

      They didn't do much, it was originally designed to be a VR only game.

      • it was originally designed to be a VR only game.

        Considering that the only VR headset that existed at the time of the game's release was the Oculus Rift DK2 which was not widely available and was itself a work-in-progress with numerous issues; I call bullsh*t.

        VR functionality was never intended to actually be shipped with the base game, hence why the VR mode in the vanilla release was disabled by default. It was definitely not polished enough and the plan was to fully implement it in future updates (which never happened because SEGA didn't consider the game a "commercial success" and ordered TCA to stop all development).

        MotherVR is still in development and has greatly improved the controller input, UI/hand positioning, character/object movement fluidity, image scaling and stability of the base game's VR code to the point that you can simply install the mod and run it without having to do a bunch of hacky config editing, console commands and trial-and-error to get it working, like you did with the built-in VR mode.

  • I noticed it's on Game Pass for PC. I saved $2.

  • anyone else unable to get keys off humble? bought earlier today and went to activate just then and says keys are temporarilly exhausted

  • I got the error after purchasing
    "Keys are temporarily exhausted for this product"

    I assume we'll still get the keys eventually?

  • One of my favourite games of the last decade. Really nailed down the atmosphere and tension of the original movie. It's a shame it didn't do that well in terms of sales. I wish they would make a sequel or spiritual successor to this game.

  • Just don't let the alien find you as it violates the two metre rule and you could get fined.

  • Got it, thx

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